Bully Nigger

March 24, 2010 § 4 Comments

Read It-memorize it.

Who didn’t see this “Healthcare Reform” bullshit coming?  Anyone?  It’s why the the liberal commies went to a Chicago nigger to get the job done.  And we (not you or me to be sure) but we let it happen.  Who is surprised a nigger is destroying our country?  Hello?  Do you see what’s next?  HUH?  Illegals will be made into the new nigger scourge and when ACORN gets them all registered, these brilliant new Americans will keep the INGSOC party in office until we are turned back to fucking dust. It has been so clearly choreographed from the beginning, and we have been shouting it from the rooftops the whole time…but look at what it takes to open a few fucking ears!  It has to go down before these sheep even realize WTF is happening.   We face a series of impending lost causes.  Mexican illegals made citizens.  Cap and Trade made law.  Lord knows what these bullies have planned beyond that, but those FEMA concentration camps…they don’t look so Red-Leggy to me anymore.  Read 1984 NOW.  It will be your handbook.  It will teach you how to behave in our future nigger honed society. “Some niggers are more equal than others…”

Nigger Madness

March 15, 2010 § 5 Comments

Why Do We Care?

Last night as I sat watching the 11 o’clock news I witnessed yet more nigger worship at the expense of real stories that should have led the broadcast.  As if the entire viewing public could give a shit about a local college making it to some bullshit NCAA basketball tournaments, it was the lead story.  They tossed in a headline about a couple kids that got burned up in a house fire that left 18 people homeless.  They then mentioned a shooting where another nigger got his ass exterminated.  A plea for the public to help identify a couple of white bandits caught on video robbing a Home Depot. But FIRST! Let’s go straight to Doug at the college to talk to a few piss worthless niggers about their impending trip to Washington State for more round ball action!  They ran this garbage for ten fucking minutes before they got to the real news.  I understand a lot of humans seem to enjoy watching over-sized deformed apes running around dropping balls in open bottom baskets and I know a lot of enthusiastic humans think they are welcome to play along but come on man…the lead fucking story?   When there was obviously more pressing news to report?  This is the Northeast where we have been in the midst of a colossal weather event.  Thousands are without power.  Trees are in people’s living rooms.  But a pack of functionally illiterate tailless apes are off to Washington to play another game.  Why is that the lead story?  How does this news benefit the majority of the audience?  Have we become so enamored with niggers that we need up to the minute reports on one of the very few things they are capable of doing without having their hands held?  And what is wrong with all the stupid humans who fall for this? No offense to you basketball fans, but why are you helping to finance this shit?  It’s a fucking game.  An orange ball that fascinates niggers.  Why do we accept this as our lead news stories?  How are we going to benefit when this team hits Washington?  I can’t wrap my head around this lunacy.  Or as they aptly put it, Madness. Forgive me Lord, but Jesus Fucking Christ!

Finally Figured It Out.

March 14, 2010 § 1 Comment

Thank goodness we have niggers to explain everything to us all, especially why we hate them so much.  Here I was thinking it was because I detest dark brown skin and swollen lips, flat wide noses and woolen pelts. Turns out I had it all wrong.  Turns out, according to just about every nigger that has ever tried to comment on this blog and other places of nigger bashing, it’s strictly a sexual jealousy.  A fixation on their genitals that I just can’t get past.  A rage that all my white women want niggers and their enormous deformities.  Has nothing to do with their violent nature or their animalistic savage instincts.  It’s their cocks.  Who the fuck could have known?  All this time, while being thoroughly disgusted with the ease with which niggers destroy human life, my biggest problem with them was their cocks.  I’m going to really have to examine this deeper.  See exactly why huge purple engorged shafts of pulsating animal flesh force me to have such a disdain for niggers.  It is an intriguing theory.  I sure am glad we have niggers around to explain all this to us.  Stupid YT.

SPLC: Stupid People Lying Carelessly

March 9, 2010 § 5 Comments

The annual “Special Issue” of the convoluted self indulgent propaganda rag of the ultra liberal mental cases calling themselves the Southern Poverty Law Center is finally available and headed for your mailbox as we speak.  I can’t deny that I am disappointed that my little blog has been omitted from the General Hate-Other category of exposed dangerous websites in their “report” but again, I am elated too.  They have become so obsessed with “Right Wing Extremists” that they have neglected their duty to find legitimate nigger bashers who amass tiny followings like me.  Sure, the big forums still have a place and Latrine is always finding her way into their hearts, but this year for the very first time since I began I have been missed.  I blame the many incarnations my blog has had to endure due to TOS violations, deletions, and other efforts to remove me from the internet.  I am simply not so easy to find anymore.  But one would think a group so dedicated to destroying truth would have a crack team of investigators hard on my trail.  But I digress…I don’t expel “Right Wing Extremist” principles well enough to come up on their Google searches.  There are a ton of blogs listed, many connected to the Right Wing Extremist Forums of Stormfront.com, but mine is blatantly absent.  I only take this snub as a reason to step it up.  I was simply too busy trying to make Chimpout a more viable forum in the community, but since my efforts there went unappreciated and disrespected by the lesser endowed ego headed Dolittles, I have no choice but to refocus here.

Yes I am disappointed.  But YES, I am motivated to work harder.  There is an underlying revelation in this as well.  The SPLC has obviously taken a new direction in their battle to fight logic, truth and majority opinion.  They have taken to attacking Republicans.  They repaint them as “Right Wing Extremists”, dress them as domestic terrorists, and try to scare the lesser enlightened public.  Their obsession has led them to a panic mode that is making them look all the more foolish than they already looked.  And it has made their efforts insignificant in advertising really great web blogs like mine.  They really dropped the ball this year!

Third Street Safari

March 1, 2010 § 3 Comments

I had to go downtown to visit the county clerk office to amend my pistol permit for my latest acquisition.   As is usually the case, the place was crawling with niggers and wannabe gangsta white boyz with their oversize shorts and ridiculous sideways ball caps.  I found a parking spot on the street right across from a Chinese buffet and a busy bus stop.  It was classic feeding time at the zoo activity today!  I was half an hour early so I just sat there like “the man” and stared at them all in their natural habitat.  I turned off Glenn Beck so I could hear their verbal exchanges…mostly whoobies and keeks yo yo maing what up an shit.  But it was there so I had to watch it.  They would come up to the car and stare in at me, just like the gorillas would do on a safari, then wander off to have a menthol or grabs a guzzle from a paper lunch bag.  They would get impatient when their bus wouldn’t show up so they were climbing all over the Plexiglas enclosure, hooting and hollering at one another voicing their displeasure at having to wait.  The wiggers were all staying together, but wanted so badly to emulate the niggers.  They were throwing gang hand puppets and walking like chickens, but somehow, white boys just can’t be niggers, no matter how hard they try.  As a long term observer, I could see the real niggers making fun of the wannabes.  I regret I forgot to even think to bring my video camera!  As the hour neared and I was preparing to exit my vehicle for the clerk’s office, my car was encased by nigger loiterers and bus riders.  Their impatience reaching levels that even scared me.  Just then a county sheriff SUV pulled up and double parked just ahead of where I was parked.  He turned on his flashing blue and red lights and got out.  I figured this would be a good time to climb out and head for the office building.  As I got to the sidewalk, I realized the police officer was a good friend of mine on his way into the same building to drop off some shit.  We stopped among the circling hungry apes and carried on a conversation about guns and cars, then wandered past the hoards of niggers into the building.  As we walked, I could see the dumbfounded niggers and could actually read their tiny little minds.  They all assumed I too was a cop and was sitting there for that entire time watching them.  Nigger paranoia far exceeds that of any of us, and you could see it in their soulless eyes.  When I returned to my car, the sounds of the nigger bus riders eased to a barely audible hum and I got in and left.  Niggers are so easily intimidated despite their big shot “say it to muh face” bullshit.  When niggers think a cop might be there waiting to beat them to a pulp, they suddenly settle down.  Just thought I’d share another day amongst the natives of Third Street!

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