Stupidity Trumps Niggers

February 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

Niggers have an excuse.  They’re niggers.  Humans?  I have no explanation.  We are all surrounded by idiots now.  It is like a plague infecting all of humanity.  Every time I think I’m dealing with rational thought, turns out stupid spills fourth and suddenly, I may as well be talking to niggers. Probably only a matter of time before the disease spreads into my own head and I will be gone too.  Hell, it’s happened to people I thought were immune but alas…stupid shoots from their mouths like ball lightning.  It’s really depressing.  You think you’ve finally figured it all out…niggers are the cause….then bang…some fucking idiot talks shit dumber than any nigger you’ve ever had to listen to.  Then another one agrees.  Then you’re surrounded.  I’m really disgusted with the whole fucking thing.  There really needs to be a big giant flush.  This shit really needs to go.  What’s the point if we all turn out no better than niggers?  Makes me sick to watch…

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