July 6, 2010 § 4 Comments

Surprising!  Marvelous!  Bullshit.  Get a new word Glenn Beck, because after listening to half an hour of his nigger ass kissing and whining about how racist the liberals are, I can barely stand listening to the guy anymore!  I love his ideals, principles and his knowledge of history.  I love how he tries to move people to act against the tyranny this country is engulfed in with this incompetent administration.  I admire Glenn Beck because he finds the truth and spills it on national radio and Fox TV.  But today he sat and licked the asses of niggers simply to prove he isn’t a racist.  I was disappointed.  If the guy is afraid of being called a racist, say nothing at all.  It was like listening to him tell us all, “Some of my best friends are black.”  And if I hear the word Amazing one more fucking time I’m gonna burst into ice cubes.  Why…HOW can everything be fucking amazing?  Am I the only one who gets this annoyed when people use a word to death?  Every fucking good thing Beck could come up with today wasn’t just good enough to be good…it had to be fucking amazing.  In the context of niggers, how on earth can he even say it without vomiting?  And his little lap dogs are right there behind him yelping, “yes Glenn yes…amazing!   Just absolutely amazing!”  I hate when people I like piss me off to this extent and for such a trivial reason.  Now I won’t be able to listen to him anymore without trying to count the “amazings”. Plus his insistence that he loves niggers leaves a really sour taste in my mouth too.  I couldn’t even pretend to say that for any reason…unless I totally sold myself out for the profits.   Bastard.

But then, as I listened to Hannity later in the same day I realized…he too thinks every damn thing is amazing.  It’s out of control now I guess.  So I watched a crow picking at a discarded bag of McDonald’s crap laying in a parking lot.  I was waiting for someone and it was 97 ° outside with humidity levels up around the perspiration seepage of a silver back NBA player in double overtime.  It was hot out.  I wondered if the crow was the least bit concerned with his cholesterol.  He was eating a greasy french fry off sweltering pavement.  Do crows have issues with arterial blockages?  They should if they’re going to be eating crap like McDonald’s french fries.  And what about diabetes?  Potatoes and other carbs can lead to raised sugar.  Do crows get that too?  I know my cat is diabetic so why not a stupid ass crow?  Fucking thing eats garbage. I suppose as birds go, the crow is their nigger.  He was “lovin’ it”!  As all this was happening a big black wasp landed on my windshield.  It just sat there baking in the AlGore sun, tip toeing around slowly.  I leaned up to get a close look.  Nigger birds, then nigger bugs…what a day.  Mean looking little prick I thought.  And I think the little turd was looking back at me.  We made eye contact and I think I read its little mind just then.  It said, “If I were six feet tall, you’d be fucked.”  I had to agree.  Imagine if wasps were our size?  Jesus man, that would be …fucking amazing!

§ 4 Responses to Amazing

  • James E Ray says:

    “You’re a GREAT AMERICAN!”


  • Yet the talking heads from Fox refuse to talk about the burrff certificate. If they REALLY wanted to bring down Osambo, they would push this issue.

  • Guai Lo says:

    Glen Beck is no more than a modern day version of the snake oil elixir salesmen we used to see in the old western cowboy films and TV shows.
    He is to some degree honest, but he can only carry his own honesty so far because he is after all merely a representative for the Rupert Murdoch media empire and old Rupert is no doubt paying him the big bucks to help him to broadcast his Neocon messages to the nation. He’s obviously clinging on to that cash cow when he openly displays his shamelessness.
    He is quite entertaining at times, and his monologues about American history can inspire you to hit the books and learn more. But I think the ever present threat of being knocked off the crest of the wave he is riding forces him to be a bit of a lap dog much of the time.
    Personally I’d rather die of starvation than to get rich by spending even a minute in the national spotlight kissing up to niggers thereby aiding and abetting the leftist agenda of pushing our white nation toward subjugation to Jig supremacy.

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