SPLC: Stupid People Lying Carelessly

March 9, 2010 § 5 Comments

The annual “Special Issue” of the convoluted self indulgent propaganda rag of the ultra liberal mental cases calling themselves the Southern Poverty Law Center is finally available and headed for your mailbox as we speak.  I can’t deny that I am disappointed that my little blog has been omitted from the General Hate-Other category of exposed dangerous websites in their “report” but again, I am elated too.  They have become so obsessed with “Right Wing Extremists” that they have neglected their duty to find legitimate nigger bashers who amass tiny followings like me.  Sure, the big forums still have a place and Latrine is always finding her way into their hearts, but this year for the very first time since I began I have been missed.  I blame the many incarnations my blog has had to endure due to TOS violations, deletions, and other efforts to remove me from the internet.  I am simply not so easy to find anymore.  But one would think a group so dedicated to destroying truth would have a crack team of investigators hard on my trail.  But I digress…I don’t expel “Right Wing Extremist” principles well enough to come up on their Google searches.  There are a ton of blogs listed, many connected to the Right Wing Extremist Forums of Stormfront.com, but mine is blatantly absent.  I only take this snub as a reason to step it up.  I was simply too busy trying to make Chimpout a more viable forum in the community, but since my efforts there went unappreciated and disrespected by the lesser endowed ego headed Dolittles, I have no choice but to refocus here.

Yes I am disappointed.  But YES, I am motivated to work harder.  There is an underlying revelation in this as well.  The SPLC has obviously taken a new direction in their battle to fight logic, truth and majority opinion.  They have taken to attacking Republicans.  They repaint them as “Right Wing Extremists”, dress them as domestic terrorists, and try to scare the lesser enlightened public.  Their obsession has led them to a panic mode that is making them look all the more foolish than they already looked.  And it has made their efforts insignificant in advertising really great web blogs like mine.  They really dropped the ball this year!

§ 5 Responses to SPLC: Stupid People Lying Carelessly

  • Miss Ann says:

    The SPLC are a bunch of jenkem huffing niggers with nothing better to do than trawl the Internet in the hopes of promoting censorship. They only care about stripping the rights of people to have free speech and making it criminal to offend protected species. I think we’ll be seeing your blog in the future in there when they focus back on eeeebil rayciss!

  • bird says:

    The SPLC has a pretty good gig. An organization funded both by private citizens and tax payers, non profit, and tax exempt. They have millions of dollars and plenty of brainwashed, greedy lawyers at their disposal, to push their pro-communist, nigger loving agenda. With all this money and power at their disposal, they are still afraid of tiny blogs, and internet forums. Here’s to hoping that fed up makes it next year…make those communist douchebags work for their money.

  • Skillet says:

    I think I’ll be spending a lot more time here. Excellent commentary.

    It’s my understanding that the SPLC is no better than the ACLU. You made a reference to their mission being in part fighting truth, logic, and majority opinion. This is a typical liberal tactic. They’ve totally dropped the veneer of decency and no longer try to hide what they are. The lizards are showing their true selves.

  • Intolerant says:

    The SPLC is very powerful there is no denying that. But choosing to waste resources battling little blogs like mine with a handful of actual readers seems desperate. Are they suffering such defeat they need to pick on defenseless and harmless blogs like this to get their rocks off? Once groups like theirs decide that even the slightest differing of opinions warrants censorship, they have proven just how much they hate liberty, freedom and most of all, the fucking country that even allowed them to exist in the first place. The country that made them all the rich cocksuckers that they are today. If there is one thing I have learned, and I fully expect to reap my share of it myself, Karma is one nasty old bitch with no sense of humor whatsoever. I may wake up in another life surrounded by niggers and living in poverty stricken squalor, but those people will be burning in hell for all of eternity for the needless destruction they have wrought on innocent people simply for choosing to not like what the SPLC thinks they should like. Amen.

  • themadjewess says:

    I try everyday to get on their roll. They are discriminating, just b/c I am a JEWWWW

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