Third Street Safari

March 1, 2010 § 3 Comments

I had to go downtown to visit the county clerk office to amend my pistol permit for my latest acquisition.   As is usually the case, the place was crawling with niggers and wannabe gangsta white boyz with their oversize shorts and ridiculous sideways ball caps.  I found a parking spot on the street right across from a Chinese buffet and a busy bus stop.  It was classic feeding time at the zoo activity today!  I was half an hour early so I just sat there like “the man” and stared at them all in their natural habitat.  I turned off Glenn Beck so I could hear their verbal exchanges…mostly whoobies and keeks yo yo maing what up an shit.  But it was there so I had to watch it.  They would come up to the car and stare in at me, just like the gorillas would do on a safari, then wander off to have a menthol or grabs a guzzle from a paper lunch bag.  They would get impatient when their bus wouldn’t show up so they were climbing all over the Plexiglas enclosure, hooting and hollering at one another voicing their displeasure at having to wait.  The wiggers were all staying together, but wanted so badly to emulate the niggers.  They were throwing gang hand puppets and walking like chickens, but somehow, white boys just can’t be niggers, no matter how hard they try.  As a long term observer, I could see the real niggers making fun of the wannabes.  I regret I forgot to even think to bring my video camera!  As the hour neared and I was preparing to exit my vehicle for the clerk’s office, my car was encased by nigger loiterers and bus riders.  Their impatience reaching levels that even scared me.  Just then a county sheriff SUV pulled up and double parked just ahead of where I was parked.  He turned on his flashing blue and red lights and got out.  I figured this would be a good time to climb out and head for the office building.  As I got to the sidewalk, I realized the police officer was a good friend of mine on his way into the same building to drop off some shit.  We stopped among the circling hungry apes and carried on a conversation about guns and cars, then wandered past the hoards of niggers into the building.  As we walked, I could see the dumbfounded niggers and could actually read their tiny little minds.  They all assumed I too was a cop and was sitting there for that entire time watching them.  Nigger paranoia far exceeds that of any of us, and you could see it in their soulless eyes.  When I returned to my car, the sounds of the nigger bus riders eased to a barely audible hum and I got in and left.  Niggers are so easily intimidated despite their big shot “say it to muh face” bullshit.  When niggers think a cop might be there waiting to beat them to a pulp, they suddenly settle down.  Just thought I’d share another day amongst the natives of Third Street!

§ 3 Responses to Third Street Safari

  • Miss Ann says:

    Great post, I can just picture this coontact while reading. It’s the kind of safari we’d all rather not go on. That paranoia gaze must have been funny. I bet they were working up their “dese pants aint mine” excuses as you walked by!

  • AK says:

    Niggy be scared of the 5.0. For Realz. haha

    This website is awesome and you have a good way of putting your experiences in a funny format. I think I will visit it more often.

  • Jay says:

    As someone who has grown up around these animals, attended public school with them, and works in a job that requires me to interact with welfare monkeys and the fat, sloppy, white wannabe-nigger broads that breed with these animals, I can relate to your experience. We have to remember that these creatures are subhuman. All it takes is a badge or something official looking to keep them in line. As obnoxious as they are, we must remember the nigger can’t help being a nigger. As for the wiggers…I will never understand.

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