About Fed Up

Fed Up has been in business since November 2005.  Since then WordPress has seen fit to suspend it’s account twice THREE TIMES, the second and third times being fatal.  Usually attacks from irate niggers and nigger forums are to blame, but this time it seems a small posse of self serving whitey on a mission to control nigger bashing was behind my misfortune.  I have never tried to control the nigger commentary community but rather release bits of frustration associated with nigger entitlement and social disruption.  This new re-creation shall serve to continue in the footsteps of it’s predecessor openly and boldly speaking the truth and pulling no politically correct punches.  I call them niggers because those are what I am here to protest.  If you, as a nigger do not consider yourself a nigger, then you should find nothing I have to say here offensive.  If on the other hand you can’t help yourself but to explain to me exactly how wrong I am and how your perceived penis girth is why I find you all so repulsive, by all means, leave a comment to show all of my human readers just how illiterate and retarded you all actually are.  I understand the inner chimp and your need to release him from time to time.  Please don’t forget to call me ignorant as well.  A good nigger lecture isn’t complete without reference to its cock and some good old educated name calling.  As for my white friends who believe me to be in some sort of competition to win control of all nigger related subject matter, I’m flattered, but must humbly decline further battle.  There are far too many good quality, better managed forums on the web and trying to corner the market has become a moot point.  Niggers have made sure there will never be a lack of nigger hating public out there at any given time.  The more they become self important based on afirmitive action political advancements, the more hated of a species they become to all human races.  Sit back and peruse the posts to come here on the New Improved Fed Up and again, please leave a comment.  Names and emails need not even be real…just get in there and say what’s on your mind.  And if you’re a nigger…say what ever pops into your gray matter mass, even if it’s just oook oook oook keek keek keek. I want to hear from you too!

§ 17 Responses to About Fed Up

  • incipiat says:

    I noticed your old website was shutdown about the same time Black Monitor was knocked out of existence. I found these blogs to be some of the few places where I could get actual news that reflects reality, rather then the jewed news we get everywhere else.

    While I don’t share the belief that nigs are not “human” I do believe that they are so ridiculously retarded that they should be treated like anyone suffering with retardation and not allowed to vote, serve on a jury, enter into contracts, or generally work at any job that requires more thought than putting beads on a string (Could this be why all three of my Detroit built cars have recall notices on them). In short they should never be at a job that requires interaction and conversation with customers.

    Oh, and will you be bringing back the comment of the year section I kinda liked the last one.

  • Intolerant says:

    I never knew who was responsible for Black Monitor but he too was shut down around the same time as me. It was an effort that stunk of whitey, especially since wordpress support completely ignored all of my requests for any explanations. When niggers complained, they were shown the door. These were personal attacks, and water under the bridge. If I can dig up that comment of the year, I’ll put it back up. It was memorable!

  • mike says:

    That michelle Obama chimp-morph picture was hilarious

  • Tim S says:

    Instead of just commenting on the internet, we should come out openly as anti-mud.

    We need a strong personality to lead us. And trust me, once someone stands up, the rest of us will stand alongside him.

  • Haywood says:

    Another forum where you can bash niggers! I love it! I’ll be sure to leave further comments in the future! What’s black and bubbly and presses against glass? Answer: A nigger in a microwave! Bwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • Intolerant says:

    Make sure you check the nigger joke page Haywood!

  • Skillet says:

    You once again eloquently state the obvious.

  • Odin says:

    I have to say Intolerant, I find your writings on niggers highly entertaining and so very apt. Keep on truckin’ my friend!

  • Odin says:

    I find your writings on niggers highly intelligent and quite refreshing. There are those out there who agree whole-heartedly. Take care my friend!

  • JT Buckmaster says:

    Hey Intol,

    Good to read your blog, my friend. Sorry to hear there was some behind the scenes shit that caused you to part ways with CO. I hope you’ll be back when and if the site ever gets going again.

  • Intolerant says:

    Don’t plan to come back to CO in any type of upper level capacity JT, but I’m rooting for it’s return soon! My idea of fair management was not welcomed by a few of the supermods who apparently knew how things should be done much better than I did. I prefer sticking to the nigger bashing side of things and working this blog again has been therapeutic to that end! I do appreciate you stopping in to visit and hope you will return to read more. CO is a great place to exchange nigger stories and commune with others who share our disdain for the apes. Stepping up into management can sour the experience. Stay at a basic level, make your cool Photoshops and have fun…

  • JT Buckmaster says:

    You are a legend, my friend.

    Pls keep in touch


  • dick says:

    I am happy to have found you agan.
    keep up the good work.
    is there anything I can do to help CO?

  • Intolerant says:

    CO is in a bit of a bind right now and I doubt you could help yet….Keep an eye on the backup forum for any news and info. I’ll try to help with whatever information I can get from the few who still confide in me. Times are tough and I guess we knew this would ultimately happen some day. The truth is hard for many people to swallow and censorship is their only defense. hang tough man.

    • NoNIggers says:

      Cant get into back up forum at CO and hate to bother you with it as I don’t have any e-mail address’ of any of those guys. Try to sign in and tell me my user name or password is invalid, have had the same one for 2 years. If you could pass this on it would be greatly appreciated!

      One good thing is I found your site!


  • Whitey Ford Pazuzu says:

    Great to see you back, mate!

  • shovelheadroad says:

    Glad to see you back again; I really enjoy your take on the nigger scourge and exposing it for what it truly is with a little wit and taste. Power to ya man.

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  • Putting a face to a name…

    Ever wonder who you are talking to? What they might look like? Well have a look here at James_E_Ray, or as I call him, JER. I never knew he was a dicksplint!

  • Commenting

    If you are new to Fed Up and leave a comment to any of the posts here, you may find a lag in it showing up. New people that have never commented here before are sent to my inbox for approval. Once I give it the OK one time, all the rest of your comments will appear immediately. It's a one time moderation thing. Don't be discouraged...unless you are an obvious nigger and I delete your babble.

  • Try To Make Us Look Somewhat Intelligent

    Often times I find other blogs or web sites that try really hard to present the same type of material I have here but tend to get carried away. Without trying to sound like the foremost authority on nigger bashing technology, I have been at this for over five years. Throughout my years I have met with a number of readers who have tried to argue with me unsuccessfully. I've had niggers struggle to put sentences together while seething with rage. And I have had liberal nigger lovers who have actually guided me on what not to do. Since my focus here is pretty much centered on niggers and stupidity, I tend to shy away from other political hot topics the WNs and other Stormfront people try to bring in. It isn't because I am an IP gathering J00 conspirator but rather, I am strict with my policies. I would happily approve comments from people who could stay centered but I've come to recognize the potential trouble makers and reluctantly have to keep them out. Unfortunately and not to compare them to niggers, I have learned that to keep the place clear of feces throwing, I have to turn folks away. My point here now though isn't those guys.
    I am concerned with the image we are presenting when we try to make our points by using our own forms of ebonic nigger babble. To me, it takes away the seriousness of our message. Having to struggle to comprehend a post that is intended to bash niggers is like trying to understand a babbling nigger. Something I think we can all agree is not what we are here for. I find it tedious and self defeating, but it hands over to our enemies an argument we don't need to be wasting our time answering. One very important thing I have learned from liberal asswipes is that when we give them an iota of ammunition, they will find the most efficient ways to use it. If you are making a blog or a web site to express your views on the nigger scourge, make it intelligent and readable. Writing it in nigger babble might seem like useful humor to you, but it is impossible to follow for any length of time. A few words to make a point is one thing, but half of your post is annoying. If we could all stop making the rest of us look stupid, perhaps we could gather more support for the truth we are trying to distribute to the uninformed and naive. Quit with the nigger babble. You're human.

  • How can there be so much hate just because of skin color?

    Because it's got nothing to do with skin color, dumb ass. If it did, there would be post after post about Indians, and Middle Easterners and other dark skinned humans. The problems with niggers is behavioral, as has been stated time and again on this blog. As usual, the wiggers can't get past the first one or two posts before they have to save the world from the likes of harmless old me. With youth comes this misconception. And with stupidity and simple mindedness come the wigger followers of other brain damaged drug abusing punk trash. People unable to realize they are being manipulated by some fat ass with a self serving agenda. They come and profess to share the same ideas with their fat fuck cult hero but only show they have no capacity to have an original thought of their own. And they spit up ridiculous personal stories of how some colored guy saved their mommies therefore my entire premise, based on years and years of personal hardship at the hands of niggers must be wrong. Idiots. One has even defined "nigger" for me...as if it fucking matters! Call a black man with a gat a "nigger" and then explain you are talking about historical definitions that relate to poor dumb ass white people back before blacks were harvested by their own people and sold into slavery here. I'm sure he wouldn't rape your pink little ass and put a bullet through your head. Tell him you love him...then close your eyes! What a ridiculous juvenile attempt to turn a word around on me! I had to even let the comment post so my readers could see the level of "fucking stupid" this douche bag has following his orders! So if I call this bitch a "fuck face" and she says, "Hey...nobody ever fucked my face!" Does that lessen the impact of me calling her a fuck face? Dumb people never cease to disappoint me. And the fact that these are not niggers is even more disturbing. I never thought I'd see the day when I actually compliment niggers for behaving normally! Seeing the human race behave like this speaks volumes for the disastrous times we have ahead. I am glad I won't live to see it, as I am sure they are too! Buried in all their love for the defenseless chimps is a seething hatred for me. For having a differing opinion that in no way could ever possibly effect their worthless lives! They spew far more venomous hate than I could ever muster against niggers! Yet they soak in their self righteousness as if they will ever amount to anything but puppets for scum bags like their heavenly Fat Fuck. I have reached a threshold where I am now more confused as to who or what I hate more. No...check that. I never mean to say I hate niggers. I despise what their presence in the US has done to the country. I hate what they've done to cities like Detroit and Chicago. But I don't hate them...because they are only doing what comes natural to them. I do however hate these people who should know better and be able to use reasonable judgment when seeing what stares them in the face every day. I hate stupid people insisting my differing opinions means that I am the stupid one. And again, I don't consider them stupid for having differing opinions than me; I consider them stupid because they are incapable of thinking for themselves and they refuse to just go on about their business and accept we disagree! That is stupid. They are stupid because after reading my blog, deciding I am no fucking good and should die a painful death for my views, they return to read THIS! Yes wigger...if you are reading this after having already seen this blog before...YOU ARE TOO STUPID TO LIVE. And if you can pull some logical response out of your stitched tight ass, I'd love to see it...but that's ridiculous. You fuckers are TOO STUPID to even be able to digest all that I have said. The simple logic is vastly above your hollow useless little heads. Consider going to a rap web site or some interracial dating site...I'm sick of having to explain to you why you all suck so badly!
  • Civilian National Security Force.

    apes Is this what our new nigger president means? Or is it this? bloods-copy1 Either way it spells disaster to all non niggers, have no doubt about it. Nigger violence will become more common place than ever now. We will be constantly under arrogant nigger attack and self defense will be a hate crime. Thanks comrades. We should get used to calling one another that now shouldn't we? Comrade?
  • Apology

    I must apologize for my lack of attention to old posts that have had their images stolen by past TOS violation removals. You probably notice when clicking on these obscure links it brings you to an old defunct incarnation of Fed Up from the past. I will endeavor to replace them all at some point, hopefully before the next deletion. The leftist commies are always hard at work trying to censor their enemies and prevent the redistribution of truth. If I go, I will return. Removing me only proves my points and accomplishes merely another bump in the road for me. I keep coming back.

  • The Stop Patrotism Lie Creators

    Look at this cover. Look at how liberalism has taken to calling patriots domestic terrorists in their entry level Photoshop artwork. Waving the American flag is "hate". Defending our borders from illegal fence jumping criminals is terrorism. Unless it is a Republican administration, defying the government is extremism. What a disgraceful display of hatred coming from a group that likes to tell us all how hateful we are. Can they not see how silly they look? Are they so oblivious to reality that they don't know that we know they are grasping at straws? After all these years of wearing the real masks of hatred, could this finally be their drowning? We can only hope. When the American people are painted as the enemy, how much lower can a group of liars like this go? This magazine cover speaks volumes to their out of touch mentality. God I hope they just vaporize and disappear. They serve no purpose anyway.
  • Jap Car Pedals…

  • Worse than 9/11

    I respect the loss of life on that horrible day. I remember the feeling in my gut when I sat watching the day unfold. I feel sicker than that today. I feel more helpless than I did then because the betrayal isn't from a bunch of fundamental extremist muslims...it's my own people. Our own people. people I served in the military to protect. People I serve everyday in my worthless insignificant civil service job. I feel more betrayed than when I opened my ex wife's email account and found a hundred sexually explicit letters to her boyfriend. Even that was something that could be overcome. Today I feel like there is no place to go but further down. We have a fucking nigger president. We have a filthy street nigger sow as first lady! Good GOD man...what have we done? WHAT the FUCK have we DONE?
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