I’ve been working all my life.

October 11, 2010 § 4 Comments


Jatavious could never figure out why he left his burger flipping job for a room at the state penitentiary.


In my years of public school education, I was blessed with never having had to share anything with any niggers.  I only knew them from what I saw on TV and what my father had taught me.  On TV I saw uncontrolled apes jumping around like zoo animals on Soul Train.  I watched the commercials aimed at niggers during that show (primarily “hair care” products designed to make wire appear more like human hair) and learned the differences.  I established early in my development that niggers were nothing like me or the humans I had grown up with.  They were very different.  But even then I had a human instinct to have empathy for things I did not understand.  Like niggers.  I always judged niggers as I judged humans in close personal interactions after I left the serenity of a nigger free existence.  I knew the world viewed them as humans and they were hoisted upon us with great expectations.

In the military, I was introduced to real live niggers in all their glory.  I was forced to work with them and eventually supervise them.  All of my life perceptions were proven to me point by point, but I continued to play the game.  I treated them equally and most of the time, I got no real trouble back from them in any working environments.  This is where the point of this post will make its statement.  Working for me were several niggers.  David, Mark, Thomas, James…niggers with names that left you no clues as to what they were.  No D’Andre, or Jamal, or Amcher, or any other such name usually uniquely associated with the typical street chimp.  All the niggers I ever encountered in my entire working life had names that didn’t readily identify them as niggers.  My whole career, all the niggers I have ever had to deal with professionally (niggers who actually worked for a living) had names like Dave or Jimmy.  Never ever did I know any D’ Wayne or Jevonte or Moesha or any other nigger name you primarily see as those described in newspaper reports of rapes robberies or other felonious activity the police deal with.  One has to wonder the connection between the naming of niggers as to the paths they eventually follow as they progress in time.  Niggers will always be niggers regardless of what they are named, but the level of niggerness and the propensity of them to enter a life of crime appears to follow a pattern.  The Daves and Jimmys I’ve worked with always disappointed and performed as would be expected of any nigger, but these were not the criminal niggers who always ultimately end up in prison.  Tavarious and DeChaun always seem to be the “suspects”.  Sure there are exceptions to every rule but in general, who has worked along side a nigger named Deiondre for any length of time?  How many professionals named Deshawn have we ever heard running any companies?  Take notice as you go and see the paths these niggers find in relation to their given names.  I really think I am onto something here!

§ 4 Responses to I’ve been working all my life.

  • justin igger says:

    I think it was in Freakonomics that the researchers discovered that it’s not the name that gets these niggers in trouble. Rather it’s the parents that would give such a name that causes these niggers to be assured a place in the state pen.

    A nigger fambly that names their spawn david is probably a little more functional than a mammy that names it’s turdlet le-princeonious. Still, niggers are niggers and one way or another they are total fuckups.

  • Intolerant says:

    You’re right Justin. It was Freakonomics that put the two things together; nigger names and criminal activities. I used the name they gave as an example Amcher in this post. It has been years since I read the book so I forgot that they determined it was the parents who named the cub rather than the the cub itself. Amcher stood for Albany Medical Center Hospital Emergency Room, which the babymomma saw as she passed under entryway in the ambalance on her way to crap out the spawn. Even though I had read that book and had that information, I never took the opposite approach as it related to my own experiences. The niggers most of us are subjected to in our working lives, the ones who are not in jail or dealing drugs or pawning stolen looted merchandise but rather working (used very loosely) side by side with us have normal human names. The bigger picture is just as revealing as the original discovery. Niggers are shaped by very simple means…

  • Miss Ann says:

    That is a good point. Most of the niggers around here were adopted by human parents, and can somewhat mimic human behavior. They’re adequately “trained” so to speak. Upbringing can help “tame” niggers to a degree but it is is dangerous to assume they aren’t perfectly capable of the same behavior as their ghetto brethren at any time.

  • Jakester says:

    so what is left of Chimpout?

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