July 20, 2010 § 3 Comments

What would possess a pavement ape and his urban family to consider vacationing in such a Bush-esque locale as Maine?  Natural nigger instinct of course.  The need to be in the one place that least wants them physically trampling their beautiful scenery.  Sure, Maine came out strong for the nigger back in ’08, but do they still think he is worthy of even a one day stop-over now?  And what about the natural inclination of other niggers to follow suit and plan their own “get aways” to The Pine Tree State? Are Mainers NIMBYs?  Not In My Back Yard nigger lovers who want them to run free in our cities and towns but enjoy minimal physical contact themselves?  I’ve been there several times and I can’t say I saw a heck of a lot of them running unrestrained.  That could all change now that the geographic DNA has been polluted.  One nigger leads to two, then three then a whole gang.  I suppose the rocky shorelines are an attractive draw for a pack of sinkers like the first fambly.  No beach isn’t really a drawback for them.  I did hear they were on a boat, but I am sure they were provided those secret special flotation devices we pretend don’t really exist but were designed to keep niggers afloat for long enough to fish them out of deep waters.  You know, like all those secret money trees YT hides from them!  Damn, I hope I didn’t give anything away.  God forbid the NAACP finds out we have special shit designed just for niggers to make them think they are human!   Shhhhhh.  OH…did you know the fambly mutt got its very own plane to ride up in?  That’s right folks, our tax dollars sprung for the expense of flying their stupid Kennedy-bred pooch on his own private plane with his own private staff so the precious first fambly didn’t have to share a cabin with a canine!  Suck on that one for a minute!

Obviously I have run out of anything vital to really say about the state of Maine being contaminated.  But then what place hasn’t been ruined by niggers?  Everything they touch, everywhere they go turns to shit.  Why not let them go to the places that thought it was a good idea to let this commie chimp into our White House.  Who needs clean fresh beautiful retreats anymore anyway?

§ 3 Responses to Maine

  • bird says:

    I wish Obama would get out of America, and take a few million of his fellow niggers back to Kenya .

  • Gnigs_r_skum says:

    A fucking plane just for a dog, that is crap no matter what.

  • Miss Ann says:

    The problem with people in states like Maine is the do gooding liberal douchebags who import or try to encourage niggers to visit. They don’t realize just how their “kindness” or “tolerance” will really play out. It’s kind of like the idiots who adopt exotic pets then release them. The animals subsequently wreak havoc on the local ecosystem.

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