Walt Nigger World

July 27, 2010 § 7 Comments

I recently spent some time at Disney World with the family. The place was top to bottom, wall to wall niggers. Everywhere I turned there were bucks and sows tramping through the world with their nigglets in tow. All the pics in this post were taken on my phone and this is but a small glimpse into the fuxation at WDW. I guess this is what niggers spend their welfare checks and stolen cash on.

This sow had some kind of fungus/mold growing on its thighs.

I figured that part of the reason was the latest Disney Princess, Shaneequa or Tinasha or whatever the hell its name is. Yet what really made me chuckle is there was no marketing for said princess at the Disney parks. I didn’t see much if any dolls, tshirts, rides or promotional materials for it. They didn’t even have a sow  in costume pretending to be a princess. Maybe I was just oblivious as I was too busy snapping pics of nigger sows with moldy thighs, but it did seem that the more popular princesses just so happened to not be niggers. Perhaps Disney is trying to shove that one under the rug, where it belongs.

By the way, I also went to Universal Studios which is the only viable competition for Disney and it was all the same thing. Niggers, niggers, niggers.

This is stating the obvious, but my advice to all humans: when you need to get away from it all, go to a nice quiet cabin by a lake or ocean and enjoy the peacefulness. Trust me, tourist attractions – amusement parks – are nigger cesspools.


July 20, 2010 § 3 Comments

What would possess a pavement ape and his urban family to consider vacationing in such a Bush-esque locale as Maine?  Natural nigger instinct of course.  The need to be in the one place that least wants them physically trampling their beautiful scenery.  Sure, Maine came out strong for the nigger back in ’08, but do they still think he is worthy of even a one day stop-over now?  And what about the natural inclination of other niggers to follow suit and plan their own “get aways” to The Pine Tree State? Are Mainers NIMBYs?  Not In My Back Yard nigger lovers who want them to run free in our cities and towns but enjoy minimal physical contact themselves?  I’ve been there several times and I can’t say I saw a heck of a lot of them running unrestrained.  That could all change now that the geographic DNA has been polluted.  One nigger leads to two, then three then a whole gang.  I suppose the rocky shorelines are an attractive draw for a pack of sinkers like the first fambly.  No beach isn’t really a drawback for them.  I did hear they were on a boat, but I am sure they were provided those secret special flotation devices we pretend don’t really exist but were designed to keep niggers afloat for long enough to fish them out of deep waters.  You know, like all those secret money trees YT hides from them!  Damn, I hope I didn’t give anything away.  God forbid the NAACP finds out we have special shit designed just for niggers to make them think they are human!   Shhhhhh.  OH…did you know the fambly mutt got its very own plane to ride up in?  That’s right folks, our tax dollars sprung for the expense of flying their stupid Kennedy-bred pooch on his own private plane with his own private staff so the precious first fambly didn’t have to share a cabin with a canine!  Suck on that one for a minute!

Obviously I have run out of anything vital to really say about the state of Maine being contaminated.  But then what place hasn’t been ruined by niggers?  Everything they touch, everywhere they go turns to shit.  Why not let them go to the places that thought it was a good idea to let this commie chimp into our White House.  Who needs clean fresh beautiful retreats anymore anyway?

Niggers Can’t Be Racists!

July 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

Ben Jealous. The name says it all! This ridiculous nigger had the baboon balls to say on national television that it is impossible for niggers to be racists!  His logic is typical of the subhuman species.  He says that doo too tha fakk the slave was whipped by the white massa, and the angry victimized slave retrieves the whip and whips the massa back, he can therefore not be ever considered a racist for eternity!  What fucking planet did we get these apes from anyway?  I think the mistake made by the nigger loving population is that white people went to Africa to bring slaves here.  I think it was the next level up that is to blame.  Aliens scraped them from a dying planet somewhere out in a “Black Whore” and when they became a disruption within their waste containers, they simply flew over the most uninhabitable region of the Earth and dumped their septic tanks!  Niggers are space waste.  It would stand to reason the disruptive nigger would even wear out a welcome inside a space ship shit tank.  There really isn’t any logical explanation for them, so why not this?

Fact is, as long as niggers keep screaming racism and citing slavery as their justification, white people will slowly wake up to just how ridiculous they all are.  Right now they are basking in the arrogance of having a black president.  They think they have accomplished something positive for their “race”.  The reality is they cannot handle such responsibility.  Maintaining an intelligent administration without perpetual white hand holding is impossible for them.  With advocacy groups like the En Dubba A Ceepee constantly tossing monkey wrenches into any progress in race relations, we can count of their self destruction in time.  They can try to teach our children the nigger lie, but that only works for nigger children.  Humans are smart enough to smell the bullshit.  The time of the nigger is limited, thanks to vine swingers like Jealous and his silly band of screeching retarded chimps.  If only we could gather them into a giant space shuttle and fly them up to some “black whore” and just release them once again.  It obviously worked once for some galactic travelers!

Traffic Update

July 15, 2010 § 3 Comments

As promised, a brief word on traffic. Don’t worry, your ride to work will be as easy or crappy as it always is. This is about a mass awakening to the scourge. The people who have seen the light and are out on the internet now looking to see if anyone else has. Good news to all you newbies…we’ve been here all along trying to get your attention and warn you but you continued to believe the lies. You hoped your good hearts would lead you to your garden of eden. You thought if you followed along with the liberal nigger loving phonies all would be well. You even thought if we put a nigger in the White House, the niggers and their protagonists would finally be satisfied and see that you are not the racist they all paint you to be.  Boy oh boy were you wrong huh?  Now look what you’ve done.  Look at the destruction you afforded by voting with your hearts and not your brains.  As evidenced with the daily news of how racist all white people apparently are, according to the NAACP you are now witness to the simple fundamental characterization we have known our whole lives.  Niggers can never be satisfied.  Regardless of how much they are handed for free, they want more.  When money grubbing power hungry race traitors provoke them, they always respond.  Because niggers are incapable of function without the white provocation.  But niggers are here now.  We have them.  We are stuck with them.  And now we can all see as plainly as the noses on our faces exactly what they are all made of.  Stupid.  Niggers are simply stupid.  Educated, interbred, powerful, Presidents…stupid.  Your powerful orator can’t utter a word without a teleprompter.

So now we are all seeing the truth and it is all too clear.   The problem isn’t just the inherent greedy nature of mankind, although it certainly isn’t helping.  No, the problem is the tool they have become so adept at using.  The nigger.  And you can see it now.  You are clogging Google searches with queries about them because you see it now too.  My hit counter is exploding every day.  And for that, I thank you.  Even the loser liberals who think my rage is ammunition against the reality of niggers.  Thank you.  The stupidity that flows from these desperate nigger loving fools is out there now.  Hallmark Cards are racist.  Tea Parties are racist.  Black Holes are racist.  Republicans are racist.  Black cattle is racist.  Your children are racist.  Mother Nature is racist.  Tar Balls are racist.  Fox News is racist.  It is a never ending insatiable list written by niggers.  Even racism is racist!  And now you see it.  If every single person you see…every single person around you is an asshole…perhaps it is time to reassess who the asshole really is.  If everything is racist, even in nature, should we even have to ask?  The problem is obvious.  Time to make sure this first “African nonAmerican” President is also the LAST one as well.

It Gets Worse By The Day!

July 13, 2010 § 4 Comments

The elephant in the room has no clothes.  Someone had to say it.  Niggpocrisy has reached a new level of stupid today.  Never thought they could get any more stupid but then, the one thing you can always count on niggers for is to prove just how much more stupid they can get.  The En Dubba A Ceepee has made an executive decision today that the so called tea party movement in America is based primarily on racism and the total obsession white people have with denying niggers their glory every time they feel they have accomplished anything.  Niggers are calling US racists.  The same niggers who believe it was justified to drop all charges against the white hating violence advocating chimpanzee group “The New Black Panthers”.  The ones who think to be truly free in America, niggers have to kill a crakka and a crakka’s baby.  Those niggers.  Calling white people who rally against an oppressive government and a socialist takeover of their government racist simply because they managed to squeeze a nigger into the White House.  Those niggers.  The ones who think Hallmark stayed up all night trying to figure out a way to call nigger sows “black whores” in a graduation card with an outer space theme.  Those are the niggers who are calling everyone who disagrees with the policies of their president racist.  Those niggers.

Niggers are by far the most narcissistic group of subhuman organisms on the planet.  They honestly believe every single solitary moment of every day on Earth is all about race and niggers.  We should just call the Sun “the Nigger”, because in the minds of their appointed leaders, every fucking thing revolves around them.  It has become so glaringly obvious, only a moron missing all five senses could mistake it.  Niggers have proven how ridiculous their species is.  Thanks to the En Dubba A Ceepee, we can all see just how fucked up this world has become at the paws of these creatures.  Now all we need to do is revolt and clean up this horrible mess.  Any suggestions?

We Will Not Rest Until…..blah blah blah

July 13, 2010 § 3 Comments

Every crisis that draws our fearless nigger from the safety of his basement basketball court in the converted bowling alley beneath the White House, we hear how he “Will not rest until…” this or that depending on the crisis de jour.  Levin made a tape of all the times the nigger repeated those same words.  It was so ridiculously obvious I can’t believe the White House staff is anything but embarrassed by it.  When will the American people wake up and see just how foolish this administration is making us all look?  We will not rest?  What the fuck does he think golf or weekend retreats to Maine are? (Incidentally, this will give the liberals of Maine a chance to experience true TNB when the Presidential disciples begin to filter in!)  What is he doing to save the Gulf of Mexico when he is singing along with washed up has-been hippie Beatles at the White House?  The guy is so empowered now he thinks we are all soaking this in and accepting it as true reality.  He can say the sun is mauve and fucking CNN will feel tingles down their thighs.  I have news for all those out there who think this huge scam is anything more than a media manufactured illusion; we know what niggers really are and all of this bullshit pretending the emperor is wearing any clothes will ultimately backfire on any efforts to soften race relations.  Translation:  This is only helping our cause.  This shit is awakening the sleeping giant majority.  Niggers are all busy getting comfortable with having an ape in Washington excusing all of their crimes and forbidding any prosecutions of niggers while the rest of humanity is becoming more and more aware of the blatant “reverse” racism.

This Black Panther nigger who was patroling the polling places back in 2008 with clubs and threatening white voters is now relieved of any prosecutions for his crimes.  He was even quoted spewing flagrantly violent messages, recording of which have played on Fox News (and virtually nowhere else) over and over again.  Their Black Panther leader, some Silverback YT hating piece of shit was allowed to speak in a manner that would have had any white counterpart thrown in jail.  If the KKK or a pack of tattooed Skinheads were harassing niggers at polling places, and a white republican presidential administration excused all prosecution and later forbid the prosecution of any further white crimes, what can we all imagine would be the fallout?  I’d hate to be a Walmart manager, let me tell you that.  Nothing provokes niggers to get new TVs and sneakers faster than a white man being exonerated for a crime against a brutha.  What do white people do when it is done to them?  Nothing.  The fucking media doesn’t even report it.  How does anyone think that will affect race relations?  Do they really think we aren’t peacefully outraged?  Do they really think niggers will never see the day when they will be made to pay for all of this?  The answer is yes, they really do believe they will get away with it.

I turned on the old movie, “Escape from the Planet of the Apes” the other day.  I watched as it told a story of our potential future.  The movie detailed how apes came to power and how they in turn self destructed.  It is a story about niggers and what we are witnessing today.  I swear as crazy as that sounds, the parallels are…mind boggling.  I almost said amazing, but what’s so amazing about niggers ruining their own civilizations and shitting where they eat?  Point is, as we allow niggers to become more and more powerful we only help fuel the rage building against them from sane right minded humans who are sick of being put down by these subhuman freaks of nature.  While I am always made furious when I am force fed niggers on TV and in life in general, I realize others are becoming just as disenchanted.  A race war is brewing.  They insisted a nigger in the White House would bring unity.  What they forgot to take into account was the inability of niggers to function as human beings.  The races couldn’t be farther apart than they are now, and it will only get worse…or better depending on how you view it.  Though it is stupidity overload, perhaps it is what we need to advance our movement to put niggers back into the proverbial cotton fields where they belong.  Caging them should ultimately become an option..beyond the natural incarceration in prisons.  I mean, put the niggers back in the zoo.  Maybe they will be able to handle that level of responsibility better.


July 6, 2010 § 4 Comments

Surprising!  Marvelous!  Bullshit.  Get a new word Glenn Beck, because after listening to half an hour of his nigger ass kissing and whining about how racist the liberals are, I can barely stand listening to the guy anymore!  I love his ideals, principles and his knowledge of history.  I love how he tries to move people to act against the tyranny this country is engulfed in with this incompetent administration.  I admire Glenn Beck because he finds the truth and spills it on national radio and Fox TV.  But today he sat and licked the asses of niggers simply to prove he isn’t a racist.  I was disappointed.  If the guy is afraid of being called a racist, say nothing at all.  It was like listening to him tell us all, “Some of my best friends are black.”  And if I hear the word Amazing one more fucking time I’m gonna burst into ice cubes.  Why…HOW can everything be fucking amazing?  Am I the only one who gets this annoyed when people use a word to death?  Every fucking good thing Beck could come up with today wasn’t just good enough to be good…it had to be fucking amazing.  In the context of niggers, how on earth can he even say it without vomiting?  And his little lap dogs are right there behind him yelping, “yes Glenn yes…amazing!   Just absolutely amazing!”  I hate when people I like piss me off to this extent and for such a trivial reason.  Now I won’t be able to listen to him anymore without trying to count the “amazings”. Plus his insistence that he loves niggers leaves a really sour taste in my mouth too.  I couldn’t even pretend to say that for any reason…unless I totally sold myself out for the profits.   Bastard.

But then, as I listened to Hannity later in the same day I realized…he too thinks every damn thing is amazing.  It’s out of control now I guess.  So I watched a crow picking at a discarded bag of McDonald’s crap laying in a parking lot.  I was waiting for someone and it was 97 ° outside with humidity levels up around the perspiration seepage of a silver back NBA player in double overtime.  It was hot out.  I wondered if the crow was the least bit concerned with his cholesterol.  He was eating a greasy french fry off sweltering pavement.  Do crows have issues with arterial blockages?  They should if they’re going to be eating crap like McDonald’s french fries.  And what about diabetes?  Potatoes and other carbs can lead to raised sugar.  Do crows get that too?  I know my cat is diabetic so why not a stupid ass crow?  Fucking thing eats garbage. I suppose as birds go, the crow is their nigger.  He was “lovin’ it”!  As all this was happening a big black wasp landed on my windshield.  It just sat there baking in the AlGore sun, tip toeing around slowly.  I leaned up to get a close look.  Nigger birds, then nigger bugs…what a day.  Mean looking little prick I thought.  And I think the little turd was looking back at me.  We made eye contact and I think I read its little mind just then.  It said, “If I were six feet tall, you’d be fucked.”  I had to agree.  Imagine if wasps were our size?  Jesus man, that would be …fucking amazing!

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