Initiatives To Make Rocks Float

August 4, 2010 § 8 Comments

floating rocksYou really need to read this to believe it.   We don’t have enough trouble with niggers, now we have to spend millions to figure out why they can’t swim.  Can you say “Lack of buoyancy”?    When was it decided this particular issue was anything more than a biological discrepancy?   It is likely due to the fact that niggers generally come from arid sand pits where heavier bones might be an evolutionary aspect necessary to keep them gravitationally viable?  Gravity and swimming aren’t compatible to bone structures designed to remain firmly planted on the ground. Humans on the other hand are generally more versatile and designed to be able to adapt to many different conditions, including water.  Let’s face it folks, niggers were never meant to leave the shit stained continent of Africa.  Their creator therefore decided to build them to withstand the desert winds under famine conditions where bone mass would be imperative to survival. What difference would floatation make in the existence of the common African nigger? None of course. But ship them to America and set them free among a civilized society where bleeding hearts convince them that they are indeed every bit the same as us and you get sinkers.  Niggers see humans navigating pools of water and assume they are capable of the same activities.  Why would they think otherwise considering they are taught to reason this way?  Now when the numbers once again (this can’t be the first time in history someone discovered that niggers sink!) show a distinct disproportion of nigglet drownings, we need an expensive study to determine WHY?  They have a million rationalizations, but fail to even consider the obvious and undoubtedly the ONLY one that can make the most sense.  I swear, if we ever want to figure out why our economy is in the shitter, all we need to do is take a look at the cost of keeping niggers convinced they are human.  Hell, they are so apathetic and lazy anyway, all we need to do is abandon the scam and by attrition they will disappear.  As usual, it all boils down to one common denominator.  Niggers.  I even sound like a broken record to myself.  But when will the rest of the world wake up and smell the niggers?  I just don’t know…

§ 8 Responses to Initiatives To Make Rocks Float

  • Miss Ann says:

    It’s like those niggerballers that sunk while the human made it to safety. I bet anything they said “Yo, we can swim it maing” and look where they ended up- shark crap. Niggers stupidly believe they are capable of things like this but we know what will happen. I hope more take to trying though, we’ll see the stats go up at least.

  • Intolerant says:

    Niggers think they are human therefore they can do what other humans can do. Wrong.

  • NiggityNawg says:

    I just had to bump this story in light of the recent rockfish situation in Louisiana. You are a prophet, my friend.

  • Intolerant says:

    I just saw the news story about this last night and decided in light of your comment to put it back at the head of the class for today. Once again, niggers sink because of racism according to the latest story. Same old bullshit different pack of sinkers. Thanks Nignog for reminding me to bump it…

  • Justin Igger says:

    Our Tax money would be well spent, installing nice new, 12 foot deep olympic size pools in depressed urban areas. We could even hire the chronically unemployed in those neighborhoods to act as lifeguards.

  • Intolerant says:

    Great idea Justin! We could provide the handouts they say is necessary to teach the little rock fish to swim. Because obviously, racism must be drowning the little niggers right? Couldn’t be bone density or buoyancy right? Fucking niggers…you just can’t explain how stupid they are.

  • Max Dicksplint says:


    Are people these days REALLY this clueless or are they just trying… no really, Really, REALLY trying hard to ignore the Screaming, Naked, Pants-less Emperor and his Herd of Elephants in the room?

  • Intolerant says:

    It really is unbelievable how people still support and make excuses for this band of thieves. How stupid have people become?

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