Liberals Utilizing Nigger Affection To Gain Power

May 31, 2010 § 4 Comments

Sounds like a newspaper headline.  I heard that a bunch of republican niggers are stepping up pretending to be tea party movement supporters just to get more niggers into the crevices of government.  Seeing as a majority of white people believed putting a nigger in the White House was a good idea in ’08, why not try again?  Liberals are devious creatures who live to appease niggers and low life commies.  And people are just distracted enough most of the time to actually believe it.  It’s like a natural human nature to be kind to animals…so when we see niggers pouting and sad, sitting on rocks at the zoo begging for bananas, we are tempted to give in and toss them a bunch.  Liberals prey on our kindness.  Watch this mid term election cycle and see how many republican niggers emerge.  Remember what the last elected nigger did for you.  In November, make sure you have done your homework before you go to vote.  And what ever you do, don’t vote nigger ever ever again.  Ever.  Nigger equals failure.  You are living that reality right now.  Don’t forget.

Arlington: No Niggers Allowed

May 30, 2010 § 3 Comments

That’s what the sign should read on the gate now. America should dig up every single nigger buried there and dump them in a mass grave adjacent to a sewage pit in  Chicago.  Then pave it and put up a fucking basketball court.  Obanana has decided to bitch slap the memories of our fallen by blatantly refusing to attend the traditional ceremonies so he can shoot hoops with his homeys in Chicago.  If the military isn’t completely outraged, they should be ashamed!  And our Generals should call the filthy nigger out for this too.  Quit tiptoeing around this idiot’s disrespect for our country and hold him to the wall by the throat and demand an explanation.  When will the sheep learn they have been stepped on by a worthless dumb ass muslim African born nigger?  Why are we protecting this piece of shit who is deliberately undermining every effort to clean up the Gulf oil mess?  When will America wake the fuck up?  Niggers can’t fucking run a lemonade stand.  Why the fuck is this one still in the White House?  FUCK.

Gangsta Bikers

May 26, 2010 § 4 Comments

I joke.  Niggers and bicycles confounded me today.  I had the pleasure of running downtown to the county clerk again to load another gun on the permit.  Seeing as it was shooting up into the 90s, the niggers were all out swaggering, bobbing and weaving and of course, riding they bikes.  Bikes sporting niggers everywhere.  I was talking to myself in the car, “What the fuck is with all the niggers and bicycles?”  I remember the days when the mercury was spilling up toward three digits, niggers couldn’t get off their porches.  I’d drive down First Street and see nothing but dripping wet niggers hanging on their stoops holding baby niggers and drinking from coolers. Wiping they haeds wif they tee shirts an shit.  Today it was nigger after stinking sweating nigger peddling a stingray bike into traffic begging for me to toss one over my roof.  I was dumbfounded…why are niggers wasting so much energy to get nowhere?  I mean, where do niggers go on bicycles at 3 pm on a weekday?  Certainly not work or school.  I suppose at that hour, they’ve just rolled out of bed so they are pumped, but sheeeeit man, where do a nigger got to go?  And why he need a bike?

When I got to the clerk’s office and parked, they were hanging all over a garbage can on the corner with their bikes.  Hats sideways, underpants hanging out, braided wool hanging out from bandannas.  I thought to myself “Why God?  Why have you done this to us?  Why do I have to look at this shit and understand it?  Why?  What is this all about?  What does it all mean?  Why does humanity have to suffer with these creatures?  Was it Eve?  Was all of this Eve’s fault for eating the fucking apple?  Did you send niggers because Eve couldn’t follow a simple fucking rule?  Because if that’s all it was, how can we ever hope to be rid of them?  She can’t uneat the apple.  So what can we do God? ”  Niggers bring out the religion in me sometimes.  There just seems to be no other place to turn for answers.  Then I see them on bikes and I just shit.  What the hell are niggers doing on bikes?  It just seems like something you should only see at the circus…monkeys riding little bikes in circles!  What the fuck is wrong with this world?    Even with my vast knowledge of the nature of niggers, I just can’t accept niggers on bicycles.  It just ain’t natural.

Why Are My Grand Kids Such Lazy Fucks?

May 17, 2010 § 4 Comments

Michael Be A Headhunter...

Michael Be A Headhunter…

On the heels of the Miss Ann post about introducing niggers into civilized environments I bring an old family friend and her confusion as to why her grand children are fucking losers. This woman and her college professor husband adopted two kids back in the early 70s. They always held a liberal stance from what I could gather, but I never paid much attention to them. I was a kid then too. Fast forward to old age. The husband died recently and this woman has been around to visit my elderly mom. I haven’t seen these people in well over 25 years so all the news about the kids was of some real interest to me. Turns out the daughter, a chubby strawberry blond medicine ball married a handsome shaved head goatee sporting nigger. She ejected two spawn from this creature, males now age 10 and 12. According to this elderly grandma, “Michael” is a real hard worker. A mover and a shaker. A relentless salesman with mad sales skills. Oh really, I ask? Through further conversation I learn the nigger, well into his 40s has yet to find a suitable career and freelances. Last time she was visiting, they lived in NC and he was a “Headhunter”….when you stop laughing I’ll continue!

Last week she came over and her mouth ran nonstop for 90 solid minutes.  Seems the girl and her niggers had to move back home from NC.  Apparently “Michael” had exhausted all the huntable heads in the state.   The nice little fambly of four is now residing with HER parent in a small 3 bedroom ranch well into the state of New York.  Grandma was going on and on trying to figure out why these little punks sit around all day and make demands.  They do absolutely nothing for themselves and their mother encourages it.  Why oh why are these kids so lazy and worthless?

It was all I could do to not just say, NIGGERS.  They’re fucking niggers!  What is so hard to understand?  She thinks she raised HER daughter responsibly, but she fails to acknowledge she raised a fucking coal burner!  How else could this turn out?  How stupid can these free thinking progressive douche bags be?  The college professor and his liberal wife raised two helpless adopted brats and one of them introduced niggers into the bloodlines!  Good God man, is it any wonder these little nigger soaked grand children are niggers?  Daddy is an unemployed genius nigger living at his wife’s elderly mothers house.  He has all these incredible talents but can’t put them to good use to support the family in their own home.  The coal burning daughter struggles with her own teaching job (God help her students) to feed the idiots.  And poor idiot grandma is confused. The icing on the cake was when grandma mentioned, “…her Social Justice Committee….”  Damn.  There is absolutely no hope for society with idiots like this running around teaching school and soaking off the public assistance.  Why are these kids so damn lazy??   They’re fucking NIGGERS!

Taking in Nigger Ends in Tragedy

May 17, 2010 § 4 Comments

This is Miss Ann, Intolerant was kind enough to give me the keys to Fed Up and I’m taking it for a spin.

There was a nigger news story recently in my neck of the woods that I thought I’d share. I’m blessed to live in an area where the worst crimes tend to be on the level of DUIs. When a violent crime happens, it’s big news.

Read here for a glimpse at how quickly things can turn senselessly violent with the introduction of a nigger into an otherwise peaceful human community.

A woman was shot in the face by a nigger for no other reason but it’s a filthy nigger, imported from Haiti, one of the worst cesspools on planet Earth. When I read the article, my mind was blown by some of the comments. The victim’s family couldn’t understand why  and how this could have happened. This animal was living with this family for six days before it chimped out and killed someone for no reason. Well, it was showing restraint!

These do-gooders who take in niggers really piss me off, and it’s becoming a problem in rural New England, where not as many are really awake to the dangers of niggers. While most of us know  on an instinctual level not to keep wild animals in our houses because of their unpredictable, aggressive behavior, others just don’t get it. Take one look at the picture of this nigger with its dead soulless eyes, anyone with half a sense could see what the problem is. Random act of insanity = TNB!

Enough About Insignificant Heroes…

May 9, 2010 § 6 Comments

Back to the business of niggers.

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

New York’s blind nigger governor has been threatening furloughs for state workers to force the legislature into signing in a budget for the next year.  It was due April 1st.  The slimy libs take their weekends and vacations while the State sits waiting for them to perform the duties we pay them for.  As a result, the always thoughtful nigger decides to punish the working class…the poor slugs actually running the State.  One day a week off without pay until these deadbeats get their shit together.  Nice plan boy.  Never mind the poor over taxed stiffs living paycheck to paycheck barely keeping their mortgages paid.  How can they afford a 20% pay cut?  He doesn’t care because his peoples incomes don’t be gonna get cutted.  Ain’t no plans for no social program cuts.  No sir.  Cain’t be fuggen wiff the homeys.  I am not an advocate of paycheck to paycheck survival specifically for reasons such as these.  Others hold too much control of our lives and even if the Unions get back pay or time for these state employees, they still will be coming up a day a week short of keeping their homes or feeding their children.  Nigger logic hard at work again here.  The legislature is home for the weekend celebrating Mother’s Day.  State workers can only buy their moms M&Ms in case the the nigger gets his way.  See what happens when you let them run the show?

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