Just Look At This

September 27, 2010 § 10 Comments

Niggers be knocking on my window here at Fed Up looking to get in…I just read a rash of nigger comments I refuse to even acknowledge by allowing them a voice to speak here.  One called me ignorant a number of times.  Then it went on to tell me it was white, followed by another angry cap lock comment calling me a cracker.  Same white nigger brain genius. As it struggles to type the right “you’re” and fails by using “your” it tells me I must have no education.  My writing is indicative of a lack of proper schooling an’ shit.  These niggers are really funny.  Then Keisha, another nigger female wondered why my real name wasn’t posted here anywhere.  Keisha wants my name.  She implies I am a coward because I am not giving niggers a map to my house to do to me what they do best…rape, steal , kill, and destroy everything in their path.  They call me ignorant yet fail to understand their own fucking instinct.  They are why this blog has endured over five years of scrutiny.  Because niggers are just that…niggers.  I don’t listen to their silliness anymore about painting them all with the same broad brush.  The self proclaimed magic niggers all eventually prove to be no better than this ape pictured here.  Look at it.  Can’t figure out how to fucking wear a pair of pants.  This is what is calling ME ignorant.  This is what wants me to hand over my name.  This is what is turning our country into a fucking zoo exhibit.  Fuck off niggers.  All of you.  Every single one of you.  Go find a place where your fucking inability to decipher the difference between there, their, and they’re is acceptable.  Go.  Trying to get your grunts and ooking posted here is futile unless it is so over the top I need to illustrate further what I am talking about.  The internet has formed stupid places where you all fit right in with your butchered language and violent sexually depraved lackluster creativity.  Go away and leave me and the rest of fucking humanity alone.  None of us want you around anymore.  Some people actually thought there was some hope for you, but as soon as they mistakenly put what they thought was an educated nigger in the White House, the reality of what you all are came screaming through.  Niggers.  You will never be anything more than that.  So instead of continually trying to convince me I am wrong by proving me right with your lame attempts to comment here, just fuck off.  Go.  You don’t like me and I don’t like you.  No need to continue this relationship you insist on promoting.  Go away niggers.  I mean it.  Just go.

§ 10 Responses to Just Look At This

  • ChuckThatSpear says:

    I feel for you my man…having to deal with all the monkeys and their excuse for broken English. Just do what I do when I see a stupid nigger: In a monotone voice, repeat to a slow shuffle beat…

    Yeah, you’ll always be a nigger!
    (Nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga)
    Nigger, nigger, nigger jiggaboo
    (Nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga)
    I said you’ll always be a black fuck
    (Nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga)
    Nigger, nigger, nigger spear chucked.
    (Nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga)


    Or the faster paced Nigger-rigged.

    Nig nigga rig, a-nig-ga-nigga, nigga, nigga
    Nig nigga rig a nig, a niger-nig-nig

    Ya can’t rig a nigga, it’s already rigged!
    Ya can’t rig a nigga, it’s already rigged!
    Ya just can’t rig a nigger, the god damn thing’s already rigged.


    Always cheers me up.

    Someday I’ll get around to putting these on demo tapes. We can sell ’em, make a bunch of money. I mean, after all…the apes can do it, why can’t we?

  • Miss Ann says:

    “yall ign’ant” meanwhile they can’t even spell their own names correctly or form a coherent thought in their teeny brains. I bet if you had a fan mail page it would be epic, but I don’t think it would be worth the trouble! Plus niggers would feel encouraged by it.

    • unchained says:

      Intol the sad but true fact is that an overwhelming majority of niggers who read this will not be able to comprehend it.They dont understand the symbiotic parasitical relationship they have with us,they cant, wont, dont accept the fact we are a higher species AND a separate species at that.The fact that nature oft times provides partasites with the “ability” to mimic closely the host seems to slip their grasp.Had they an understanding of nature then they would realize why they are compelled to live near us dress like us and mimic our lifestyle,,,,its the natural state of a parasite,to glean as much from the host as possible.

  • Intolerant says:

    I probably should go through the archive of old nigger comments and make a post or page on it…I save them all. The stupidity contained is priceless. Niggers never fail to perform exactly as we expect!

  • bm84 says:

    Nigger names are always a treat. You can expect some off the wall shit from them, yet they think YT is the stupid one. Sorry, I’m not naming my 8th child Tyreika from my 8th baby daddy.

  • Segregator says:

    This was an outstanding article. Fed Up should be a fucking novelist. Fuck Hemingway. Amazing on multiple levels. Terse, eloquent and perfectly on point. Dripping with sarcasm and justifiable contempt. You sure know your niggers. And that picture of De’Shawn Latrine Mfume shaking his fist was just perfect. Pass the jenkum jar please.

    I don’t mean to get all mushy and shit, but moments like this make me proud to be an ignorant, incest committing, knuckle dragging, trailer park dwelling politically incorrect homophobic rayciss from Virginia with a transmission in his bathtub. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I’m jist jelous o’ da black mayne’ muh dikk and I am merely a scared cracker hiding behind a computer who wudin’t dare say sheeit to a black mayne’ face.

    Reading these inspirational words of wisdom is for me only the beginning of an eventful evening. Looks like Hee Haw is coming on and Jim Nabors is going to be on. Fuck I hope he’s gonna sing. And you know Buck Owens and that madcap Grandpa Jones are gonna light a fire under Gomer’s fucking ass.

    But first I gotta go terrorize some proud, innocent, noble black folk and hang a couple of nooses and drop some cotton balls. I should get done in time. But Ma says my chores come first. She says we all gotta do our part to keep them aspiring rappers and future rocket scientists down and in their place. Shit, if we let up, one of them might invent a wheel or learn how to wash his own ass fer fuck’s sake.

  • Gwai Lo says:

    Fuck’in dirty Kaffir beasts always demand to be included in everything! The main reason these internet splibs always respond to things we whites post by calling us “ignorant” is due to the years worth of Commie indoctrination all their tiny unevolved brains seem to be soaked in. All the Jigs these days are taught that the true meaning of the word “nigger” is “an ignorant person”, so they always fire back at us by yelling “You Is “Ignorant!” as if in saying this they have turned the commie version of truth back on us and we are now magicly transformed into being the ones who are the niggers instead of them! Niggers are all retards who will always repeat what they are taught to say by the same left wing rat educators who are hard at work removing Washington, and Jefferson from our history books!
    Some of the younger ones love to accuse us of being “insecure” in their internet replies to whites too (as if this means anything to us). The nigger definition of a man who doesn’t rob, rape, and kill, as far as predominant nigger culture is concerned is probably that he’s just “insecure” and regarded by the average spook as less than what a man is supposed to be in this world!
    Oh yea, and all the serial killers that ever exsisted worldwide throughout history were white to these brainwashed hordes of shit-skinned demons from the Hell on earth known as Africa!
    That’s what we get for permiting our government to spend such exorbitant amounts of white taxpayers money educating all of these surly, ungrateful chimps! Everything they learn from whites they use against us.

  • Intolerant says:

    What we must never forget is that these niggers are not human. Their behavior is based on instinct and mimicking what they see and perceive as normal human acts. Their difficulty lies in deciphering what is expected behavior from what is natural instinct. Niggers are violent cold blooded creatures with no conscience or regard for any others. The ones who perform better have been blessed with human DNA injections but unfortunately can never recover from their basic form. Niggers will always be niggers no matter how hard they try to prove any different. They do like to confuse the word with the animal and try to turn it on us when their frustration reaches the level of full blown chimpout. It’s really too bad that they are not able to realize their true purpose and instead are sentenced to lives based on lies and deceit. They should be free, running in the jungles of Africa like Gazelles and Lions and Elephants. Instead they are forced to exist here where they think they need to drive cars and fit into a society not designed around their species. Niggers are wild animals and until they are returned to their natural habitat, nothing in our civilized society will ever be right.

  • Reinhard says:

    I absolutely love how niggers try to disprove stereotypes by liberally using profanity, threats of violence and, the age-old classic, the word “ignorant.” It’s like a cat trying to prove that it’s not a cat by showing you how much it likes chasing mice!

    Of course, if you teach a puppy to sit when it’s young, as a grown dog it will always respond the same way to that same command. Perhaps this is why nigger’s respond to any comments why the white man, no matter how benign and/or accurate, with the same vulgar behavior.

  • allkesh says:

    They don’t know how to wear hats either.

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