August 12, 2010 § 11 Comments

For five years now I have tried hard to relate my own personal observations and opinions concerning niggers here at Fed Up.  I do it to vent my frustrations and to hopefully show random passers-by that they are not alone in what they have perceived.  Recently a rash of new readers have come to share their comments on some of my posts to include their own analysis into the causes of nigger advancement.  While I can appreciate their rights to their opinions and I can see where many of them obtain their rage, I have tried and tried to keep the focus of this blog squarely on niggers.  Every once in a while I have to reestablish my code of conduct standards so these angry people who want to talk about Jews can understand why I refuse to approve their comments.  I want them to continue sharing their rage against niggers but I want them to please abstain from bringing in their own human bashing opinions and focus.  I am not able to branch out into other areas of blame and responsibility because there are far too many to acknowledge.  Jew haters always seem to like to stop with the Jews and turn topics strictly to them.  I feel that if we are going to try to place blame for niggers on anyone, we should include everyone.  Liberals, be they Jewish or Canadian are responsible…humans in general.  But niggers…the tools by which they all operate are the core problem.  As stated in the sidebar, niggers are not guns.  It is not only the user who is to blame for the violence as it is with guns.  With niggers, it’s niggers.  Jews don’t rape white women, niggers do.  Please try to understand without placing me on some sort of list of sympathizers.  I only have time to study niggers here.  I have no desire to open up to broader topics.  I don’t subscribe to the Hitler loving 88ers simply because the adoration of the world’s most notorious mass murderer makes no more sense to me than blaming Jews for basic nigger  instinct.  Denying the Holocaust isn’t even up for debate here because again, it has nothing to do with niggers.

I hope I have made my position clear enough to allow for an intelligent continuation of nigger discussions.  I don’t condemn anyone for their beliefs, I just don’t want to be expected to entertain them all here.  If not for niggers, there would be no niggers.  That is the Fed Up Motto.  Please respect that.  Thank You.

§ 11 Responses to Niggers

  • Miss Ann says:

    Good post! There’s sites out there for that purpose, anyway. This one rocks, without the Joo-bashing!

  • Justin Igger says:

    I’ve met many Jews that I thought were really decent people.
    I’ve yet to meet a nigger that fits that description.

    Niggers are indeed the problem.

  • Intolerant says:

    I don’t like to call them rules but rather policies but regardless I thank you for respecting them. What you continue to do however is excuse niggers for their violent instinct and leave only Jews responsible. Niggers are not capable of NOTHING. Niggers are capable of death, destruction, disruption, chaos you name it. Jews are not cornering the market on nigger enabling either…humans are. Can we talk niggers now?

  • Max Dicksplint says:

    White Duane…

    that is all

  • Intolerant says:

    Sorry White Duane but your refusal to adhere to my very simple request has eliminated your welcome to comment here. Please learn consideration and respect for the property of others and stop behaving like the things that I have stated time and again are the ONLY topic to be discussed here. I tried to be reasonable but you ignored me. Now I ignore you. Good bye.

  • Segregator says:

    There are very good reasons for you not wanting your blog to turn into VNN or other nutjob nazi sites who let the niggers off the hook and harp non stop about jews. You are also correct that Hitler was an insane murdering socialist and has nothing to do with the current nigger problem.

    I have never understood why recognizing the simple truths about disproportionate jewish power must for many accompany a worship of Hitler and nazism. Because acknowledgment of reality is too much for some and becomes an obsession, comment moderation to prohibit the obsession is sometimes necessary.

    However, I hope that within your own mind you do understand the frustration that moderate race realists like Incogman and others have with the fact that without jews, niggers in America would not have their insane power. Jews created the NAACP, SPLC and the whole civil rights power grab. They are responsible for affirmative action and all the other anti white governmental policies which benefit niggers. Jews control the media which celebrates blacks, buries reporting of black on white crime and perpetuates racism hoax after racism hoax such as the Duke rape hoax and the Jena 6 nonsense. This reality causes legitimate frustration but can be beaten into the ground by those who ignore the full picture and aren’t able to balance and moderate their discussions.

    It is unfair that realists who see the whole picture are lumped in with wacko nazis who tend to forget the nigger issues and focus more on jews. The majority of people who see these simple truths are not obsessed with jews; they only see simple reality and don’t run it into the ground. It would be stupid to not recognize these simple truths. But, that being said, it is not necessary to harp about it. Once first principles are acknowledged, everyone should be able to move on and see that niggers are the cause of nigger behavior and should remain the focus.

    I do not expect you to publish this comment, I just wanted to get across the point that not all of us who can see the whole picture are Hitler worshipping nazi nutjobs who can’t stop foaming at the mouths about jews. I for one don’t need to obsess over what is empirically proveable common sense. At the end of the day, its really about niggers. Eliminate niggers and the other problems take care of themselves.

  • Intolerant says:

    Segregator gets it. I accept his reasoning and understand exactly what he is talking about. I wish they were all like this guy.

  • Intolerant says:

    Duane has his heart in the right place where it comes to niggers. What I wish he would understand is that regardless of whether I agree or disagree with him concerning his vehement hatred for Jews, I simply do not wish to discuss them here. I am not the SPLC or the FBI or God forbid and forgive him for even suggesting it, the NAACP! I’m just one guy who has had his fill of niggers. I know niggers are incapable of anything alone, and I know they are a big money maker for those who are good at figuring out how to make shit loads of money. I honestly don’t want to alienate readers who want to go to the next level including Duane because I know he knows what niggers are. I just wish he could leave his Jew theories to other forums and blogs. I never claimed an agenda here, or a movement to actually go out and figure out how to fix this nigger problem. It’s just way too big for me to try to figure out. For five years, all I have meant to do was rip niggers! You read too far into me Duane. I’m as opinionated and broad in my realizations as you are, believe me. I just choose to focus on niggers. The rest I deal with on an individual basis because there are good and bad in everyone…except niggers. Any good is an illusion. Niggers are poisonous. Please continue your communication with me so we can discuss this further. You show promise when you mentioned the Buffalo Wedding party chimpout. That’s what I’m talking about.

  • Intolerant says:

    OK Duane, last chance OK?

  • Max Dicksplint says:

    I will grant these j00haytorz just a few points… and only because they are, in and of themselves, true.

    1) Self Loathing Liberals are the ultimate nigger enablers
    2) Jews, for some perverse reason, tend to be ultra liberal
    3) Jews are adept at making money
    4) Niggers are incapable of anything and require enablers

    That’s all.
    (You j00haytorz know where that quote comes from LOL)

    How one can possibly extrapolate all the ‘Jewish conspiracy’ theories from a few simple facts that only generally apply to Jews and niggers is beyond me.

  • Segregator says:

    I would prefer to avoid this topic altogether, because any mention of it brings out the name callers on both sides of the issue. See two sides of the same coin: White Duane and Max Dicksplint.

    Regarding White Duane above who thinks I have disagreed with him somehow and also wrongly assumes that I was unaware of certain points he made about infiltration of these nazi nutjob groups: I stand behind the nutjob comment and I would look at the information he cited as just another reason to stay away from most of the WN websites and of course any nazi group. Fake or real nazis, I don’t want any part of them. I am just confident in my beliefs and don’t need to join a group or preach to others to validate them. If people can’t see what I have so easily seen right in front of my eyes, I don’t see how I can help them nor do I care to.

    To be fair and balanced about the issue, I would have to say that Max Dicksplint’s dismissive oversimplification above is nothing more than a sound bite and doesn’t help to silence the issue. This type of dismissive pontification runs counter to what some consider widespread empirical proof and inflames individuals like White Duane and forces thier ilk into never ending jewspew just to get a single point in. That single point they first tried to make then turns into a thousand unrelated points.

    Nothing but name calling and resentment ensues on both sides. Neither side convinces the other. This is not an issue for the casual observer but for knowledgable purists who can discuss it amongst themselves. An anti nigger website is not intended to reach that target audience.

    My observation is that once the door is opened it cannot be closed and its better to avoid the topic altogether unless its on a site like Incogman or some other similarly situated sites. If the subject is not to be discussed, it should just not be discussed. I don’t think it helps for these beliefs to be ridiculed as Max Dicksplint is doing. This baits people back into the issue and fuels the flames regarding this issue.

    Though both issues are legitimate, the issue here is niggers.

    It doesn’t matter what the topic, if its a problem, I can link it to niggers. For example, If a person walks up to me on the street and bitches about the weather, my response, “fucking niggers, they sweat a thousand times more than any white man, they are seeding the fucking clouds with all that evaporated nigger sweat. Fucking apes. If they would send them back to Apefrica where they belong, it would end that draught in Apefrica they keep blaming on Western pollution. Then, I can get on the PA and state: ‘All niggers, repeat, all fucking chimpanzee looking hip hop motherfuckers, leave the store at once. You are to report back to Apefrica at once. There are buses at the welfare office loaded with buckets of KFC, waddymelon and Grape Drank. BYON: Bring Your Own Newports. You will be taken directly to the Amistad. There is a drill onboard. If you drill a hole in the bottom of the boat, there is crack and white womminz. Good Luck.”

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