It Gets Worse By The Day!

July 13, 2010 § 4 Comments

The elephant in the room has no clothes.  Someone had to say it.  Niggpocrisy has reached a new level of stupid today.  Never thought they could get any more stupid but then, the one thing you can always count on niggers for is to prove just how much more stupid they can get.  The En Dubba A Ceepee has made an executive decision today that the so called tea party movement in America is based primarily on racism and the total obsession white people have with denying niggers their glory every time they feel they have accomplished anything.  Niggers are calling US racists.  The same niggers who believe it was justified to drop all charges against the white hating violence advocating chimpanzee group “The New Black Panthers”.  The ones who think to be truly free in America, niggers have to kill a crakka and a crakka’s baby.  Those niggers.  Calling white people who rally against an oppressive government and a socialist takeover of their government racist simply because they managed to squeeze a nigger into the White House.  Those niggers.  The ones who think Hallmark stayed up all night trying to figure out a way to call nigger sows “black whores” in a graduation card with an outer space theme.  Those are the niggers who are calling everyone who disagrees with the policies of their president racist.  Those niggers.

Niggers are by far the most narcissistic group of subhuman organisms on the planet.  They honestly believe every single solitary moment of every day on Earth is all about race and niggers.  We should just call the Sun “the Nigger”, because in the minds of their appointed leaders, every fucking thing revolves around them.  It has become so glaringly obvious, only a moron missing all five senses could mistake it.  Niggers have proven how ridiculous their species is.  Thanks to the En Dubba A Ceepee, we can all see just how fucked up this world has become at the paws of these creatures.  Now all we need to do is revolt and clean up this horrible mess.  Any suggestions?

§ 4 Responses to It Gets Worse By The Day!

  • Justin Igger says:

    The jig is up it seems. The nigs are grasping at straws in a clueless attempt to use a race card that has been overdrawn since 2008.

    Give a nigger enough rope it will hang itself.

    That is what we are seeing.

    Who in their right mind thought obongo would be a sucessful president? Probably the same people who think will smiff, wesley snipes, and dennis haysbert are magical super niggers.

    Yes, this is a last pitiful gasp of of the failed nigger movement.

    Put on your boots folks, cleaning up after niggers is messy.

  • Guai Lo says:

    Honestly, they are indeed quite ghastly beasts aren’t they old chap?
    I personally despise them for a myriad of very perfectly sane and justifiable reasons. But the thing that sticks in my craw the most is the way they are all convinced they are each fully entitled to maintain exclusive control over our word that we invented which best describes them specifically and then only by going ape-shit every time a non Jig member of the human race uses the word in reference to one or all of them collectively.

    All of this from group of “Damn Dirty Apes” who have never so much as invented one written language of their own!

  • James E Ray says:

    You knew it would happen, didn’t you?

    I knew before Osambo even got elected that, if he did win, either he or his adoring worshipers would eventually pull the race card. You see, it’s not the socialist takeover we oppose… it’s not the millions, billions, and trillions dollars the nigger is handing out – dollars that we DO NOT HAVE and must borrow from the Chinese… it’s not the destruction of the U.S. health care system we oppose… oh no, No, NO!! We oppose Osambo simply because his skin is darker than ours! That’s the REAL reason! Us ebbil raysiss folks just want to keep a bruddah down, dat’s awl.


    I think you said it best, man;
    “Niggers are by far the most narcissistic group of subhuman organisms on the planet.”

  • Intolerant says:

    Sometimes, if you just sit back and watch the idiocy fester and grow, you get to watch the self destruction without ever having to lift a finger! Actions are showing the people exactly where the real problems lie. Actions of niggers and human sponsored nigger organizations. How’s that for an oxymoron? Nigger–Organizations! hahahaha

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