Finally Figured It Out.

March 14, 2010 § 1 Comment

Thank goodness we have niggers to explain everything to us all, especially why we hate them so much.  Here I was thinking it was because I detest dark brown skin and swollen lips, flat wide noses and woolen pelts. Turns out I had it all wrong.  Turns out, according to just about every nigger that has ever tried to comment on this blog and other places of nigger bashing, it’s strictly a sexual jealousy.  A fixation on their genitals that I just can’t get past.  A rage that all my white women want niggers and their enormous deformities.  Has nothing to do with their violent nature or their animalistic savage instincts.  It’s their cocks.  Who the fuck could have known?  All this time, while being thoroughly disgusted with the ease with which niggers destroy human life, my biggest problem with them was their cocks.  I’m going to really have to examine this deeper.  See exactly why huge purple engorged shafts of pulsating animal flesh force me to have such a disdain for niggers.  It is an intriguing theory.  I sure am glad we have niggers around to explain all this to us.  Stupid YT.

§ One Response to Finally Figured It Out.

  • Miss Ann says:

    That’s one of the three things niggers think about 99% of the time..muh dikk, bling and how to escape da poleece.

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