Peaceful Respectful Loving Terrorists

April 21, 2010 § 5 Comments

I am really going to try to move away from politics after this post because I think it robs us of our focus on the topics of this site.  But for now, here is what I have.  In my last post I mentioned Tea Parties.  What I didn’t remember to add was the fact that although the Christian Churches may agree with the Right Wing Extremists (the real patriotic Americans), they refuse to connect themselves with the Tea Parties.  Likely because of two possibilities.  First they think like me and do not want to affect the movement for those who find the Christian Church suspect or insignificant.  Atheists.  Second perhaps is that they don’t want to take a political stance that might label them “Domestic Terrorists” by connecting to the Tea Parties.  What I am suggesting is they form their own movement.  Connect all Christian Churches and form some sort of “Get rid of this nigger for God” movement.  OK, maybe not so blatantly racist, but you know what I mean.  The more separate movements we have to get rid of this piece of shit, the more chances we have of accomplishing the goal.  I think even the damn Jews should get involved.  The nigger is going after their money for shit sakes…why aren’t they screaming their heads off?

Anyway…I think this is a viable notion and I would guess the Leftist Extremists, the seriously violent domestic terrorists we all know about will jump at the chance at making even bigger fools of themselves by criticizing people’s religion by demonizing them and calling them terrorists!  I anticipate this new movement soon.  And I can’t wait to see the SPLC finish off their destiny to go straight to hell for their immoral mouths.  Sure…maybe I am alienating any potential atheist readers of this blog, but we need all the help we can get to erase this administration…even if it means asking God to help!

§ 5 Responses to Peaceful Respectful Loving Terrorists

  • bird says:

    The bible is full of punishment, toil fire and brimstone, yet some christian groups believe in hippie-esque forgiveness, love and non judgment. True Christianity is all about judgment, and separating good from evil. In order to learn the true character of some people, fire, brimstone, and caution must be used. I will not trust my fellow man until my fellow man trusts upon me. I’m entirely sick of the free love and non-judgment, because judgment forces a man to show his meddle. Tea partiers are a peaceful bunch, but the global Marxists MUST find some dirt, so they call the tea partiers white trash, evil, racist, bastards. Whether you are running a blog, forum, or political movement….Truth is racist, and lies are what America needs.

  • Gnigs_r_skum says:

    Screw religion, aren’t most of those shitskins reverend this or that like Sharpscoon, Wright, or Jackscoon. Jeebus is the biggest scam of all time, black or white. Gimme your money, do this and you will be saved from eternal damnation. .

    • Skillet says:


      With all due respect, religion is a personal matter, and these nigger frauds are certainly not what one would deem “clergy”.

      Personally, I think Jesus would absolutely destroy these hypocrites (among other things). If you factor out the religious aspects, and study who this man known as Jesus was, he actually deserves better than this. In fact, here is the ultimate irony…..Jesus could, in some circles, be viewed as the ultimate liberal, yet these libtards refuse to see it.

      Just some musings from a first generation Indigo Child……

  • Intolerant says:

    I guess I asked for this! I really don’t want to get into an organized religion debate as it seems the ones you know about look like money making tax evading schemes. I speak more of a personal religion. One where you believe in something, have faith in a higher power and don’t try to use it to get rich quick or identify with others who might share your same beliefs. Once you share too much of your personal feelings, some asshole will show up to fleece you out of some money or stick it up your ass for the fun of it. My mistake for worming religion into the mix here…I wasn’t referring to the likes of the phony nigger preachers who only see it as a way to pick money off the big old YT money tree. I was thinking on a more personal level and to take my own advice, I intend to close the subject and get back to business. Politics and Religion…my bad. Noam Sayne?

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