The Tea Party Movement

April 20, 2010 § 3 Comments

This Image Is Part Of The SPLC Illustration Of Domestic Terrorism And Hate

I am not an avid participant.  While I am obviously a Conservative who finds the mental instability of liberals quite disturbing, I do not want my negative impressions to be associated with a cause that seeks to derail these insane morons. The Tea Party people are a real movement that has a vital purpose and needs support from regular folks who are simply tired of what this nigger has done to our country.  But the nigger is only another cold sore in the progression of the disease.  There are far more dangerous liberals at work to destroy this country.

Tea Party Movements nationwide are working to neutralize these dangerous people in a most civilized way.  Having MY endorsement (or the endorsement of people like me I mean…) would be counterproductive because it would provide the douche bags with ammunition to discredit the entire movement and label them all racists.  There is no doubt that racism isn’t even a necessary element in the battle to stop these out of control commie liberals so there is no need to introduce it.  The enemy are already trying to claim Tea Party Movements are dangerous (As dangerous as Timothy McVeigh and other domestic terrorists according to the guy who led the raids on Waco and Ruby Ridge) and making false claims of unsubstantiated violent threats against those liberals who have no fear of threatening you or I! So as I applaud the Tea Party Movement and support their efforts to peacefully and thoughtfully turn around the destruction only a nigger could effect, I can’t actually take part in the rallying and activities they sponsor. I can like them and agree with them, just as I like diet soda and agree with nickel bottle deposits…it doesn’t mean everyone who feels the same way are racist or as I would rather put it, enlightened.

With liberals, participating is what makes everyone bad. Once they can specifically connect you to something, they will harp on it and expand it to their proportions and make entire movements into terrorist groups! When the Tea Parties can dismantle the SPLC, they will have accomplished a great feat.  I do pray for the fall of that pack of liars and misinformation whores.

Keeping An Eye On Liberal Extremists

If ever there was proof of the absence of logical reasoning against the Conservative agenda, they are it.  With all of their resources and might, the best they can do is falsely label good Americans as terrorists and seek to censor truth sites like this one. If I was a Tea Partier, I’d have signs specifically damning the SPLC.  But again, that would make the entire movement racist, hateful and worst of all, domestic terrorists!

§ 3 Responses to The Tea Party Movement

  • bird says:

    The SPLC and other left wing groups can only silence opposition by yelling “racist” or “nazi”, because they can’t argue point for point. They are taking a peaceful movement and turning it into something entirely different via the main stream media.

  • Intolerant says:

    I like to talk about the SPLC here because I find them to be self destructing with the fear of such groups as the Tea party Movement. There will be more peaceful movements to come and they are scared shitless their cash cow will see the light and pull the rug from under them. But I can assure them it won’t happen. Because shit stains like them never know when to just go away. The money is too good and it makes them all too rich to just walk away. But their work will become harder to justify. And their ridiculous means of battle will make bigger fools of them. But they don’t care. They are richer than any of the rich bankers or Wall Street big shots they take pot shots at. Hypocrites for the cash. Hell has a nice warm seat for each and every one of them.

  • themadjewess says:

    SPLC can got rot in the gutter.
    ANYBODY that is old enough knows the IQ’s of the sweet little black folks.. AND the minorities,

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