Left Wing Extremists

April 26, 2010 § 1 Comment

I don’t suppose they will be called Left Wing Extremists since they will be driving into our heads the need for their total control of our lives.  There will be some sort of kind and gentle name for the fuckers who will be busting down our doors to take our guns and reeducate our children. Something green I suppose too.  Like The Environmental Protection Agency, or some ridiculous shit like that.  You know, to protect us from our freedoms and our inability to choose for ourselves.   And no doubt all this stupid shit will be staffed by niggers.  What else would willingly steal the rights of law abiding citizens but a bunch of impressionable functionally illiterate apes?  People won’t just lay down and destroy their own like this, so these LWEs need niggers.  They need stupid organisms to carry out their ultimate goals.  And as they continue to drive the myth that niggers are viable members of our society, we forget they are the biggest racists on the face of the Earth.  They view civilization through the eyes of predatory beasts locked behind cages looking out at us with no idea how reality functions.  Niggers believe the rest of society is strictly out to get them and that we hide the truth from them.  Niggers have no concept of earning a living or making financial gains through investment.  Niggers see the results of wealth and believe it magically appears in the dark of night by fairies and pixies and sparkling wands!  They now want their share.  Their nigger president has promised he will give it to them too and by this big deception, he will entice them to join the movement to push us aside and take what they believe is theirs.  They want the free rides humans have been on for all of existence.  It is the niggers turn now.  LWEs will be the only ones to gain from all of this however because quite simply, they hate niggers even more than the law abiding Right!  Once they utilize the niggers to accomplish their agenda, the niggers will be cast aside as usual and returned to their natural habitat…the slums and ghettos they create from everything given to them for free.  And the natural instinct of the general nigger population always proves too powerfully lazy to fight it. Unless the niggers hands are held every step of their lives, they always revert back to nothingness.  This is what makes them such effective tools for the agendas of Left Wing Extremists.

KoKo Likes Me Best

April 25, 2010 § 3 Comments

Quick story about my nigger pal KoKo.  Seems a little more perceptive than the average chimp.  We stop and talk from time to time, usually about guns, and ultimately muh (hims) dik…because KoKo is a nigger and thus KoKo is obsessed with uncontrolled breeding.  His topics ALWAYS turn to vulgar innuendo he picks out of my relatively benign words.  KoKo can make a conversation about coffee or pretzels turn to sex in the wink of an eye.  So anyway, this latest time KoKo once again asked about the Skull and crossbones Chimpout logo shirts I wear to work. He seems intrigued by them.  He always asks the same question: “What’s it say on the back?”   I always tell him, “Nothing” and he asks, “Then what’s the point?”  I would love to tell him but he might release his inner chimp and we don’t need any of that in the workplace.  Especially since I am still trying to get on the diversity committee.  For some reason however, I think KoKo knows the skull has racial implications.  I know…niggers think everything is about race, but this nigger is a little more in touch with the ways of YT than most.  The conversation changed direction abruptly to give me these feelings.

KoKo mentioned Kevin the rabid nigger loving asshole who thinks all that niggers want is equality.  KoKo said he is too full of love and peace and too liberal.  He says Kevin is a phony and he really dislikes him for the patronizing nature of his tolerance.  Kevin talks down to KoKo in a tone even I find uncomfortable and inappropriate (for the workplace).  So KoKo says to me, “You on the other hand are more forthcoming.  I know you despise blacks yet we can conversate in a civilized manner knowing our mutual disdain.  It is real and we know where each other stands.”  I was a little speechless but I found his perceptions remarkable for a nigger.  I replied, “I talk to you as a coworker, not some black guy who needs my consideration and approval.  You may perceive that I despise blacks but it really is mutual respect.  You don’t talk down to me, I don’t talk down to you regardless of whether I am a racist or not.”  KoKo is aptly named (although the real KoKo is a female)…he has learned how to function as a subhuman simian in a civilized human world.  He knows where he stands with me.  And he doesn’t care.  Probably because I don’t judge him for hating YT either.  He does really hate the nigger loving liberals though.  He told me as much!  I guess something can be said of two aware racists from opposing sides talking about racism and phonies.  And we both hate nigger lovers.  Go figure!

Peaceful Respectful Loving Terrorists

April 21, 2010 § 5 Comments

I am really going to try to move away from politics after this post because I think it robs us of our focus on the topics of this site.  But for now, here is what I have.  In my last post I mentioned Tea Parties.  What I didn’t remember to add was the fact that although the Christian Churches may agree with the Right Wing Extremists (the real patriotic Americans), they refuse to connect themselves with the Tea Parties.  Likely because of two possibilities.  First they think like me and do not want to affect the movement for those who find the Christian Church suspect or insignificant.  Atheists.  Second perhaps is that they don’t want to take a political stance that might label them “Domestic Terrorists” by connecting to the Tea Parties.  What I am suggesting is they form their own movement.  Connect all Christian Churches and form some sort of “Get rid of this nigger for God” movement.  OK, maybe not so blatantly racist, but you know what I mean.  The more separate movements we have to get rid of this piece of shit, the more chances we have of accomplishing the goal.  I think even the damn Jews should get involved.  The nigger is going after their money for shit sakes…why aren’t they screaming their heads off?

Anyway…I think this is a viable notion and I would guess the Leftist Extremists, the seriously violent domestic terrorists we all know about will jump at the chance at making even bigger fools of themselves by criticizing people’s religion by demonizing them and calling them terrorists!  I anticipate this new movement soon.  And I can’t wait to see the SPLC finish off their destiny to go straight to hell for their immoral mouths.  Sure…maybe I am alienating any potential atheist readers of this blog, but we need all the help we can get to erase this administration…even if it means asking God to help!

The Tea Party Movement

April 20, 2010 § 3 Comments

This Image Is Part Of The SPLC Illustration Of Domestic Terrorism And Hate

I am not an avid participant.  While I am obviously a Conservative who finds the mental instability of liberals quite disturbing, I do not want my negative impressions to be associated with a cause that seeks to derail these insane morons. The Tea Party people are a real movement that has a vital purpose and needs support from regular folks who are simply tired of what this nigger has done to our country.  But the nigger is only another cold sore in the progression of the disease.  There are far more dangerous liberals at work to destroy this country.

Tea Party Movements nationwide are working to neutralize these dangerous people in a most civilized way.  Having MY endorsement (or the endorsement of people like me I mean…) would be counterproductive because it would provide the douche bags with ammunition to discredit the entire movement and label them all racists.  There is no doubt that racism isn’t even a necessary element in the battle to stop these out of control commie liberals so there is no need to introduce it.  The enemy are already trying to claim Tea Party Movements are dangerous (As dangerous as Timothy McVeigh and other domestic terrorists according to the guy who led the raids on Waco and Ruby Ridge) and making false claims of unsubstantiated violent threats against those liberals who have no fear of threatening you or I! So as I applaud the Tea Party Movement and support their efforts to peacefully and thoughtfully turn around the destruction only a nigger could effect, I can’t actually take part in the rallying and activities they sponsor. I can like them and agree with them, just as I like diet soda and agree with nickel bottle deposits…it doesn’t mean everyone who feels the same way are racist or as I would rather put it, enlightened.

With liberals, participating is what makes everyone bad. Once they can specifically connect you to something, they will harp on it and expand it to their proportions and make entire movements into terrorist groups! When the Tea Parties can dismantle the SPLC, they will have accomplished a great feat.  I do pray for the fall of that pack of liars and misinformation whores.

Keeping An Eye On Liberal Extremists

If ever there was proof of the absence of logical reasoning against the Conservative agenda, they are it.  With all of their resources and might, the best they can do is falsely label good Americans as terrorists and seek to censor truth sites like this one. If I was a Tea Partier, I’d have signs specifically damning the SPLC.  But again, that would make the entire movement racist, hateful and worst of all, domestic terrorists!


April 13, 2010 § 2 Comments

What did they use before candles in Zambia?   Electricity!  Remember before computers and the internet, we had mail and telephones?  It seems things revert back to the old reliable forms of communication once the new technology becomes boring.  Chat rooms are giving way to voice instant messaging, and Skype is sucking the brains out of everyone.  I figure before long, we’ll be using soup cans and string then smoke signals.  We’ve already abandoned our cell phone calls for texting.  WTF?  This is why Africa is such a Godforsaken cesspool of filthy niggers rolling in their own feces.  Give them matches and when all twenty of them are gone, they’re back to rubbing sticks together.  Give a kid a cell phone and he is busy all day typing messages on a numbered phone dial!  Give people computers and they use them to talk on the fucking phone!  Society isn’t learning anything.  It is following the downward spiral into niggerdom.  Maybe the niggers are right.  But not because of what they might think.  Has nothing to do with any self perceived inventors of society and the start of all of creation.  They are right because their influences are dominant due to the lazy factor society had bred into us.  Being lazy is chic and niggers are right there in the front of the line to prove it.  Niggnology is taking over.  Technology is too complicated for today’s youth so the path of least resistance is niggnology.  God help us.

Diversity Committee

April 12, 2010 § 6 Comments

I am considering a position on the recently established diversity committee at work.  It claims to be a potential focus group dedicated to recognizing differences in the work force and utilize them to benefit both the company as well as the individuals.  It talks of cultural discussions and Affirmative Action plans to help minorities advance without the usual oppressive tactics currently being used to keep the bruthas down.  As I read this crap, I couldn’t help but want to become a monkey wrench somehow.  I figure if I take my vast knowledge into a meeting, I may be able to derail any attempts to conduct any type of serious business concerning this imaginary bullshit issue.  My goal would be to accomplish absolutely nothing while wasting the time of as many volunteers as possible.  Create such tedium that people would totally abandon the stupid idea and disband the whole project.  In all my years in the working world where niggers are given double the opportunities as anyone else simply because people are scared to death someone will call them a racist, nothing has irritated me more than this diversity crap.  Fuck man, conformity is how shit gets done.  Who wants people going in ten different directions claiming cultural differences and making a complete mess of any given operation?  I want to undermine any attempts to create more useless policies under the guise of diversity.  I think I can do it too.  I can spew bullshit with the best of them.  Confuse them with impertinent garbage.  Raise issues having nothing to do with their intended goals.  Diverting and distracting is the name of the game.  All I have to do is submit an application showing some aptitude in dealing with diversity, or experience with supervising niggers and I’m in.  This should prove to be one of my most intense hands on Gorilla Fight yet.  I can’t wait!

Who Is The Man Now Assholes?

April 10, 2010 § 9 Comments

Congress is in Session

Remember these douche bags?  I came at the end of this worthless generation but still, I’m considered one of them.  They like to call themselves  Baby Boomers but I call them assholes.  These are the idiots who helped niggers get where they are today.  These are the fuck faced nit wits who were busy back then being filthy unwashed moron whiners complaining about “the man” or “the establishment”.  Now look what they’ve become.  They are “the man” now, the fucking dumb asses. They are “the establishment” now.  And they are now fucking up in ways unimaginable to any rational human being.  So how can they explain what they’ve done to this country?  Were they protesting against freedom and liberty back then because that’s what they have worked so hard to eliminate today.  I hate them and I don’t even hate niggers!  I hate how they’ve steered our country right into the hands of communism.   But most of all, I hate how they’ve put fucking niggers into every single aspect of my life now.  I hate that I have to live among the beasts.  I have to watch niggers prepare food in restaurants.  I have to see niggers strutting around medical facilities wearing scrubs and sporting stethoscopes around their necks.  These fucking hippies are to blame because all those stinking losers are now wearing suits and making national policy.  Their nigger counterparts are in Congress spouting their concerns for such vitally important issues like Guam tipping over and capsizing if we put more troops there.  Citing the fucking Preamble of the Constitution as authorization to pass the health care bill!  Stupid has finally arrived in full force, thanks to these fucking loser hippies and the niggers they brought with them. Next time you see a 50 or 60-something douche bag, thank him for filling your life with insane stupidity.  Thank him for fucking up the lives of your children and their children.  If he denies any responsibility, tell him too late asshole.  You started it all back when you were pissing yourself stoned on that fucking psychedelic school bus.  Back when you burned your retina staring at your lava lamp…you fucking piece of shit.

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