Sail Foam Avitizzle

June 29, 2010 § 8 Comments

I suppose advertising to a demographic that has obviously taken a shine to spiffy new technological advancements such as cell phones would appear to be good marketing practices. We saw how brilliant that Applebee’s ad campaign with that loud vulgar nigger woman babbling away as a “spokesapple” was. How long did that last? Two weeks? The assumption by these advertising geniuses that the American people want to see more niggers in their faces based on the fact we put one in the White House is flawed. But here it comes again. T–Mobile has set it off with a new ad that had me off my chair. I wish I could understand the thought processes of these admen who think this bullshit politically correct garbage is what people want to see. And that it will positively influence sales. What are they thinking? Perhaps it is the nigger in the White House thing again. A totally out of touch CNN watching pack of idiots who actually believe that American Patriots are equal to domestic terrorists.

The commercial is basically a “typical” family preparing to go somewhere on their vacation when the kid opens his fancy sail foam and makes a complete ass of his stupid uninformed father. That’s not bad enough for T–Mobile though. Making the father the idiot of the family. They have to take it to another level and make it a biracial (appearing) family where the dumb dad is a white guy and his wife and kids are niggers! I watched the commercial a few times and perhaps an argument could be made that the “white” father is actually a half breed nigger too, but look at the fucking picture. That is corporate America calling white men stupid and worse than that, owned by niggers! When will it end? When will these fucking douche bag executives realize they don’t even have to piss off the perceived undesirable racists by aiming their shit product advertising at niggers! And whether anyone has noticed or not, T–Mobile is about as shit a carrier as there is when it comes to cell phone companies. Wouldn’t it make more sense to target the people who actually have the money to spend on such devices rather than the ones who steal them and use them to conduct their drug businesses?

Whether this advertisement is actually an interracial family or that guy is just some nigger blessed to appear white is beside the point. The fact that this company feels it is their duty to shove their bullshit up our asses should cause us all to not only look at the incompetence of their company, but the level of fail they invest their advertising dollars into. T–Mobile is the absolute worst regardless. They should be concentrating their efforts to expand their coverage areas rather than trying to appeal to the dumbest demographic to sell their inferior product to. It is no wonder the economy is in the shitter with assholes like this running it into the ground with substandard crap services designed to appeal to niggers.

Black Whores

June 14, 2010 § 8 Comments

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Apparently niggers and their assorted “civil rights” advocates are now hearing things that reflect exactly what they think of themselves.  Or know of themselves to be more accurate.  Nobody is safe from these self loathing primate’s obsession with their own inferiority.  They forced all of humanity to quit with the use of the word “black” when referring to Black Angus Beef!  They say it be racist.  Racist I ask?  It is a prime beef…a preferred stock.  You just can’t please these niggers I swear.  Now it’s just “Angus Beef”…because of niggers and the Endubba a Ceepee.  If anything has the word black in it, they instantly assume it is a derogatory reference to their inability to function in a civilized society without the constant need for oppression.

Now the filthy butthurt apes are after Hallmark.  Because they know their females are all considered whores by society and although it is a figment of their meager imaginations, they hear “Black Whores” when the Hallmark graduation card clearly sings “Black Holes”!  Why?  Because they’re niggers.  That’s right.  Science will now have to rename black holes something else because fat nigger sows all hear “black whores” when English speaking humans say “black holes”.  Because nobody knows better than black whores that fat filthy stinking nigger sows are black whores.  Never mind the references to space and science…it’s all about niggers.  And racism.  This particular card has been sold by the company for three years! Apparently some black whore got one for her AA graduation and chimped out. Niggers are the center of their own universe so it stands to reason.  Anything space related preceded by the word black must be racist.  Fucking niggers.  There just isn’t any logical explanation for them.

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