Diversity Committee

April 12, 2010 § 6 Comments

I am considering a position on the recently established diversity committee at work.  It claims to be a potential focus group dedicated to recognizing differences in the work force and utilize them to benefit both the company as well as the individuals.  It talks of cultural discussions and Affirmative Action plans to help minorities advance without the usual oppressive tactics currently being used to keep the bruthas down.  As I read this crap, I couldn’t help but want to become a monkey wrench somehow.  I figure if I take my vast knowledge into a meeting, I may be able to derail any attempts to conduct any type of serious business concerning this imaginary bullshit issue.  My goal would be to accomplish absolutely nothing while wasting the time of as many volunteers as possible.  Create such tedium that people would totally abandon the stupid idea and disband the whole project.  In all my years in the working world where niggers are given double the opportunities as anyone else simply because people are scared to death someone will call them a racist, nothing has irritated me more than this diversity crap.  Fuck man, conformity is how shit gets done.  Who wants people going in ten different directions claiming cultural differences and making a complete mess of any given operation?  I want to undermine any attempts to create more useless policies under the guise of diversity.  I think I can do it too.  I can spew bullshit with the best of them.  Confuse them with impertinent garbage.  Raise issues having nothing to do with their intended goals.  Diverting and distracting is the name of the game.  All I have to do is submit an application showing some aptitude in dealing with diversity, or experience with supervising niggers and I’m in.  This should prove to be one of my most intense hands on Gorilla Fight yet.  I can’t wait!

§ 6 Responses to Diversity Committee

  • bird says:

    Go JP! Make the biggest ass of yourself as possible while shooting down PC philosophy.

  • Intolerant says:

    The idea will be to make asses of them for even suggesting such ludicrous bullshit!

  • CT Wolf says:

    Try to create a situation where you get the niggers to show its obvious inferiority to everyone there thus showing by example niggers don’t deserve any sort of special treatment at all.

  • BM84 says:

    I hope you are giving them hell!

  • Skillet says:

    Please keep us apprised, my friend.

    I’ll send you a traditional NA blessing to keep you going…..:)

  • James E Ray says:

    The Divershitty committee NEEDS you on it. Seriously, it really does. How I wish someone like you was always available to throw a wrench in these asinine, politically correct ideas. If there was, maybe niggers would still be using their own drinking fountains and stepping off the sidewalk when a White man came along. How far we’ve fallen…

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