Niggreatic cancer

September 24, 2009 § 2 Comments

cancer copyOK, another theory to ponder.  Niggers love to call themselves the real true original Egyptians.  Could it be that thousands of years ago, back before real recorded history, niggers became a problem as they are today.  Finally ancient man decided to pack them all up and send them to Africa to build the pyramids, for what ever reason.  Maybe they were early convention centers or giant cock fighting or dog fighting facilities.  Who knows.  But maybe that’s where niggers began anew all those years ago.  As history loves to repeat itself, perhaps the escape of many niggers from the African continent happened again and we find ourselves with the dilema we face today.  Maybe we need to build some more pyramids over in that shithole continent and staff the labor with all the worlds niggers!  If only it were that easy…but it’s not.  Niggers are stage three cancer.  We’ve allowed them to run free for far too long.  They’ve entered the lymph nodes and are traveling via Escalades with hoopties to every organ in the body of humanity, killing everything in their path.  I think they are in the pancreas of society now, because the rapid decline in the health of civilization coupled with the agonizing pain seems to indicate an unstoppable death.  Unless we can put niggers into remission, I don’t see a happy ending.  First they come for our Chimpout…then they come for us.  Damn fucking niggers.

Tools of the Trade

September 24, 2009 § 2 Comments

collender-hat2How do you like my new hat?  I’m hoping it helps shield me from the lunacy society contines to hoist upon us in the name of political correctness, fairness, equality, diversity and what ever other terms they can invent to explain to us why we must all love niggers. The thought police have been dispatched and free speech will soon be a fleeting memory.   The handwriting is all over the wall.  Love niggers or die.  I think they already have that stamped on the Washington DC license plates!

DC Plate AYes…there it is.  I thought so.  What else could we expect when we place any trust in niggers to do anything right?  Instead of cutting our losses and realizing what a bad idea niggers were, we proceed further into the abyss, still confident that someday, some kind of miracle will occur and suddenly, niggers will become human.  It’s a pipe dream of those dimwitted numbskulls who still believe this president is looking out for us and is a patriotic American.  The reality is, someone is making tons of money by having this myth continue.  Niggers are making some big shots mighty rich, and niggers could care less because they are far too stupid to even comprehend how they are merely tools.  That’s all they’ve ever been.  Farm tools back when we first acquired them and now, tools to help bring about an America none of us will be able to recognize in three years.   I really don’t understand the liberal nigger lover agenda.  How could these supposedly intelligent people be so fucking stupid?  How can organizations like the SPLC and others actually believe what they are doing is right?  How can anyone believe the ones who they pretend to be helping are the ones being helped?  Why can’t people just see that niggers are big business, and these organizations exist only to raise funds to pay for extravagant lifestyles while the poverty stricken “victims” continue to live in poverty?  It’s really pretty clear.  They don’t even try to hide it.  Niggers still live in their own feces struggling with miniscule IQs and making more illegitimate pickaninnies while workers for the SPLC, NAACP, ACLU etc ride around in expensive cars and live in huge mansions.  These are the people who want to crush capatalism but on the backs of the niggers (and poor people) they claim to be representing, they live the lifestyles they claim to be against!  So from their line of thinking it can be determined that as long as you actually produce nothing and can manage to control entire races and species of people while still getting filthy rich, then you are on the right track. Now how is that better than what we know as capitalism?  Niggers are still niggers, but manufacturing and production are erased.  The government runs everything and the politicians and special interest groups get rich.  It’s redistribution of wealth alright.  Only none of us will ever see a fucking dime of it.  It just goes from one deep greedy pocket to another.

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