Stupidity Trumps Niggers

February 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

Niggers have an excuse.  They’re niggers.  Humans?  I have no explanation.  We are all surrounded by idiots now.  It is like a plague infecting all of humanity.  Every time I think I’m dealing with rational thought, turns out stupid spills fourth and suddenly, I may as well be talking to niggers. Probably only a matter of time before the disease spreads into my own head and I will be gone too.  Hell, it’s happened to people I thought were immune but alas…stupid shoots from their mouths like ball lightning.  It’s really depressing.  You think you’ve finally figured it all out…niggers are the cause….then bang…some fucking idiot talks shit dumber than any nigger you’ve ever had to listen to.  Then another one agrees.  Then you’re surrounded.  I’m really disgusted with the whole fucking thing.  There really needs to be a big giant flush.  This shit really needs to go.  What’s the point if we all turn out no better than niggers?  Makes me sick to watch…


February 9, 2010 § 1 Comment

One might think snow would be a niggers Kryptonite but for some reason, that isn’t always the case.  I was wondering and decided to do a little unscientific research based on my own assumptions and disdain for niggers.  We all know Detroit, Chicago and Buffalo are highly nigger populated cities with big snowfall numbers every winter.  So why are there niggers living there when they can migrate to warmer climates?  Why are niggers scarce in North Dakota and other Midwestern high snowfall states?  I suspect a couple of possibilities.  First of all, of course, laziness.  They were likely spawned there by autoworkers or deeply entrenched welfare recipients and never had the sense to get up and move.  I do know that a great deal of the Puerto Rican population of Amsterdam NY is due to the ease with which they can acquire public assistance.  It stands to reason the same principles hold true for places like Buffalo as well.  The states farther west become more desolate and sparsely populated and likely have smarter laws governing giving free shit to worthless niggers.  So the higher population inner cities surrounding the Great lakes for some reason attract niggers regardless of snowfall.   What of this anomaly of the Great Lakes?

I may have touched on this a while back but it’s worth repeating, since there seems to be one major snowstorm after another affecting nigger populations occurring now.  Magnetics and polarity variations in niggers can separate the northern niggers from the southern niggers.  Depending on the bone densities, some niggers are drawn to the north so powerfully that even significant snowfall can’t drive them away.  Alternately however, negatively charged nigger bones possess the strength to adequately drive them in an opposite direction therefore forcing them to migrate south…or in most cases, stay there where they were spawned.  Scattered populations of positively charged niggers do exist in outlying regions such as Vermont and even New Hampshire, but these are somewhat rare and likely a result of criminal activity or mandatory relocation due to other circumstances attributed to polarity.  Whatever the case, we cannot depend on foul frigid weather to competently rid us of the nigger scourge as long as positively charged niggers still exist.  Unfortunately, contrary to the popular excitement over the loss of nearly half a million Haitian niggers, we have lowered the potential of negatively charged niggers possibly providing a greater gravitational pull to drag lesser powered positively charged snow niggers from their lairs to southern regions.  As the case may be, I cannot foresee a solution to this conundrum as long as oppositely charged niggers exist on a continent with such diverse weather patterns.  This is why niggers should have never been removed from the African continent where the negative charge was unaffected by human interference.

The African Flu

February 7, 2010 § 3 Comments

The African Flu.  I think I have it.  Three days ago I began to feel an annoying scratching in my throat.  I figured I had the makings of the common cold coming on but it went away… a little.  Never quite left completely.   Then my head got achy, like it was stuffing up and plugging my ears.  My eyes burned and watered.  Then I began to get sick to my stomach.  Food only made it worse after a slight improvement.  Then the shits.  Lots of the shits.  Sickly stomach.  Gradually stuffing nose.  Erratic sneezing. Fatigue.  Was beginning to sound like the flu only no fever.  No vomiting.  An incompetent virus I was figuring.

So today I sit, still trying to get this shit to go away, but it won’t.  The stuffy nose is worse, like the virus moved in a few of its relatives.  Eyes are still fighting to stay open even though I just slept for hours.  Fever still not working.  This is like a nigger bug.  It won’t quite work up to the standards of the real flu and it won’t fucking go away.  Annoying as all hell.  This is a nigger virus taking shelter in my body…Affirmative Infection, uninvited of course.  I wrap myself in a blanket and take Tylenol, drink lots of fluids and rest all fucking day but still nothing.  No matter what I give this nigger cold, it won’t fucking go away.  There is but one conclusion.  I have acquired the African Flu…the most incompetent, lazy, worthless virus on the planet.  I wish I knew where I got it so I can never go there again!

Black History Month

February 6, 2010 § 2 Comments

Once again, the darkness falls upon the poor abused month of February.  Already denied the same few days  given freely to the other eleven months, poor February suffers the fate of having to represent the most useless organism on God’s green earth.  And to make matters worse, the inconsistency of Leap Year only serves to make it all the more fucked up.  Diversity of months aside,  I suppose I should show some compassion and try to give it a little recognition considering it’s oppressive existence and bad luck.  I would like to touch on something I was thinking about yesterday, as I was fixing my dinner and listening to the TV in the other room.  Judge Judy was about to hear a case between a couple of women with names that sounded like ingredients on a juice box.  How did I know this was going to be two niggers battling over a “man” and a loan? Let’s see what happens next…

Soon as the Plaintiff opened its mouth, the mystery was solved.  How you ask?  I honestly don’t know, but whenever a nigger begins its babble, everyone knows it’s a nigger.  Why?  Again, no logical reason.  When anyone raised in a foreign tongue speaks English, we can generally determine where they are from.   It makes sense.  But where is the rational explanation for niggers?  Why can we always tell when we are talking to a nigger sight unseen?  Boston niggers and Atlanta niggers; Chicago niggers and Los Angeles niggers.  All the same.  All distinctively nigger.  Why?  No reasonable explanation.  But seeing as this is the season to celebrate the nigger, I suppose we should send a shout out to nigger babble!  So today I salute NIGGER BABBLE!  God only knows what the fuck it is and why it exists, but there you go!  Same can be said about niggers too so hip hip hooray!  It’s Nigger Babble day!

You Axt For It, You Gots It…Toyota!

February 5, 2010 § 5 Comments

There really isn’t much to say here on this subject.  As logical thinking human beings, most of you folks should have figured this out yourselves.  Why on Earth did the most highly respected, best overall rated automotive company on the planet suddenly become the one that can’t even sell its vehicles here in the US because of substandard quality and safety concerns?

Do I really have to say it?  Did it NOT already cross anyone’s mind yet? Under every conceivable circumstance, niggers are the cause of failure.  Niggers AND the emulation or toleration of niggers.  They need laws to get them into our lives, and with such laws, they bring us nothing but failure.  We call for help and niggers answer the phones!  Good Lord whose fucking idea is this?  Any HUMAN help desk phone operator should find this the biggest insult to their profession!    I’ve covered niggers on the phone a few posts down so no need to dwell, but shit man…what the fuck?   Now they are bolting together Toyotas!  Fucking TOYOTAS!  They completely destroyed the American Auto Industry and now they are down in Alabama fucking up Jap cars!  I can’t fucking believe nobody has put two and two together on this yet!  Look at the images, and figure it out.  Then tell me all I am doing is picking on them simply based on the color of they skin!

Nigger VooDoo Oooga Booga

February 5, 2010 § 1 Comment

Niggers aren’t the only ones who practice voodoo.  Some people do it without even knowing.  That ‘careful what you wish for’ syndrome that can place us in a position where we wonder what the fuck were we thinking?!  Or the karmic ass fucking we can get from obsessing on something bad happening to someone else without ever considering what would happen if we found ourselves in the same predicament.  Like for instance, Polar Bears.  Those giant motherfuckers who would likely tear you to shreds if they were to be prowling your neighborhood.  But of course, they are stuck on  three foot square melting icebergs somewhere far away and we can sit here laughing at how they will soon be struggling to swim to safety…likely in vain.  Yes…but what if shit hit the fan here and all of a sudden we were fighting to get to higher ground?  Now that would suck wouldn’t it?  How much laughing would we do then?  Maybe we should have just shut the fuck up about the stupid Polar Bears then.  Maybe some higher power would have never thought to fuck with us had we not invoked the nigger voodoo karma bullshit.  I don’t want Polar Bears in my neighborhood, and as I laugh at their plight, I don’t want some fucking environmentalists importing them here to safety either.  Likewise…don’t fucking stick pins in my voodoo doll and think it won’t return to haunt you either.  All I want to do is talk about niggers here now…so enough of this philosophical bullshit and back to it!  Anyone else get pissed when that fucking nigger shows all those dumb white people that Alieve is a better pain reliever because you don’t have to take so many in a day?  Dumb ass whitey just can’t figure out the maff!

Fucking Niggers

February 1, 2010 § 5 Comments

I just got off the phone with a couple of niggers.  I made a call to a medical insurance company concerning some issues of coverage.  I initially got a well spoken American white male who subsequently told me he was not authorized to handle my situation.  He gave me an alternate number to call, which I did.  This is when it all went south.  A female nigger answered the phone…Goot moanin, ha can ah hepp you?  Blather ensued, along with several “axts” and noam saynes, and then it became necessary to engage a third party to “help” alleviate the problem.  Son of a bitch if yet another nigger, this time a male picked up the phone to hepp me.  Without going into any detail, I ended up so enraged I hung up on them.  The two of them on this 3 way call were trying so fucking hard to sound human but failed miserably, as expected.  And I was left with having to find my own solution to a problem undoubtedly caused by fucking niggers in the first place!  Our world has become a playground for niggers who have been convinced they are humans and are actually capable of performing as such.  When we encounter them now, we are forced to entertain their folly and get no satisfaction in what ever situation it occurs.  This is how nations crumble.  This is the end of the world as we know it and it can all be narrowed down to one very simple little word.  NIGGERS.

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