The White House

July 4, 2010 § 5 Comments

Sometimes my thoughts wander to things like what the White House might look like when this nightmare is over.  It is common knowledge we only see what the doting press want us to see, and when DC niggers walk by a mess like the White House might be in, they see nothing out of the ordinary.  It is the inside I am more concerned with however.

I’ve been inside homes abandoned by niggers after only living in them briefly.  I have seen the damage a pack of wild apes can inflict upon brand new furnishings and decor.  How will these chimps differ?  Are their Affirmative Action law degrees going to guarantee their children aren’t spray painting the walls?  Is inherent destruction and an irresponsible nature of typical behavior going to be overtaken by a new found  desire to give a shit about a place they will be moving from in a specific time frame?  Get real, as the bruthas themselves often say.  You can take the niggers out of Chicago but you can’t take the niggers out of niggers.  I suspect there is an amplified staff devoted to cleaning up after these slobs.  You’d almost have to expect it, given typical nigger lifestyles.  How many times have we seen “the underprivileged” given brand new digs only to be in a shambles within months?  They expect the maintenance to come with everything they are handed, so throwing away trash and wiping up spilled grape soda, or even flushing toilets is beyond their scope of responsibility.  So what does that mean for our precious old White House?  Either they have a staff struggling to keep up with the filthy nature of niggers living in subsidized housing, or the place is being turned into a mini Detroit while the Gulf of Mexico fills with sludge and goo balls.  Whatever the case, we can be sure of one thing.  YT will be cleaning up the mess and baboons will never be held accountable.  Because let’s face it.  What did we expect?

§ 5 Responses to The White House

  • Gnigs_r_skum says:

    Wonder how much of a deposit the Obongos had to put down?

  • Justin Igger says:

    Obongo has a whole troupe of his nigger in laws living there with him. The smell of that many niggers alone could make the whitehouse uninhabitable.

    You know those filthy niggers are spraying their piss and feces everywhere and laughing when the human cleaning staff has to clean up after them like fucking zoo animals.

    The whole area needs to be razed and the earth salted.

  • AFN_Weasel says:

    I doubt if there is any crew cleaning up after the niggers as they prefer to live in filth and squalor. Only the areas seen by the public are kept in order to maintain the illusion. If and when this usurper is finally dethroned, I expect we’ll find out quite a bit about its shenanigans. Turning the White House into a Section 8 slum is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • James E Ray says:

    Your picture is inaccurate.
    I’ve never seen a nigger hovel with a lawn. Niggers are toxic to grass as well as most living things.

  • While I don’t know if the Obamas are flinging feces and watermelon rinds around, I do know that Chimpelle has filled the White house art collection with afro-centric “art”. I can only imagine the paintings made from cow dung, and the statues carved from coconuts.

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