So You Say You Are Finally Fed Up?

August 16, 2010 § 5 Comments

The recent increased traffic here is usually an indication of a few possibilities.  With the rash of WN j00 haters comes the likelihood of a link somewhere at a WN site.  The rest who just read and avoid commenting are the new breed of once tolerant good people who thought that being nice to niggers would secure them a place in heaven.  Perhaps their spiritual dreams will come true, but trust me, it will have very little to do with allowing niggers to continue their free ride!  Watching the first fambly wasting our money on frivolous vacations while America sinks deeper and deeper into financial ruin has a tendency to ask the question…is this what niggers have been all about all along?!  The answer is quite simply YES.

With the introduction of this plague into the highest office in the land comes the realization that nigger thought processes are very different from those of the average human.  Indeed niggers, especially these hybrid mismatches calling themselves Obamas  seem to have discovered the secret hidden world white people have been hiding from them since the beginning of time.  Money and leisure.  Sure niggers had the markets cornered on both through drug dealing and other underhanded illegal activities on which they thrive and the built in need for leisure.  Something humans refer to more accurately as laziness.  Finally the well intentioned disillusioned less than brightest sector of human society are coming to realize what we have been trying to tell them for years.  Niggers are their very own species.  They think, feel and act nothing like the typical human.  Any resemblance to human nature present in the nigger is strictly due to race mixing and the dilution of human DNA through stupidity and low self esteem.  Now they Google the hell out of “I hate niggers” or “Sick of niggers” or whatever else they can think of to describe their frustration, and end up here.  And now those of us who have been screaming all these years have to try to teach them the missing years of training they have lost because of their reluctance to see the reality of niggers.

I welcome all my newest readers and beg my regulars to have patience and help them make the transformation into enlightened human beings.  It was very noble of you to have held out hope for the self destructive species, but your hope has changed the face of America.  You are responsible for this nigger in the White House and you shall be held accountable and responsible for showing him the door.  We’ve all done our part and now it is your turn.  Go vote these liberal nigger enablers out.  Never cast a vote for a subhuman primate ever again, under any circumstances.  It is never too late to start seeing what niggers really are.  You must now act and spread the word with us.  Niggers are no fucking good…for anything.  Ever.  pass it on!

§ 5 Responses to So You Say You Are Finally Fed Up?

  • Justin Igger says:

    The only good thing about the niggers now residing at 1600, is that it has made the rest of America’s niggers go ape wild. Even the “magic niggers” have dropped their facade.

    Niggers are now chimping out in droves and sticking it to humans at every opprotunity. It’s no wonder you are seeing such an increase in traffic. The niggers are unwittingly driving humans into facing reality.

  • bird says:

    My beliefs are the same as they were 5-10 years ago. Niggers are not human, they are a slightly evolved version of homo-erectus that just happens to be able to breed with us. The simple ability to inter-breed is not exclusive in the animal kingdom, and does not make niggers human. The ability to inter-breed only makes coalburners beastualists.

  • White Devil says:


    Good for nothing, and bad for everything!

  • allkesh says:

    what’s the position on mexicans. They are all pregnant.

  • Intolerant says:

    “The” position or “my” position? Either way, I have devoted this blog to the discussion of niggers specifically. I have addressed problematic groups of others like Muslims and illegals but I do not want to dilute my message by spreading the frustrations over a wider range of subjects. Others can be described as behavioral and conditioning issues where niggers are driven by animal instinct. Islam is a religion. Mexicans are still human. Niggers are in a class all their own. A subhuman species devoid of conscience, morality, or any other virtue that makes humans human. I will not entertain discussions of Mexicans because many of my readers are Hispanic and harbor a deep resentment of how niggers have dragged them down to their levels, just as they have whites and other races. The core problem is niggers. I will only focus on them here. Attempts to steer the subject usually result in loss of ability to participate in any discussions. I enjoy different perspectives on niggers so I hope you can stay in focus and contribute appropriately regardless of your opinions on other groups.

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