First Sow Needed A Vacation From The Daily Grind…

August 10, 2010 § 6 Comments

She will not rest until blah blah blah.  So off she goes to Spain with her little niglets and 40 of her ghetto bitches.  Fifty grand a day to cover the security costs and the use of our Air Force Two jet airliner.  Nice.  While the nation deflates into a third world disgrace, the niggers are living it up like royalty.  Oblivious to the plight of the average American, the niggers feel it is their turn now!  The president is in Chicago while the rest of the family is overseas consoling one of his wife’s friends who had some sort of quickly created traumatic event that is now the reason for the extravagant trip.  So what is the big boy doing in Chicago without his family?  Drugs?  Homosexuality?  Plotting the next stages of the communist takeover?  Who knows.  I bet nobody even knew they were vacationing separately!

How there are any Americans left supporting this regime’s blatant disregard for the people is beyond me.  Are they that stupid?  Can they be that disillusioned?  Do they actually believe the lies even after they are proven to be lies?  The answer is sadly yes.  There are still idiots who think everything will be OK and there really is an economic recovery underway.  They believe we were pulled from the brink of disaster by the head nigger and saved from the ultimate hell George Bush had us on a path toward.  Never mind the unemployment continues to rise and jobs continue to disappear.  Never mind any of the negative realities that engulf our lives today.  We only need to be concerned that our First Sow is enjoying a comfortable all expenses paid European vacation on the backs of all of us worthless taxpayers.  And the HNIC is frolicking nude in a bath house somewhere in Chicago loaded up on cocaine and malt liquor.  That’s what is important.

§ 6 Responses to First Sow Needed A Vacation From The Daily Grind…

  • Miss Ann says:

    It is upsetting to see this nigger taking lavish trips on the taxpayer dime, while good human families struggle to put food on their table. What exactly does she need a vacation from, anyway? Vacationing?

  • Justin Igger says:

    Even the liberal media is saying this looks bad..well actually they are saying the “optics” are bad on this vacation.

    Which translated into English means even the Communist media cannot spin this one.

  • Intolerant says:

    I don’t generally like to allow conversation here to ooze into Jew hating territory since it dilutes the focus of my disdain. I am making an exception here not because I hate Jews or wish to discuss them further but rather to show the point that niggers are a tool of humans with agendas. Without niggers there would be no niggers. That’s basically my motto. Jews, Pole Locks, Lawyers, Crooked Judges; there is no end to the people who will use niggers to advance their particular agendas. I appreciate your discovery Eugene, but I would rather not move onto a topic of which particular human scum is doing it here. There are plenty of other sources of ventilation for that. Here it’s niggers. Thanks for the info.

  • Justin Igger says:

    Valarie Jarett is half Jew Half nigger. Her Father was James Edward Bowman a nigger doctor from DC.

  • bird says:

    Chimpelle is getting her reparations for living a the traumatic life that all niggers lead. (Theme song from the Jeffersons is playing)

  • Max Dicksplint says:

    They were discussing this topic on a radio station just the other night. The host was grasping for reasons why oh why the ‘first lady’ (hack, hack, cough) felt it was acceptable to do this time and time again?

    Did she think she deserved this?
    Does she have an overinflated sense of entitlement?
    Is she really so arrogant?

    I was literally shouting at the radio: “THEY’RE NIGGERS YOU IDIOT!! NIGGERS!!! WHAT DID YOU EXPECT THEM TO DO?”

    I am always amazed how somebody who is supposedly intelligent can so not get it. The first fambly (like 99.99% of all niggers) is a bunch or typical, greedy, ungrateful savages. They bin kept down foe awl dey lives an now it be THEY TURN! They are ‘stickin it ta YT’ just like every nigger always does given half the chance.

    Niggers should NEVER be placed in positions of authority. Ever.

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