Brave Niggers

August 24, 2010 § 8 Comments

Niggers are actually proud of how blatantly disruptive and subhuman their behavior is. They consider us cowards for sitting here at our computers while they have the courage to rape and pillage human neighborhoods. Niggers and nigger loving liberal brain deficients are proud of the courage of the Black Panthers to stand boldly with clubs like marauding wild animals at polling places! They don’t even have the civilized rational ability to reason! We are cowards for NOT bullying and threatening THEM like animals! This is the basis for nigger logic. Civilized behavior is cowardly to them while violence and aggression is bravery! They have not heard of the sleeping giants. Niggers are too fucking stupid and will walk into a losing battle based on their perception that civility is cowardice. You just can’t rationally explain the workings of the disturbed subhuman nigger mind. Of that I am proud. To understand them is to be them. And we are definitely not them. We are human.  They will never be.

Niggers have a natural instinct of violence and threat.  Folding a bandanna across their faces and swinging bats to them is machismo.  Holding their pistols sideways is intimidating to them as well, so they do it regardless of how it destroys any potential accuracy in the delivery of their nigger justice.  But they have no clue.  They ridicule us for our peaceful tolerance of their zoo exhibit environments.  They call us cowards because we are not murderous wild beasts prowling the streets looking for prey.  And they think they insult us with their brilliant observations!  My position is to encourage them to think we are all pussies sitting here whining to each other about their inherent savagery.  I want the big shot niggers with their 9s held sideways to attempt to prove their manhood to us.  Niggers are just too stupid to realize that with every word; with every action; they prove exactly how subhuman and dangerous they truly are.  Keep it up.  Our numbers are growing stronger, niggers!  People who once considered you equals are now seeing the truth!  The days of the nigger are numbered.

Vacation #6 For This Year!

August 19, 2010 § 7 Comments

Martha’s Vineyard for a well deserved breather from the stress of the last vacation to the Gulf.  These niggers just don’t care.  Why?  Where is this arrogance coming from and what is the plan? Nobody behaves so irresponsibly unless it just doesn’t matter.  So what’s the plan? Why do these niggers think they can do this with no consequence?  I’m more concerned with the plan than I am with the activities of a pack of tree swinging apes with an entourage of armed guards.  And the struggle continues…America sails into financial destruction and the niggers take another vacation.  Number six.  How many vacations have you had this year?

So You Say You Are Finally Fed Up?

August 16, 2010 § 5 Comments

The recent increased traffic here is usually an indication of a few possibilities.  With the rash of WN j00 haters comes the likelihood of a link somewhere at a WN site.  The rest who just read and avoid commenting are the new breed of once tolerant good people who thought that being nice to niggers would secure them a place in heaven.  Perhaps their spiritual dreams will come true, but trust me, it will have very little to do with allowing niggers to continue their free ride!  Watching the first fambly wasting our money on frivolous vacations while America sinks deeper and deeper into financial ruin has a tendency to ask the question…is this what niggers have been all about all along?!  The answer is quite simply YES.

With the introduction of this plague into the highest office in the land comes the realization that nigger thought processes are very different from those of the average human.  Indeed niggers, especially these hybrid mismatches calling themselves Obamas  seem to have discovered the secret hidden world white people have been hiding from them since the beginning of time.  Money and leisure.  Sure niggers had the markets cornered on both through drug dealing and other underhanded illegal activities on which they thrive and the built in need for leisure.  Something humans refer to more accurately as laziness.  Finally the well intentioned disillusioned less than brightest sector of human society are coming to realize what we have been trying to tell them for years.  Niggers are their very own species.  They think, feel and act nothing like the typical human.  Any resemblance to human nature present in the nigger is strictly due to race mixing and the dilution of human DNA through stupidity and low self esteem.  Now they Google the hell out of “I hate niggers” or “Sick of niggers” or whatever else they can think of to describe their frustration, and end up here.  And now those of us who have been screaming all these years have to try to teach them the missing years of training they have lost because of their reluctance to see the reality of niggers.

I welcome all my newest readers and beg my regulars to have patience and help them make the transformation into enlightened human beings.  It was very noble of you to have held out hope for the self destructive species, but your hope has changed the face of America.  You are responsible for this nigger in the White House and you shall be held accountable and responsible for showing him the door.  We’ve all done our part and now it is your turn.  Go vote these liberal nigger enablers out.  Never cast a vote for a subhuman primate ever again, under any circumstances.  It is never too late to start seeing what niggers really are.  You must now act and spread the word with us.  Niggers are no fucking good…for anything.  Ever.  pass it on!

A Quick Note About Vacations…

August 15, 2010 § 4 Comments

If the first Apes can take vacations from vacations after vacations, I can make posts from posts after posts about them.  Fucking niggers have discovered a new word to rationalize their inherent laziness.  Vacation.  As with their new discovery that throughout all of time, whitey has been hiding the money from them.  All they ever had to do to get more was simply print it up!  Niggers have now discovered that whitey has been doing the same sitting around they have been doing…only whitey call it vacation an shit!  How else can anyone explain the first sow and her entourage of jungle bimbo knuckle draggers returning from a vacation in Spain only to change planes, reunite with Hussein and fly down to Florida for yet another round of laying around…err, I mean for a “working vacation”!  I suppose when the nigger makes a speech, like endorsing the building of a mosk at the very site muslim terrorists murdered thousands of innocent Americans, it becomes a “working vacation”.  Even while the rest of the tar balls are rolling around in the sand making the beach look like a giant litter box.  Vacation after vacation on the taxpayer dime.  That’s what this presidency will go down in the history books as, not to mention being the all time biggest mistake a majority of a population could have ever made.  Let’s hope the first Affakin Amerkin President is also the last one too.  There’s no way the US could ever survive this shit again, if it even survives this one.  Fuck me man.


August 12, 2010 § 11 Comments

For five years now I have tried hard to relate my own personal observations and opinions concerning niggers here at Fed Up.  I do it to vent my frustrations and to hopefully show random passers-by that they are not alone in what they have perceived.  Recently a rash of new readers have come to share their comments on some of my posts to include their own analysis into the causes of nigger advancement.  While I can appreciate their rights to their opinions and I can see where many of them obtain their rage, I have tried and tried to keep the focus of this blog squarely on niggers.  Every once in a while I have to reestablish my code of conduct standards so these angry people who want to talk about Jews can understand why I refuse to approve their comments.  I want them to continue sharing their rage against niggers but I want them to please abstain from bringing in their own human bashing opinions and focus.  I am not able to branch out into other areas of blame and responsibility because there are far too many to acknowledge.  Jew haters always seem to like to stop with the Jews and turn topics strictly to them.  I feel that if we are going to try to place blame for niggers on anyone, we should include everyone.  Liberals, be they Jewish or Canadian are responsible…humans in general.  But niggers…the tools by which they all operate are the core problem.  As stated in the sidebar, niggers are not guns.  It is not only the user who is to blame for the violence as it is with guns.  With niggers, it’s niggers.  Jews don’t rape white women, niggers do.  Please try to understand without placing me on some sort of list of sympathizers.  I only have time to study niggers here.  I have no desire to open up to broader topics.  I don’t subscribe to the Hitler loving 88ers simply because the adoration of the world’s most notorious mass murderer makes no more sense to me than blaming Jews for basic nigger  instinct.  Denying the Holocaust isn’t even up for debate here because again, it has nothing to do with niggers.

I hope I have made my position clear enough to allow for an intelligent continuation of nigger discussions.  I don’t condemn anyone for their beliefs, I just don’t want to be expected to entertain them all here.  If not for niggers, there would be no niggers.  That is the Fed Up Motto.  Please respect that.  Thank You.

First Sow Needed A Vacation From The Daily Grind…

August 10, 2010 § 6 Comments

She will not rest until blah blah blah.  So off she goes to Spain with her little niglets and 40 of her ghetto bitches.  Fifty grand a day to cover the security costs and the use of our Air Force Two jet airliner.  Nice.  While the nation deflates into a third world disgrace, the niggers are living it up like royalty.  Oblivious to the plight of the average American, the niggers feel it is their turn now!  The president is in Chicago while the rest of the family is overseas consoling one of his wife’s friends who had some sort of quickly created traumatic event that is now the reason for the extravagant trip.  So what is the big boy doing in Chicago without his family?  Drugs?  Homosexuality?  Plotting the next stages of the communist takeover?  Who knows.  I bet nobody even knew they were vacationing separately!

How there are any Americans left supporting this regime’s blatant disregard for the people is beyond me.  Are they that stupid?  Can they be that disillusioned?  Do they actually believe the lies even after they are proven to be lies?  The answer is sadly yes.  There are still idiots who think everything will be OK and there really is an economic recovery underway.  They believe we were pulled from the brink of disaster by the head nigger and saved from the ultimate hell George Bush had us on a path toward.  Never mind the unemployment continues to rise and jobs continue to disappear.  Never mind any of the negative realities that engulf our lives today.  We only need to be concerned that our First Sow is enjoying a comfortable all expenses paid European vacation on the backs of all of us worthless taxpayers.  And the HNIC is frolicking nude in a bath house somewhere in Chicago loaded up on cocaine and malt liquor.  That’s what is important.

Initiatives To Make Rocks Float

August 4, 2010 § 8 Comments

floating rocksYou really need to read this to believe it.   We don’t have enough trouble with niggers, now we have to spend millions to figure out why they can’t swim.  Can you say “Lack of buoyancy”?    When was it decided this particular issue was anything more than a biological discrepancy?   It is likely due to the fact that niggers generally come from arid sand pits where heavier bones might be an evolutionary aspect necessary to keep them gravitationally viable?  Gravity and swimming aren’t compatible to bone structures designed to remain firmly planted on the ground. Humans on the other hand are generally more versatile and designed to be able to adapt to many different conditions, including water.  Let’s face it folks, niggers were never meant to leave the shit stained continent of Africa.  Their creator therefore decided to build them to withstand the desert winds under famine conditions where bone mass would be imperative to survival. What difference would floatation make in the existence of the common African nigger? None of course. But ship them to America and set them free among a civilized society where bleeding hearts convince them that they are indeed every bit the same as us and you get sinkers.  Niggers see humans navigating pools of water and assume they are capable of the same activities.  Why would they think otherwise considering they are taught to reason this way?  Now when the numbers once again (this can’t be the first time in history someone discovered that niggers sink!) show a distinct disproportion of nigglet drownings, we need an expensive study to determine WHY?  They have a million rationalizations, but fail to even consider the obvious and undoubtedly the ONLY one that can make the most sense.  I swear, if we ever want to figure out why our economy is in the shitter, all we need to do is take a look at the cost of keeping niggers convinced they are human.  Hell, they are so apathetic and lazy anyway, all we need to do is abandon the scam and by attrition they will disappear.  As usual, it all boils down to one common denominator.  Niggers.  I even sound like a broken record to myself.  But when will the rest of the world wake up and smell the niggers?  I just don’t know…

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