April 13, 2010 § 2 Comments

What did they use before candles in Zambia?   Electricity!  Remember before computers and the internet, we had mail and telephones?  It seems things revert back to the old reliable forms of communication once the new technology becomes boring.  Chat rooms are giving way to voice instant messaging, and Skype is sucking the brains out of everyone.  I figure before long, we’ll be using soup cans and string then smoke signals.  We’ve already abandoned our cell phone calls for texting.  WTF?  This is why Africa is such a Godforsaken cesspool of filthy niggers rolling in their own feces.  Give them matches and when all twenty of them are gone, they’re back to rubbing sticks together.  Give a kid a cell phone and he is busy all day typing messages on a numbered phone dial!  Give people computers and they use them to talk on the fucking phone!  Society isn’t learning anything.  It is following the downward spiral into niggerdom.  Maybe the niggers are right.  But not because of what they might think.  Has nothing to do with any self perceived inventors of society and the start of all of creation.  They are right because their influences are dominant due to the lazy factor society had bred into us.  Being lazy is chic and niggers are right there in the front of the line to prove it.  Niggnology is taking over.  Technology is too complicated for today’s youth so the path of least resistance is niggnology.  God help us.

§ 2 Responses to Niggnology

  • Miss Ann says:

    Niggnology-another great word added to the nigger bashing lexicon.

    I have an unusual amount of dislike for skype, probably because I hate talking whatever the context is. I love reading and writing far more, but it seems like it’s being phased out! Too much work to type/think/whatever I guess. I don’t really like this trend. And, I blame niggers for things I don’t like.

  • Intolerant says:

    As I always say, niggers are at the root of all things negative on the planet. I bitch about YT and there are plenty who can help a nigger argue my point, but invariably, it comes back to niggers. Without them we are without their handlers and those who protect them. So there ya go. Skype was ruined by niggers.

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