Niggers Can’t Be Racists!

July 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

Ben Jealous. The name says it all! This ridiculous nigger had the baboon balls to say on national television that it is impossible for niggers to be racists!  His logic is typical of the subhuman species.  He says that doo too tha fakk the slave was whipped by the white massa, and the angry victimized slave retrieves the whip and whips the massa back, he can therefore not be ever considered a racist for eternity!  What fucking planet did we get these apes from anyway?  I think the mistake made by the nigger loving population is that white people went to Africa to bring slaves here.  I think it was the next level up that is to blame.  Aliens scraped them from a dying planet somewhere out in a “Black Whore” and when they became a disruption within their waste containers, they simply flew over the most uninhabitable region of the Earth and dumped their septic tanks!  Niggers are space waste.  It would stand to reason the disruptive nigger would even wear out a welcome inside a space ship shit tank.  There really isn’t any logical explanation for them, so why not this?

Fact is, as long as niggers keep screaming racism and citing slavery as their justification, white people will slowly wake up to just how ridiculous they all are.  Right now they are basking in the arrogance of having a black president.  They think they have accomplished something positive for their “race”.  The reality is they cannot handle such responsibility.  Maintaining an intelligent administration without perpetual white hand holding is impossible for them.  With advocacy groups like the En Dubba A Ceepee constantly tossing monkey wrenches into any progress in race relations, we can count of their self destruction in time.  They can try to teach our children the nigger lie, but that only works for nigger children.  Humans are smart enough to smell the bullshit.  The time of the nigger is limited, thanks to vine swingers like Jealous and his silly band of screeching retarded chimps.  If only we could gather them into a giant space shuttle and fly them up to some “black whore” and just release them once again.  It obviously worked once for some galactic travelers!

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