KoKo Likes Me Best

April 25, 2010 § 3 Comments

Quick story about my nigger pal KoKo.  Seems a little more perceptive than the average chimp.  We stop and talk from time to time, usually about guns, and ultimately muh (hims) dik…because KoKo is a nigger and thus KoKo is obsessed with uncontrolled breeding.  His topics ALWAYS turn to vulgar innuendo he picks out of my relatively benign words.  KoKo can make a conversation about coffee or pretzels turn to sex in the wink of an eye.  So anyway, this latest time KoKo once again asked about the Skull and crossbones Chimpout logo shirts I wear to work. He seems intrigued by them.  He always asks the same question: “What’s it say on the back?”   I always tell him, “Nothing” and he asks, “Then what’s the point?”  I would love to tell him but he might release his inner chimp and we don’t need any of that in the workplace.  Especially since I am still trying to get on the diversity committee.  For some reason however, I think KoKo knows the skull has racial implications.  I know…niggers think everything is about race, but this nigger is a little more in touch with the ways of YT than most.  The conversation changed direction abruptly to give me these feelings.

KoKo mentioned Kevin the rabid nigger loving asshole who thinks all that niggers want is equality.  KoKo said he is too full of love and peace and too liberal.  He says Kevin is a phony and he really dislikes him for the patronizing nature of his tolerance.  Kevin talks down to KoKo in a tone even I find uncomfortable and inappropriate (for the workplace).  So KoKo says to me, “You on the other hand are more forthcoming.  I know you despise blacks yet we can conversate in a civilized manner knowing our mutual disdain.  It is real and we know where each other stands.”  I was a little speechless but I found his perceptions remarkable for a nigger.  I replied, “I talk to you as a coworker, not some black guy who needs my consideration and approval.  You may perceive that I despise blacks but it really is mutual respect.  You don’t talk down to me, I don’t talk down to you regardless of whether I am a racist or not.”  KoKo is aptly named (although the real KoKo is a female)…he has learned how to function as a subhuman simian in a civilized human world.  He knows where he stands with me.  And he doesn’t care.  Probably because I don’t judge him for hating YT either.  He does really hate the nigger loving liberals though.  He told me as much!  I guess something can be said of two aware racists from opposing sides talking about racism and phonies.  And we both hate nigger lovers.  Go figure!

§ 3 Responses to KoKo Likes Me Best

  • Miss Ann says:

    Way to go Koko…he should earn a few bananas for this conversatin’!

    Seriously, I’ve heard a nigger or two echo this sentiment. It is funny how these do-gooder libtards are seen through even by niggers. They’re worse than niggers, really!

  • bird says:

    Much like a dog humping your leg, nigger sexuality is a difficult thing to prevent, and very annoying when you have to hear about it.
    Koko seems to be very observant for a nigger though, maybe a reward of Popeye’s chicken and grape soda is in order ; )

  • Intolerant says:

    Unfortunately, rewarding niggers for human behavior is an ineffective tool to insure it continues. The inherent inner chimp is always there at the edge of their psyche waiting for the right moment to strike. The only rewards niggers understand come in the form of extensive sentences and solitary confinement.

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