Get A Life Mike

June 19, 2009 § Leave a comment

Wru McDonalds2I remember back, way back three years ago when I first reached the end of my rope with niggers.  I think it was about some Florida school that was dumbing down their curriculum to cater to the inabilities of the nigger students.  Doesn’t matter really.  My point is back then, nobody was reading my shit.  It was all just me ranting and raving about the worthlessness of niggers and how they were the root of all that is wrong in the world.  Then one day I opened up the blog to punch in another post and I realized I had a comment.  From a real person.  And he was showering me with good reviews for having the balls to actually say what most humans were thinking, ignoring the politically correct pussies and nigger loving liberals that surround us.  I was really glad I reached someone who actually thought as I did.  His friends began to read too and a small circle developed.  We read each others blogs and formed friendships, a couple of which are alive and well today.  Then the fuckhead retards began to surface.  Niggers of course, but worse than their incoherent blather telling me about how my dick size was why I so hated them and how they stole my girlfriend, the white guilt nigger loving liberals with their pseudo educated ramblings.  Three years later and not much has changed.

Now I have a stalker.  Mike Burks.  Mike thinks if he continues to leave comments where he is obviously not welcome, I will find it too hard to resist his taunting and allow a dialog with him. I guess he must think he is the first moron I have ever had to deal with or perhaps he feels he is the one who will finally make the point so many have failed to make over the last three years.  Bad news for Mike; I’ve heard it all before and discounted every point numerous times in the past.  I’ve been at this for a long time.  I’ve been involved with a couple forums devoted to educating the human race of the worthlessness of niggers.  Believe me , Mike’s hogwash bullshit is old news that holds no water.  Never has and never will.  He can send me secret love messages all he wants, niggers will still be subhuman garbage infecting humanity with stupidity and disease for all of eternity.   His comments will all be either blocked or deleted.  Not because I am afraid of how right he is, but because arguing with fucking idiots like him has become far too tedious to bother with.  Whether he realizes it or not, by constantly trying to convince me how much smarter than me he is, he only proves his inadequacy.  I don’t have to run around to nigger lover blogs and scream how right I am.  I don’t go to nigger blogs and call them names or tell them how stupid they are and how smart I am.  I don’t have to.  I am secure in my realization that niggers are shitskin creations gone bad.  No amount of babble from the likes of Mike will make a dent in that.  I don’t even update regularly because I’ve reached a point where I feel it is redundant to keep talking about how stupid and useless niggers are.  But regardless, dumb asses like Mike  continue to find my blogs and feel they can save the world from racists like me by calling me names and showing superior intellect.  They follow my links and join my forums (try to anyway.  we have ways to weed them out) just like niggers.  Niggers have this built in need to plant themselves where ever they are not wanted.  Only niggers and nigger loving douche bags have this flawed quality.  Only fucking self absorbed narcissists or sociopaths think it is his right to be where he is hated and shit upon. Only assholes behave this way. Unfortunately, it is part of these mental disorders that will not allow them to see how truly ridculous they are being.  I’ve studied these things.  I know what I am talking about.  Mike is a mentally disturbed and troubled (not to mention misguided) human being.  Anyone who is so obsessed with ME must be.  Wouldn’t it be so much easier to just move along and try to share communications with other idiots who think like him?  I try to limit my exposure to dicks like him, I should think he would do the same.

Mike has something to prove to himself I guess.  He feels in order to actually believe he is as brilliant as he wants me to think he is, he has to win me over and show me how important it is for me to accept and love niggers.  Mike is a failure.  Mike will always be a failure, in all he does in life.  Because Mike thinks he is the end all solution to reality.  What is unfortunate for Mike is, although arguments to my assessments are impossible to logically find, he still thinks he wins.  Pity Mike.  He’s just a dumb nigger.

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