Left Wing Extremists

April 26, 2010 § 1 Comment

I don’t suppose they will be called Left Wing Extremists since they will be driving into our heads the need for their total control of our lives.  There will be some sort of kind and gentle name for the fuckers who will be busting down our doors to take our guns and reeducate our children. Something green I suppose too.  Like The Environmental Protection Agency, or some ridiculous shit like that.  You know, to protect us from our freedoms and our inability to choose for ourselves.   And no doubt all this stupid shit will be staffed by niggers.  What else would willingly steal the rights of law abiding citizens but a bunch of impressionable functionally illiterate apes?  People won’t just lay down and destroy their own like this, so these LWEs need niggers.  They need stupid organisms to carry out their ultimate goals.  And as they continue to drive the myth that niggers are viable members of our society, we forget they are the biggest racists on the face of the Earth.  They view civilization through the eyes of predatory beasts locked behind cages looking out at us with no idea how reality functions.  Niggers believe the rest of society is strictly out to get them and that we hide the truth from them.  Niggers have no concept of earning a living or making financial gains through investment.  Niggers see the results of wealth and believe it magically appears in the dark of night by fairies and pixies and sparkling wands!  They now want their share.  Their nigger president has promised he will give it to them too and by this big deception, he will entice them to join the movement to push us aside and take what they believe is theirs.  They want the free rides humans have been on for all of existence.  It is the niggers turn now.  LWEs will be the only ones to gain from all of this however because quite simply, they hate niggers even more than the law abiding Right!  Once they utilize the niggers to accomplish their agenda, the niggers will be cast aside as usual and returned to their natural habitat…the slums and ghettos they create from everything given to them for free.  And the natural instinct of the general nigger population always proves too powerfully lazy to fight it. Unless the niggers hands are held every step of their lives, they always revert back to nothingness.  This is what makes them such effective tools for the agendas of Left Wing Extremists.

§ One Response to Left Wing Extremists

  • bird says:

    Niggers are the ultimate destructive tool for our failing society. When our society ultimately fails, the niggers will be the first to starve.

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