Who Is The Man Now Assholes?

April 10, 2010 § 9 Comments

Congress is in Session

Remember these douche bags?  I came at the end of this worthless generation but still, I’m considered one of them.  They like to call themselves  Baby Boomers but I call them assholes.  These are the idiots who helped niggers get where they are today.  These are the fuck faced nit wits who were busy back then being filthy unwashed moron whiners complaining about “the man” or “the establishment”.  Now look what they’ve become.  They are “the man” now, the fucking dumb asses. They are “the establishment” now.  And they are now fucking up in ways unimaginable to any rational human being.  So how can they explain what they’ve done to this country?  Were they protesting against freedom and liberty back then because that’s what they have worked so hard to eliminate today.  I hate them and I don’t even hate niggers!  I hate how they’ve steered our country right into the hands of communism.   But most of all, I hate how they’ve put fucking niggers into every single aspect of my life now.  I hate that I have to live among the beasts.  I have to watch niggers prepare food in restaurants.  I have to see niggers strutting around medical facilities wearing scrubs and sporting stethoscopes around their necks.  These fucking hippies are to blame because all those stinking losers are now wearing suits and making national policy.  Their nigger counterparts are in Congress spouting their concerns for such vitally important issues like Guam tipping over and capsizing if we put more troops there.  Citing the fucking Preamble of the Constitution as authorization to pass the health care bill!  Stupid has finally arrived in full force, thanks to these fucking loser hippies and the niggers they brought with them. Next time you see a 50 or 60-something douche bag, thank him for filling your life with insane stupidity.  Thank him for fucking up the lives of your children and their children.  If he denies any responsibility, tell him too late asshole.  You started it all back when you were pissing yourself stoned on that fucking psychedelic school bus.  Back when you burned your retina staring at your lava lamp…you fucking piece of shit.

§ 9 Responses to Who Is The Man Now Assholes?

  • Miss Ann says:

    I hate hippies too. Their main hobbies are toking up and watching their hair become filthy matted dreadlocks, like cave-people. You can smell them before you see them.

    My parents are Boomers and I often can see evidence in conversations with them for why our country’s a mess. They will sit there bitching about the gubmint/Obongo not giving them any perks or keeping his promises, meanwhile they trusted him enough to vote him in to begin with. There’s not much hope subsequent generations will clean up the mess Boomers are leaving behind them. Too many people = too many problems!

  • Skillet says:

    Don’t even get me started on this goddam generation. Intol, like you, I came at the VERY end of this generation.

    I blame this generation for everything wrong in our country today. My father, who really was a saint, fought in WWII willingly. Obviously, he didn’t get killed in any skirmishes, but I know for a fact he often questioned what did we win for, for this????

    Even in impending old age, they’re STILL a*holes.

    • Skillet says:

      One quick comment about the demise of Chimpout (Intol, I apologize for putting this here but I just had to vent); I went to that cesspool known as AWE.

      I want NO PART of it. The juvenile, substandard, childish rhetoric is disgusting. Beyond disgusting. This is the ONLY place I’ll visit for intelligent commentary.

  • Intolerant says:

    AWE is such a mixture of who knows who is who that even wasting a minute there should leave one asking, “Why did I give up that valuable minute of my life, that I will NEVER get back for this shit.” It is amazing how easily people are drawn into providing the enemy with endless piles of ammunition to prove what assholes YT can be when left alone with each other. Maybe we DO need niggers to remind us to behave like humans. AWE only shows how low we can go. I bet it’s funded by the SPLC!

  • bird says:

    I’m wasting my time watching the trainwreck of AWE. It is quite hilarious to watch how both sides offend in the forum wars, and waste their time. AWE is a giant trainwreck, watched by all, yet nobody wants to end the madness. Skill, just hang tight, things will get better after all the real folks are sorted, and the poseurs go to bed. The only sanity lies here.

  • JT Buckmaster says:

    Are we Chimpers done here? WTF is going on? All y’all know about the behind the scenes shit, people like me know jack. Will somebody please fill me in?


  • Intolerant says:

    Lots of shit happening JT, but I promise the admins are working long and hard to return with a better product! If only they could quit worrying about what niggermania is doing or who is pretending to be who on AWE! Those distractions only lead to more delays in returning to business. hang in there man. And feel free to share your disdain for niggers right here in my comment sections!

  • Lord jim says:

    OMG, that was fucking funny. True, all so true. About time people started noticing the root of our current problems are the brain dead morons who thought it the height of brilliance to raise the nigger up as not only an equal, but as a creature of worship.

  • Skillet says:

    I additional comment here. Regarding the running joke that is the public education system, I can tell you, no other generation single handedly ruined basic education as much as this group of hell spawns.

    Take for example the way math is taught and has been since the mid sixties. In Japan, it’s drill, drill, drill and more drilling of the basics over and over. None of this PC crap. When I was in third grade, it was decreed that the “new math” would be taught. You know what that was??? Pure bullsh**! A gaggle of unrelated LSD-induced concepts that taught children nothing. Why is it that my generation in particular has such math phobias and has such difficulty grasping basic mathematical concepts? It’s because of this crap. Just to improve myself, I actually bought an elementary school level math textbook to reacquaint myself with the basics. Not much better, but some.

    I hope you g-dam baby boomers rot in hell.

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