Black History Month

February 6, 2010 § 2 Comments

Once again, the darkness falls upon the poor abused month of February.  Already denied the same few days  given freely to the other eleven months, poor February suffers the fate of having to represent the most useless organism on God’s green earth.  And to make matters worse, the inconsistency of Leap Year only serves to make it all the more fucked up.  Diversity of months aside,  I suppose I should show some compassion and try to give it a little recognition considering it’s oppressive existence and bad luck.  I would like to touch on something I was thinking about yesterday, as I was fixing my dinner and listening to the TV in the other room.  Judge Judy was about to hear a case between a couple of women with names that sounded like ingredients on a juice box.  How did I know this was going to be two niggers battling over a “man” and a loan? Let’s see what happens next…

Soon as the Plaintiff opened its mouth, the mystery was solved.  How you ask?  I honestly don’t know, but whenever a nigger begins its babble, everyone knows it’s a nigger.  Why?  Again, no logical reason.  When anyone raised in a foreign tongue speaks English, we can generally determine where they are from.   It makes sense.  But where is the rational explanation for niggers?  Why can we always tell when we are talking to a nigger sight unseen?  Boston niggers and Atlanta niggers; Chicago niggers and Los Angeles niggers.  All the same.  All distinctively nigger.  Why?  No reasonable explanation.  But seeing as this is the season to celebrate the nigger, I suppose we should send a shout out to nigger babble!  So today I salute NIGGER BABBLE!  God only knows what the fuck it is and why it exists, but there you go!  Same can be said about niggers too so hip hip hooray!  It’s Nigger Babble day!

§ 2 Responses to Black History Month

  • Miss Ann says:

    I feel sorry for February too. It’s the coldest, darkest, niggeriest month of the year.

    Excuse me…I forgot it was celebrate Nigger Babble Day.

    Yo i be feelin sorry n shit for febwary cuz it be dark n all bout da niggas. Noam sayne?

  • bird says:

    Nigger babble is easy to explain. Both homo-sapien and homo-erectus have the ability to form speech, but since homo-erectus is to homo-sapien as windows 95 is to windows 7, a very noticable set of differences occur. We can all see and hear these differences, but modern politically correct bullshit prevents most humans from pointing out these differences. Instead; being the kind, generous humans we are, give them holidays and credit for things they never invented. So lets celebrate Nigger history month by saying…UM BEET BAK OOOK SKREE BIX NOOD!

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