Brave Niggers

August 24, 2010 § 8 Comments

Niggers are actually proud of how blatantly disruptive and subhuman their behavior is. They consider us cowards for sitting here at our computers while they have the courage to rape and pillage human neighborhoods. Niggers and nigger loving liberal brain deficients are proud of the courage of the Black Panthers to stand boldly with clubs like marauding wild animals at polling places! They don’t even have the civilized rational ability to reason! We are cowards for NOT bullying and threatening THEM like animals! This is the basis for nigger logic. Civilized behavior is cowardly to them while violence and aggression is bravery! They have not heard of the sleeping giants. Niggers are too fucking stupid and will walk into a losing battle based on their perception that civility is cowardice. You just can’t rationally explain the workings of the disturbed subhuman nigger mind. Of that I am proud. To understand them is to be them. And we are definitely not them. We are human.  They will never be.

Niggers have a natural instinct of violence and threat.  Folding a bandanna across their faces and swinging bats to them is machismo.  Holding their pistols sideways is intimidating to them as well, so they do it regardless of how it destroys any potential accuracy in the delivery of their nigger justice.  But they have no clue.  They ridicule us for our peaceful tolerance of their zoo exhibit environments.  They call us cowards because we are not murderous wild beasts prowling the streets looking for prey.  And they think they insult us with their brilliant observations!  My position is to encourage them to think we are all pussies sitting here whining to each other about their inherent savagery.  I want the big shot niggers with their 9s held sideways to attempt to prove their manhood to us.  Niggers are just too stupid to realize that with every word; with every action; they prove exactly how subhuman and dangerous they truly are.  Keep it up.  Our numbers are growing stronger, niggers!  People who once considered you equals are now seeing the truth!  The days of the nigger are numbered.

§ 8 Responses to Brave Niggers

  • Miss Ann says:

    Niggers think that ganging up with they homeys and hurting, threatening or annoying people who have done nothing wrong is bravery. Their primitive brains are incapable of understanding concepts like courage or even why humans go online to share information.

  • Intolerant says:

    One would be hard pressed to find enough military hero niggers to fill a phone booth. They only utilize their courage as Miss Ann says, in packs of hungry predators looking for the most defenseless victims they can find. They’re scared of fucking ghosts for shits sake! And forget about a body of water! Niggers and bravery are a contradiction of terms to the nth degree. We take their insights for what they’re worth…

  • Justin Igger says:

    Niggers have 4 sources of pride…bling, ripping off whitey, violent thuggery and the number of rapes it can get away with.

    Sounds like an episode of rebel monkeys..

  • bird says:

    Niggers also equate bravery with gang raping 90 year old women in the process of a robbery.

  • Gwai Lo says:

    Man you always hit the nigger condition right on the head! I’d never expected to meet another person during this lifetime who understood niggers and all the problems associated with these loathsome demonic entities as well as I do. Thank you for the comforting reassurance this fact brings.

    For more insight into the core being of these Hell sent demons
    be sure to swing by and check out south africa sucks if you don’t do so already.

    We must study the enemy as he behaves on his home turf.

    By the way, I know well how frightened niggers are of ghosts. That’s why I call myself “Gwai Lo” here. It means white ghost or white devil in cantonese. We must meet them with everything they fear most if we are to regain and secure our former advantage over these shit colored animals in human form!

  • MonkeyShit says:

    That picture up there with the two black panther niggers is sick. The one with the goatee looks like satan and the other one looks like a fucking evil demon or some shit!!! Look at how grey black he looks.

  • Segregator says:

    There is a big misconception out there about niggers and white people.

    This misconception is rooted in the laughable myth of black athletic superiority. Regarding this myth, white people are less than 10% of the world population, yet white people win 80% of all Olympic medals awarded. We also hold every major boxing title from middleweight to heavyweight in all 3 organizations and dominate the only combat sport that matters, MMA. Niggers even lose badly in international play in basketball.

    Niggers are given affirmative action in sports play in America; more talented whites ride the bench in favor of less talented niggers all the time. There is overwhelming evidence out there of white athletic equality if not outright superiority, especially in international play, where nigger worshipping American PC libtard obstacles are absent.

    Since I was a kid growing up in D.C. back in the 80s I have known niggers were pussies and fucking cowards. I never encountered a single nigger in a one on one fight with a white man. To the experienced street fighter, an unarmed nigger in a one on one situation is a joke.

    Back in 85′, at Chantilly High, just outside of Dulles Airport, I was at the center of what our security guard Zion Mckinney, a Redskin wide receiver kicked off the team for cocaine abuse and doing community service at our school, called a “county wide incident.” I was accused by this white chickenshit I had slapped in woodshop of calling this other black kid a nigger. Despite my denials, I was, of course, guilty. In a school with 2,500 niggers, I was a marked man. McKinney even used to jog in front of my apartment to intimidate me. My father went to the school and threw a desk at the supernigger because McKinney had slapped me. Alone, with no help from my fellow whites, I fought gangs of niggers every single day. I have a unique insight based on unlimited opportunity for observation.

    NIggers are pack hunters and are complete fucking cowards. This observation is based on years of experience living in D.C., Detoilet, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Dayton as well as a brief yet dominating stay in Tampa.

    Nobody is quicker to run from a fair fight than a nigger. The thing that I always noticed about niggers that would actually fight was that their narcissism was their undoing. They all childishly believe that they are Muhammed Ali.

    Until the time comes to actually fight, the smallest little 14 year old niglet will stare you down and try to intimidate with that alpha gorilla look and until the time comes for him to cut and run, the little 5 foot 100 pound nigger will actually believe he can destroy Brock Lesnar. That goes double if the little chimp is in a group of five or more.

    When I have locked up with a big muscular looking niggers, I have always been surprised at how comparatively weak they are. They have nothing in the clinch and I have yet to meet one who could wrestle. All they can do is slap box and run.

    I love it when a group of niggers tries to stare me down or yells insults at me. I walk right up to the motherfuckers. Rarely do they do anything but eek and ook and giggle and go the other way.

    I cannot understand all this shit about niggers being so innocent and persecuted. Any non black who has ever driven down a city block or any MLK Blvd. in America knows that niggers are the most racist motherfuckers on the planet. Blacks move to intimidate and attack whites as a matter of instinct, it is automatic and completely unprovoked. What planet these fucking libtards live on is beyond me. FBI stats show that a black is 50 times more likely to attack a white than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery. Black males are 6% of the U.S. population yet they commit over 70% of all violent crime and 60% of all murders. Yet, black=good and white=bad. Am I missing something here?

    Bottom line, niggers are pussy coward ape motherfuckers and they don’t spell shit to any experienced street fighter. Any faggot can pull a trigger and shoot a man in the back; it takes a man to fight with his hands in a bar or a back alley. Niggers have no skills and no fucking balls. Somebody needs to clue all the mudshark coalburners in on these facts; niggers are not alpha males. They are weak willed cowards.

    Of course, the moment a white man fights a nigger in the presence of his coalburning whore to prove the point, it is a hate crime, whatever the fuck that is.

    “U woodint say dat sheeit to black mayne face muh fuckka. I bad muhfuckka. Gotz muh dickk. U just trippin coz we rule now muh fuckka. U down coz all dem white wimmenz wanz da black mayne. Say it do mah face cracka”

    Blah blah blah blah blah. Gotz noos nigga, this white man says whatever the fuck he wants to your face. You will do nothing nigger. You will get on your knees and get out out your fucking shine box. You will pray that I am in a good mood and I will give you a quarter so that you can buy yourself a Newport.

  • Gwai Lo says:

    There is nothing on this earth more beautiful to behold than a page endowed with words of truth.

    Thank you for those very words my fellow white man!

    You have started my night off on the right foot. These niggers have got to go to whence their monkey forefathers and their aids virus came from!

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