February 9, 2010 § 1 Comment

One might think snow would be a niggers Kryptonite but for some reason, that isn’t always the case.  I was wondering and decided to do a little unscientific research based on my own assumptions and disdain for niggers.  We all know Detroit, Chicago and Buffalo are highly nigger populated cities with big snowfall numbers every winter.  So why are there niggers living there when they can migrate to warmer climates?  Why are niggers scarce in North Dakota and other Midwestern high snowfall states?  I suspect a couple of possibilities.  First of all, of course, laziness.  They were likely spawned there by autoworkers or deeply entrenched welfare recipients and never had the sense to get up and move.  I do know that a great deal of the Puerto Rican population of Amsterdam NY is due to the ease with which they can acquire public assistance.  It stands to reason the same principles hold true for places like Buffalo as well.  The states farther west become more desolate and sparsely populated and likely have smarter laws governing giving free shit to worthless niggers.  So the higher population inner cities surrounding the Great lakes for some reason attract niggers regardless of snowfall.   What of this anomaly of the Great Lakes?

I may have touched on this a while back but it’s worth repeating, since there seems to be one major snowstorm after another affecting nigger populations occurring now.  Magnetics and polarity variations in niggers can separate the northern niggers from the southern niggers.  Depending on the bone densities, some niggers are drawn to the north so powerfully that even significant snowfall can’t drive them away.  Alternately however, negatively charged nigger bones possess the strength to adequately drive them in an opposite direction therefore forcing them to migrate south…or in most cases, stay there where they were spawned.  Scattered populations of positively charged niggers do exist in outlying regions such as Vermont and even New Hampshire, but these are somewhat rare and likely a result of criminal activity or mandatory relocation due to other circumstances attributed to polarity.  Whatever the case, we cannot depend on foul frigid weather to competently rid us of the nigger scourge as long as positively charged niggers still exist.  Unfortunately, contrary to the popular excitement over the loss of nearly half a million Haitian niggers, we have lowered the potential of negatively charged niggers possibly providing a greater gravitational pull to drag lesser powered positively charged snow niggers from their lairs to southern regions.  As the case may be, I cannot foresee a solution to this conundrum as long as oppositely charged niggers exist on a continent with such diverse weather patterns.  This is why niggers should have never been removed from the African continent where the negative charge was unaffected by human interference.

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  • bird says:

    As long as niggers are given free houses, with free heat…they will live in the cold. Anchorage Alaska has quite a few niggers for this reason. Niggers can stay indoors for long periods because of free heat and free food, then come out in droves in the spring to rape and reproduce.

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