My kid, a Bully?

September 24, 2010 § 11 Comments

A while ago, I received a call from the Vice Principal at my daughter’s school telling me that my kid’s been bullying one of her classmates. This came as a shock to me, because up to this point all I’d ever heard about my child is she’s well behaved and pleasant to be around in school. We’d never heard of any sort of bullying or other troubles of that kind.

It became perfectly clear as the conversation continued what was going on. The vice principal said, “Last night at practice, your daughter  made a comment to one of her teammates which made her very upset and feel bad about herself. They were trying on pinneys and your daughter said “you will need a bigger pinney”. Now we are trying to determine whether there has been a pattern of bullying here”.

I sat there waiting for some further comment that would illuminate exactly what the fuck he’s calling me about . Sounded to me like my kid made a matter of fact comment about the need for a larger pinney. I asked the VP, ” Who accused my child of being a bully? I was at practice and heard or saw nothing out of the ordinary.” “It was Keisha”….. KEISHA the nigger . Of course! Keisha’s the reason my 10 year old daughter already can’t stand niggers…THAT Keisha.

I think he was shocked at my reaction which was essentially, ‘And?’ he was expecting me to start apologizing profusely on behalf of my daughter for hurting the feelings of the nigglet, I suppose. All bullying accusations were dropped shortly after as I raised a bit of hell, but it did make me laugh that the only person to ever accuse my daughter of something so serious was the nigger in her class.

§ 11 Responses to My kid, a Bully?

  • Justin Igger says:

    Your kid making an innocent comment and getting in trouble reminds me of the shit I’ve been going through.

    My son is in a school with 2% niggers. He has been in the office 5 times in the last 2 years because of niggers falsly accusing him of racism. He has had problems with bullies calling him names and pushing him..around all niggers..when my kid speaks up and tells them to shut up they run to the niggerloving principal and claim my son called them niggers.

    I’ve been fighting these niggerloving enabling bastards tooth and nail and they flat out refuse to punish these feral niggers for picking on my kid., If my kid breathes wrong he gets detention.

    I hope this doesn’t become a pattern for you as well.

  • Great job on telling that jerk off.

  • myhouse says:

    WTH is a ‘pinney’?

  • Miss Ann says:

    Pinnies/Pinneys, are those mesh shirts you wear when playing sports to indicate what team you’re on.

  • Max Dicksplint says:

    Good on you for not cowering before the PC scumbag dictator. Besides, what your kid did was hurt some -nigger’s- feelings. That means your kid’s not a bully; no, your kid is a RAYSISS!

  • Gwai Lo says:

    Good Show Miss Ann! Keep giving those PC school official cowards all the resistance you can muster up! Niggers are always the cowardly bullies until someone stands up to them strongly and tells them to fuck off. Then the chimps predictably go running to sqeal like little piglets to the authorities!

    This is the way they always opperate. That’s one of the main reasons they have got to go!

  • Intolerant says:

    Niggers inherently feel it is necessary to force humans to not only accept them, but like them too. When it doesn’t go their way they lodge official complaints. One thing niggers have learned through behavioral redundancy is how to properly force officials to take action against people for doing nothing wrong. They realize, just as Pavlov’s dog, when they ring the bell properly and loudly enough, someone will have to feed them. Regardless of whether the school officials agreed with this ridiculous complaint or not, the proper channels taken by the little nigger forced them to make a deal of it. Forgive the reference to Pavlov’s dog…I didn’t mean to demean the poor domesticated pet by comparing it to typical nigger behavior.

  • bird says:

    If big fat mammy would stop feeding Kiesha several of the sandwiches featured in the banner of this blog every week, the niglet wouldn’t need a bigger pinney.
    We are now raising a generation of children, who are being punished for acting naturally. Kids can be brutally honest, and that doesn’t sit well with the misery merchants, who stand as a crutch for retarded niggers. This epidemic of malignant political correctness is going to bite them in the ass someday, and I hope to be around to see it.

  • allkesh says:

    Niggers…. You know my kids hate them!

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