April 1, 2010 § 4 Comments

I removed the animation to ease the annoyance of the flashing lights. Click the image to see it sing and dance like a monkey.

Before anyone even asks, I watch the shit to gather material for this blog.  If you don’t believe me, fuck off.
Now on with the show.  Ryan Gaycrest with his bleached capped teeth comes out and introduces a pack of punks and some worthless judges who make mountains of money for telling kids they suck…God Bless America.  But I digress.  Last night all I saw was in my face overkill nigger.  And they have gotten rid of all but one big giant gorilla from the pack, so the obsession with niggers is a little more than just irritating.  Usher, the over rated nigger pop star was introduced as some sort of magical creature able to win awards and classify as an Entrepreneur! The new nigger word of the day for success is Entrepreneur. His performance blew horribly even by nigger standards, but he got screaming applause.  Those flashing applause signs really work!    The next unknown nigger performer who had yet another laundry list of magical accomplishments, also including Entrepreneur came out to flashing strobe lights and presenting no talent but to do what niggers do…jump around like hungry monkeysIt was an embarrassment to watch.  At the beginning of the show they even brought out a past Idol winner, yet another nigger Entrepreneur Ruben Studdard, the hugely obese fat filthy sweaty ape from season two.  All the entertainment on the one hour show was niggers.  Disgusting state of affairs.  Every commercial depicted niggers as if they were simply humans with nigger features, living in homes like humans and participating in family type activities such that typical humans would.  Nothing showing anyone how it really is, just these fake niggers pretending to be human for 60 second intervals. I attribute this force feeding of niggers to television viewers the result of putting a nigger in the white house.  Advertising executives can’t see past the almighty dollar and the misguided notion that since so many Americans thought putting a clan of gorillas in the white house means we want to see the fucking things all over our television commercials.  It simply isn’t true.  Every self respecting human I know has noticed the over abundance of phony niggers in commercials.  Being scripted to look like the smarter species, telling humans how to take medicines, clean their homes and other such unrealistic lies.  It’s a disgrace how stupid we are made to look to prop up an inferior species being led to believe they actually have earned this respect they demand.  Because the nigger got elected, we suffer over niggrification in every fucking aspect of our lives now.  The fucking things are everywhere, and possessing attitudes that make their previous arrogant aggressive natures look like child’s play!  Someone needs to tell these fucking idiot marketers that we don’t want to look at filthy niggers every time we turn on our TVs!  We know they are out there, but we also know what they are good for…absolutely nothing.  And no amount of phony fake niggers in their ads will convince us any different.  Niggers are the poison that is killing civilized societies.  Niggers. And by constantly forcing us to view them as viable life forms capable of providing us with anything of value is simply fraud in its most basic form.  When their customers are all niggers, will they perhaps realize their folly?  Will it change when they all realize this ape may be “The First African American  President”, but he is likely  THE LAST as well.  God…I certainly hope I am right on this one!   Fucking niggers.

§ 4 Responses to Teleniggrification

  • Miss Ann says:

    “Before anyone even asks, I watch the shit to gather material for this blog. If you don’t believe me, fuck off. ”

    These 2 lines made my day!

    I’ve only watched it a handful of times. Like most TV, this show is a cesspool of niggershines. Even the judges want out except for the nigger one! Hopefully it gets canceled!

  • Intolerant says:

    It carries a plethora of material for a blog like mine! From beginning to end it glorifies the nigger in such an incredibly disgusting fashion it can only lead one to hate them even more! It thrives on turning white children into nigger worshiping zombies begging the devil to purchase their souls! American Idol…the TV show… is the Antichrist!

  • bird says:

    He Intol, If you want to see how stupid America really is….Watch “Are you smarter than a 5th Grader”. They bring on she-boon teachers that can’t even answer 2nd grade questions!

  • Skillet says:

    You said everything I thought. Were we friends in a previous life?

    Thank god we have someone who is not afraid to say, “but he’s not wearing any clothes!!!”

    Just trying to figure out exactly why I’m here…….more musings from a first generation indigo child

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