We Will Not Rest Until…..blah blah blah

July 13, 2010 § 3 Comments

Every crisis that draws our fearless nigger from the safety of his basement basketball court in the converted bowling alley beneath the White House, we hear how he “Will not rest until…” this or that depending on the crisis de jour.  Levin made a tape of all the times the nigger repeated those same words.  It was so ridiculously obvious I can’t believe the White House staff is anything but embarrassed by it.  When will the American people wake up and see just how foolish this administration is making us all look?  We will not rest?  What the fuck does he think golf or weekend retreats to Maine are? (Incidentally, this will give the liberals of Maine a chance to experience true TNB when the Presidential disciples begin to filter in!)  What is he doing to save the Gulf of Mexico when he is singing along with washed up has-been hippie Beatles at the White House?  The guy is so empowered now he thinks we are all soaking this in and accepting it as true reality.  He can say the sun is mauve and fucking CNN will feel tingles down their thighs.  I have news for all those out there who think this huge scam is anything more than a media manufactured illusion; we know what niggers really are and all of this bullshit pretending the emperor is wearing any clothes will ultimately backfire on any efforts to soften race relations.  Translation:  This is only helping our cause.  This shit is awakening the sleeping giant majority.  Niggers are all busy getting comfortable with having an ape in Washington excusing all of their crimes and forbidding any prosecutions of niggers while the rest of humanity is becoming more and more aware of the blatant “reverse” racism.

This Black Panther nigger who was patroling the polling places back in 2008 with clubs and threatening white voters is now relieved of any prosecutions for his crimes.  He was even quoted spewing flagrantly violent messages, recording of which have played on Fox News (and virtually nowhere else) over and over again.  Their Black Panther leader, some Silverback YT hating piece of shit was allowed to speak in a manner that would have had any white counterpart thrown in jail.  If the KKK or a pack of tattooed Skinheads were harassing niggers at polling places, and a white republican presidential administration excused all prosecution and later forbid the prosecution of any further white crimes, what can we all imagine would be the fallout?  I’d hate to be a Walmart manager, let me tell you that.  Nothing provokes niggers to get new TVs and sneakers faster than a white man being exonerated for a crime against a brutha.  What do white people do when it is done to them?  Nothing.  The fucking media doesn’t even report it.  How does anyone think that will affect race relations?  Do they really think we aren’t peacefully outraged?  Do they really think niggers will never see the day when they will be made to pay for all of this?  The answer is yes, they really do believe they will get away with it.

I turned on the old movie, “Escape from the Planet of the Apes” the other day.  I watched as it told a story of our potential future.  The movie detailed how apes came to power and how they in turn self destructed.  It is a story about niggers and what we are witnessing today.  I swear as crazy as that sounds, the parallels are…mind boggling.  I almost said amazing, but what’s so amazing about niggers ruining their own civilizations and shitting where they eat?  Point is, as we allow niggers to become more and more powerful we only help fuel the rage building against them from sane right minded humans who are sick of being put down by these subhuman freaks of nature.  While I am always made furious when I am force fed niggers on TV and in life in general, I realize others are becoming just as disenchanted.  A race war is brewing.  They insisted a nigger in the White House would bring unity.  What they forgot to take into account was the inability of niggers to function as human beings.  The races couldn’t be farther apart than they are now, and it will only get worse…or better depending on how you view it.  Though it is stupidity overload, perhaps it is what we need to advance our movement to put niggers back into the proverbial cotton fields where they belong.  Caging them should ultimately become an option..beyond the natural incarceration in prisons.  I mean, put the niggers back in the zoo.  Maybe they will be able to handle that level of responsibility better.

§ 3 Responses to We Will Not Rest Until…..blah blah blah

  • W.D. 40 says:

    That picture of the dumb ugly nigger with the long barreled revolver on one side and the snub nosed wheel gun on the other really cracks me up!

    I’d guess that this is the rather comical nigger’s version of the long and short of it when he be think’in serious about deal’in wit this here white cracka dilemma!

  • Justin Igger says:

    I agree with your assessment wholeheartedly. I hope White Americans have the intelligence to see that this is a nigger problem and not consider the current administration as an anomaly.

  • Intolerant says:

    Based on the gradual increase in traffic both here on my little blog and at the larger more active nigger bashing message forums, I’d say America and humans in general are indeed waking up. Every new act of niggpidity draws more traffic and more commenting. Most choose to hit the message boards where they can interact with more people with the same faces as them, but I get my share of hits from Google searches too. I will post about it soon…I was just giving the niggers a chance to get on the airwaves again and take yet another step down!

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