Very Scary Threatening Internet Niggers, oh my.

September 13, 2010 § 16 Comments

As an admin over at Chimpout, I receive some pretty scary frightening emails from angry niggers who we ban or otherwise dispose of when they try to outsmart us and join.  The one today was a classic and I thought I would share it with everyone here because well, it just scared me so much I am typing this from under my bed.

Let me post the four separate emails this evil scary nigger composed as his tiny little brain processed the fact that he was tossed off of our servers in a rather efficient manner:

The following message was sent to you via the Chimpout Contact Us form by Ignorantwhitearyanracistk .

I just want to say that I have absolutely no interest in the ignrant racist garbage, propigated by this website. I did however want to put you on notice this I found a story about my son on this website, how you bastards got it, I don’t know. I have made coppies of what I saw on the website, and I have given them to my attorney, for further review…..we’ll see how you motherfuckers like when you write me a fat lawsuit check. Fuck you, you ignorant, shit brain ass racist crackers….your mouth got you in trouble this time……..

He went on to say:

I’m a black man by the way…..LMAO. This Nigger is smarter than you think….you’ve just been  hacked…dumb ass bitch!!!

He then gathered his “thoughts” and sent this third email…

lol…..don’t get scared now motherfucker…..I have all the fucking evidence I need, so sue the shit out of your ass, soon I wont be just a nigger, I’ll be a rich nigger, dumb ass, ignorant shit brains motherfucker. If you did your history bitch, you’d know the true definition of the word nigger means stupid and ignorant….I think we both know you fit that definition to a tee. Your mouth, and that bullshit ass website got you in trouble. You racist bastards are going to pay for what was was posted about my son, why? BECAUSE i KNOW SOMETHING, YOU DON’T KNOW….jokes on you BITCH!!! LOL.  I don’t give a shit about you banning me from your site, as I baited you motherfuckers, and you stupid ass motherfuckers fell for my trap….thanks for the info. DUMB ASS!!!! LOL.

But wait, there’s MORE!

Looks like this nigger is smarter than you think dumb ass…lol. Your talkin to a cop by the way, and we’re onto you. I’m going to sue your ass, and throw you in fucking jail when I catch you.

So let’s review.   First it tells us of it’s discontent that Chimpout mysteriously found an article that was published in a real life newspaper.  How we found it this nigger has no idea.  Then it goes on to tell us it has an attorney.  OK…I peed myself with that one.  But holy crap man, it’s gonna SUE us!   SUE us for reading and reposting an article about his criminal fambly!  I never even knew they could do that!  I’m really sweating profusely now.  There goes my retirement.  My nigger insurance company will drop me for sure.  There I go again…more pissing in my pants.

But again, the nigger has another brainstorm.  It tells us now that we have been HACKED!   OMFG!   Hacked! Yikes Batman…we been hacked so bad I can barely even breathe!  What the hell do we do now?  Hacked!! OUCH!  I’m moving under the bed .  We been Hacked!

If that’s not bad enough, in comes the third email.  And it’s a big one.  The misspellings and typos indicate we have a very angry gorilla on our hands now.  I envision that poor Samsonite suit case with me stuffed inside of it!   Holy shit.  He gonna SUE us out of all our moneys, teach us the real meaning of the word nigger, and tell us how smart he is!  He know something we don’t know!   Oh Jesus Lord Almighty we fucked now!  He even baited us and lawdy be, we done fell for it!  I think I pinched off a tiny loaf in my drawers over that!  I’m terrified now, just terrified! He had me already but his brilliance forgot to tell me one more important detail…the clincher.  The 4th email…

Terrance is a cop! That’s right folks, this nigger named Terrance is an officer of the law!  A gun toting badge wearing expert professional of the po leese gonna come arrest my ass for reading a newspaper article about how his son was brutalized by another nigger fambly member!  Imagine that?!  There be a LAW against talking about public information wrote about in a dang blasted newspaper!  And Terrance gonna come arrest me, sue me, hack me and lawd only know what else he gonna do to me!   Toss my salad?  Fuck my momma?  SAY IT TO MY FACE??!  Good Christ this nigger is scary!  How am I gonna be able to get out from under my bed to go to work to pay for all the money this nigger’s lawyer gonna sue from me to make his ass rich?!  What if he hack me again?  How my gonna pay him?  Lawdy what the stinking hell can I do now?!

§ 16 Responses to Very Scary Threatening Internet Niggers, oh my.

  • Boziccoven says:

    It probably took it 3-4 months for it & it’s fambly to write that.

  • Boziccoven says:

    I must say that I look forward to your posts intolerant. I find them F-ing hilarious. Keep it up!!

  • Intolerant says:

    Thanks Bozicoven…glad you like them!

  • bird says:

    As usual, excellent spelling and punctuation. To think this jigaboo was hired to protect people. My 7 year old nephew can write better than him.

  • Justin Igger says:

    I’m curious to see what we wrote about his fambly member that got this nigger all ginned up.

  • zugzug says:

    FUNNY FUNNY… I totally crack up at this quote. “I envision that poor Samsonite suit case with me stuffed inside of it! Holy shit”

  • Miss Ann says:

    The story behind this is Terrence’s son has shaken baby syndrome because it’s cuzzin, step-baby daddy or something shook it all up and turned its brains to mush. I guess he thinks he can get nigger rich off us now for even mentioning it. Typical nigger logic.

  • zugzug says:

    Chimpout and chimptube both are timing out for me. Did nigga get at cha?

  • Intolerant says:

    Some issues are still haunting various random members since the upgrade. The niggers never get us for very long, if they ever do at all!

  • YTISFEDUP says:

    So which dead nigger was his kid? was it the aspiring rapper or the one who just turned his life around?

  • Intolerant says:

    I don’t think it was adequately dispatched…niggers can’t even murder babies competently. What will ultimately happen of course is this little monster will have permanent brain damage (beyond what it was born with) and live off our dime for all of nigger eternity. It will have an endless supply of excuses and protections.

  • Joe says:

    No doubt his nigger kid was an aspiring brain surgeon/nobel laureate who would have gone on to have a glittering academic career if not for getting mixed up and shot by the local nigger crack gang… Dat be tha whole dang truth…Shonuff! Maybe not methinks.

  • Shaqueefer says:

    oh lawdy lawdy. did someone shake the crap out of this nigger too, its all messed up in the head

  • Just Say No To Niggers says:

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Wait, hang on, let me compose myself. …………..BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    I honestly don’t know what to say other than this exemplifies TNB. Every time niggers send correspondence or post on a web forum they further prove that everything we say about them is true. I do have to admit, however, if niggers weren’t such vile vermin they would be great for mild amusement. The abhorrent misspellings and overall tone of that chimp out were good for teh lulz.

  • James_E_Ray says:

    Terrence be on angree nigga!

    Pl33z ‘cept dis ‘polgy..

    Deer Terrence,
    We iz sorree yo nigglet got shookin like uh mar-teenee.
    We iz sorree dat it wuz funnee as hell.
    Pleeze dont beez madat uz no moe cuz rilly, yo nigglet aint no dummer dan it wuz be-foe.
    Pleeze ‘cept dis ‘polgy fum da membrz ub Chimpout.

    (I hope you could understand this – I wrote it in my best niggerbabble)

  • Stinkynigs says:

    Don’t forget the SUPER POWERS!!! He’s saving those for LAST!

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