January 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

I was watching the Discovery Channel one day and happened across a show called “How It’s Made”.  It was a fascinating show because it took ordinary everyday things and showed you every aspect of its creation.  I was hooked on it, but with my mind always trying to find the nigger connection, I couldn’t help but wonder…how on earth could there ever be a nigger that could actually invent any of the things I was watching being made on this TV program?  Even if a nigger woke up one afternoon and said to itself, “Geebus, it would be great if I could light a building on fire with a little stick in a cardboard flap envelope with a striker on the side”, he could NEVER devise the operations involved in bringing such a dream to reality. The machinery needed to be able to produce the billions and billions of matches needed to outfit the world with them is far beyond the grasp of any nigger I have ever seen functioning in an upright position.  The timing and tolerances need to be exact and the skills of those maintaining the machines need to be finely honed.  Where on this Earth could there possibly exist a nigger who could do anything like this, I wondered?  I flipped over to National Geographic to see if they had any industrialized nigger geniuses there, but found the same old dung covered apes showering under pissing cattle.  I must conclude.  There is no such thing as a nigger who could EVER create machinery like I saw on that program.  As they continue to insist they invented everything from traffic lights to kitchen tables, I find it hard to believe they could even have the technological abilities to figure out how to get out of bed before noon every day! Just watch those machines function and tell me I’m wrong!

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