Niggreatic cancer

September 24, 2009 § 2 Comments

cancer copyOK, another theory to ponder.  Niggers love to call themselves the real true original Egyptians.  Could it be that thousands of years ago, back before real recorded history, niggers became a problem as they are today.  Finally ancient man decided to pack them all up and send them to Africa to build the pyramids, for what ever reason.  Maybe they were early convention centers or giant cock fighting or dog fighting facilities.  Who knows.  But maybe that’s where niggers began anew all those years ago.  As history loves to repeat itself, perhaps the escape of many niggers from the African continent happened again and we find ourselves with the dilema we face today.  Maybe we need to build some more pyramids over in that shithole continent and staff the labor with all the worlds niggers!  If only it were that easy…but it’s not.  Niggers are stage three cancer.  We’ve allowed them to run free for far too long.  They’ve entered the lymph nodes and are traveling via Escalades with hoopties to every organ in the body of humanity, killing everything in their path.  I think they are in the pancreas of society now, because the rapid decline in the health of civilization coupled with the agonizing pain seems to indicate an unstoppable death.  Unless we can put niggers into remission, I don’t see a happy ending.  First they come for our Chimpout…then they come for us.  Damn fucking niggers.

§ 2 Responses to Niggreatic cancer

  • Miss Ann says:

    I so wish we could ship em back to apefreaka, but you’re right that they’re spread too far and wide now. Thanks coalburners/oildrillers/libtards and anyone else who help spread the disease for making the problem so much worse!

  • Thor says:

    This is my first time coming across your site here. Very well written and executed. It is nice to see someone who can articulate beyond “I hate niggers” and talk about substantiated topics regarding niggers and the parasitic sub humans they are. Look forward to perusing your site and keep up the good work.

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