Traffic Update

July 15, 2010 § 3 Comments

As promised, a brief word on traffic. Don’t worry, your ride to work will be as easy or crappy as it always is. This is about a mass awakening to the scourge. The people who have seen the light and are out on the internet now looking to see if anyone else has. Good news to all you newbies…we’ve been here all along trying to get your attention and warn you but you continued to believe the lies. You hoped your good hearts would lead you to your garden of eden. You thought if you followed along with the liberal nigger loving phonies all would be well. You even thought if we put a nigger in the White House, the niggers and their protagonists would finally be satisfied and see that you are not the racist they all paint you to be.  Boy oh boy were you wrong huh?  Now look what you’ve done.  Look at the destruction you afforded by voting with your hearts and not your brains.  As evidenced with the daily news of how racist all white people apparently are, according to the NAACP you are now witness to the simple fundamental characterization we have known our whole lives.  Niggers can never be satisfied.  Regardless of how much they are handed for free, they want more.  When money grubbing power hungry race traitors provoke them, they always respond.  Because niggers are incapable of function without the white provocation.  But niggers are here now.  We have them.  We are stuck with them.  And now we can all see as plainly as the noses on our faces exactly what they are all made of.  Stupid.  Niggers are simply stupid.  Educated, interbred, powerful, Presidents…stupid.  Your powerful orator can’t utter a word without a teleprompter.

So now we are all seeing the truth and it is all too clear.   The problem isn’t just the inherent greedy nature of mankind, although it certainly isn’t helping.  No, the problem is the tool they have become so adept at using.  The nigger.  And you can see it now.  You are clogging Google searches with queries about them because you see it now too.  My hit counter is exploding every day.  And for that, I thank you.  Even the loser liberals who think my rage is ammunition against the reality of niggers.  Thank you.  The stupidity that flows from these desperate nigger loving fools is out there now.  Hallmark Cards are racist.  Tea Parties are racist.  Black Holes are racist.  Republicans are racist.  Black cattle is racist.  Your children are racist.  Mother Nature is racist.  Tar Balls are racist.  Fox News is racist.  It is a never ending insatiable list written by niggers.  Even racism is racist!  And now you see it.  If every single person you see…every single person around you is an asshole…perhaps it is time to reassess who the asshole really is.  If everything is racist, even in nature, should we even have to ask?  The problem is obvious.  Time to make sure this first “African nonAmerican” President is also the LAST one as well.

§ 3 Responses to Traffic Update

  • James E Ray says:

    It doesn’t take a genius figure out that the resident chimp in the White House is all about ‘gibbin da bruddaz a leg up’ at the expense of the tax paying White man.

    ‘Flavorings’ are now banned in cigarettes; well except menthol… because, you know, NIGGERS like menthol. Coincidence? Da bruddaz gots ta hab thay ‘Koos’ an ‘Noopoats’, noamsaine? (We wouldn’t want a riot over it after all) Obviously, the White man can go to hell if he wants a flavored smoke. Personally, I’m amazed they still ‘allow’ us to have flavored cigars and pipe tobacco. Maybe the nigger didn’t want to loose his blunts when was trying to ruin the tobacco industry.

    Even though the vast majority didn’t want it, national health care for every ‘American’ is now the law of the land. Or should that read “every African American” – since we all know that the lion’s share of the uninsured are niggers? (Lion’s share: I used an African animal colloquialism for you niggers reading this) Does it take any real insight to figure out that this is just another ‘gibs-me-dat’ for Osambo’s nigger homies? Amazing how 12 to 13 percent of the population can dictate policy when one of their ilk is in charge.

    There’s no good way to find out, but I really wonder how much of the so-called ‘stimulus’ money went directly into the ever-open paws of niggers. The Head-Nigger-In-Charge has an 85 percent approval rating among America’s nigger population. Gee, I really wonder why…

  • Intolerant says:

    Niggers are their own worst enemy. We merely need to sit back and watch them implode all by they selfs. With every ridiculous accusation of racism comes less and less support from the human race…and without humans, niggers simply die. Wait for it.

  • bird says:

    The average white man in america is slowly waking up to the fact that we just can’t please these beasts. No matter what we do it is never good enough for them. The federal reserve could write a check for 1 million dollars to every nigger in the country, and they would still bitch and moan about something that happened 150 years ago. There is no point in trying to help them. It would be best just to let the niggers kill each other off so we can finally live in poeace.

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