Why Are My Grand Kids Such Lazy Fucks?

May 17, 2010 § 4 Comments

Michael Be A Headhunter...

Michael Be A Headhunter…

On the heels of the Miss Ann post about introducing niggers into civilized environments I bring an old family friend and her confusion as to why her grand children are fucking losers. This woman and her college professor husband adopted two kids back in the early 70s. They always held a liberal stance from what I could gather, but I never paid much attention to them. I was a kid then too. Fast forward to old age. The husband died recently and this woman has been around to visit my elderly mom. I haven’t seen these people in well over 25 years so all the news about the kids was of some real interest to me. Turns out the daughter, a chubby strawberry blond medicine ball married a handsome shaved head goatee sporting nigger. She ejected two spawn from this creature, males now age 10 and 12. According to this elderly grandma, “Michael” is a real hard worker. A mover and a shaker. A relentless salesman with mad sales skills. Oh really, I ask? Through further conversation I learn the nigger, well into his 40s has yet to find a suitable career and freelances. Last time she was visiting, they lived in NC and he was a “Headhunter”….when you stop laughing I’ll continue!

Last week she came over and her mouth ran nonstop for 90 solid minutes.  Seems the girl and her niggers had to move back home from NC.  Apparently “Michael” had exhausted all the huntable heads in the state.   The nice little fambly of four is now residing with HER parent in a small 3 bedroom ranch well into the state of New York.  Grandma was going on and on trying to figure out why these little punks sit around all day and make demands.  They do absolutely nothing for themselves and their mother encourages it.  Why oh why are these kids so lazy and worthless?

It was all I could do to not just say, NIGGERS.  They’re fucking niggers!  What is so hard to understand?  She thinks she raised HER daughter responsibly, but she fails to acknowledge she raised a fucking coal burner!  How else could this turn out?  How stupid can these free thinking progressive douche bags be?  The college professor and his liberal wife raised two helpless adopted brats and one of them introduced niggers into the bloodlines!  Good God man, is it any wonder these little nigger soaked grand children are niggers?  Daddy is an unemployed genius nigger living at his wife’s elderly mothers house.  He has all these incredible talents but can’t put them to good use to support the family in their own home.  The coal burning daughter struggles with her own teaching job (God help her students) to feed the idiots.  And poor idiot grandma is confused. The icing on the cake was when grandma mentioned, “…her Social Justice Committee….”  Damn.  There is absolutely no hope for society with idiots like this running around teaching school and soaking off the public assistance.  Why are these kids so damn lazy??   They’re fucking NIGGERS!

§ 4 Responses to Why Are My Grand Kids Such Lazy Fucks?

  • Miss Ann says:

    The picture has me laughing my ass off!

    Sadly, there’s all too many people like this lady out there. I suppose they’ll learn the hard way. The daughter’s just lucky not to be a statistic yet!

  • bird says:

    Coalburners are lower than the niggers they love so much. A nigger has no choice, but to be a nigger. Coalburners make the decision to commit beastuality.

  • James E Ray says:

    I never cease to wonder what any white woman finds attractive in some ghastly nigger buck. Come on ladies, just LOOK at them. The grotesque, ape-like appearance should tip you off immediately that you should not even be considering mating with the vile creature. And if that were not enough, just use your head for a minute or two; the average nigger earns the least of all the races, and is the most likely to end up in prison. Does that sound like the type of ‘man’ you want to be with??

  • BlackWater says:

    What surprises me the most that the buck is still around. He must be on probation or something.

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