So What Do They Want?

April 5, 2010 § 4 Comments

Deep into a conversation about niggers persons of interest and their unreasonable expectations at work one evening when all of a sudden a nigger perpetrator lover exposed himself.  He first sat quietly at a computer poking away at the keys while we talked about crime waves and social programs designed to fool society into believing in the validity of niggers the under privileged. As we got deeper into the subject  Kevin’s ears began to perk up.  When we finally reached the point that we no longer could figure out how to please niggers them -after  Affirmative Action and welfare-I finally said, “What the fuck do they want?”  Poor nigger disadvantaged youth loving Kevin could no longer contain himself.  He stood up and yelled, “EQUALITY…they want equality!”  and stormed out like an angry little girl who just had a room full of boys look up his skirt.   And so it goes.  The liberal saviors know exactly what niggers the defendants want yet they refuse to give it to them.  Equality?  If they wanted equality they would flat out reject Affirmative Action.  How is it equal to pad test scores and lower standards to allow substandard candidates positions before truly qualified individuals?  Equality?  Why can they get handouts when I have to work for a fucking living?  Is that equality Kevin?  I think one of the stupidest creatures God created after the nigger neglected is the bleeding heart liberal who thinks he can speak for the underprivileged.  Which leads me to a new subject altogether…read on.

Over the course of years in which I have published this blog, it has been a point of contention my use of the word nigger.  It seems to really cloud the vision of the Kevins of the world and gives them a certain amount of ammunition to use against me.  I was pondering the many alternative words that can be used to identify the common nigger.  The news media has been using them for a long time now.  The “defendant”…”youths”…”the Underprivileged”…”Suspect”…”Person of interest”…there are a lot of words and phrases we can borrow from the media to get our point across without summoning the likes of Kevin and his pals over at the ACLU or the SPLC.  I may make a valiant effort to ease into a new level of reporting my thoughts concerning the disadvantaged through more softer versions of the same word.  I hate “negro” or “black” or God help us, “African Americans”…but I do like the sound of “unidentified assailants” or “gunmen”.  It’s almost like calling them “Canadians” only a little less insulting.  So watch me go.  I’m really gonna try to control myself not out of any form of respect, but to shoot assholes like Keven down when he starts with his “They just want equality” bullshit!

§ 4 Responses to So What Do They Want?

  • bird says:

    Equality is the last thing niggers want. Niggers want to exceed the rights of common humans and become a special class. They want right above and beyond everybody else.

  • Intolerant says:

    They already think they have it by virtue of having one of their own in the White House! Niggers scream the pride of Obama as if he is there to fix all their problems! There is no end to the arrogance of the nigger who views himself as some sort of elite being. Monkeys operate in much the same fashion. Their self awareness is limited to their own little worlds where they are their own Gods and everyone exists to serve them. Niggers do not want equality…you are right Bird.

  • Skillet says:

    Irony of ironies, it is the conservatives and libertarians who champion the rights of the i-n-d-i-v-i-d-u-a-l. Yes, the ebble conservatives and libertarians.

    “As long as it doesn’t pick my pocket or {affect my ability to walk}, so be it”………respectfully butchered from Thos. Jefferson.

  • Gnigs_r_skum says:

    If they want equality, they need to evolve another 100K years until their brain size reaches human levels

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