A Quick Note About Vacations…

August 15, 2010 § 4 Comments

If the first Apes can take vacations from vacations after vacations, I can make posts from posts after posts about them.  Fucking niggers have discovered a new word to rationalize their inherent laziness.  Vacation.  As with their new discovery that throughout all of time, whitey has been hiding the money from them.  All they ever had to do to get more was simply print it up!  Niggers have now discovered that whitey has been doing the same sitting around they have been doing…only whitey call it vacation an shit!  How else can anyone explain the first sow and her entourage of jungle bimbo knuckle draggers returning from a vacation in Spain only to change planes, reunite with Hussein and fly down to Florida for yet another round of laying around…err, I mean for a “working vacation”!  I suppose when the nigger makes a speech, like endorsing the building of a mosk at the very site muslim terrorists murdered thousands of innocent Americans, it becomes a “working vacation”.  Even while the rest of the tar balls are rolling around in the sand making the beach look like a giant litter box.  Vacation after vacation on the taxpayer dime.  That’s what this presidency will go down in the history books as, not to mention being the all time biggest mistake a majority of a population could have ever made.  Let’s hope the first Affakin Amerkin President is also the last one too.  There’s no way the US could ever survive this shit again, if it even survives this one.  Fuck me man.

§ 4 Responses to A Quick Note About Vacations…

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