Change Up

April 12, 2009 § 2 Comments

book-of-moronIn the constant struggle to express my God given right to intolerance of niggers, often they still insist on coming here to tell me how wrong I am.  Their human counterpart, the nigger lover also likes to point out the many flaws the human race displays as if by trashing niggers I condone poor human behavior.  Not the case.  In fact, my purpose right now will be to show exactly how I feel about fucking Idiots, Morons, “Retards”, Hypocrites, Thin Skins, and any other fucking irritant I come in contact with every single day before I even see my first nigger.  That’s right folks, I bash humans here too because they have proven to me they are no more worthy of protection from my wrath than the average nigger.  If you don’t like it, fuck off, you’re banned!

But seriously, humans elected the nigger president so it has to be said.  Our country has been taken over by imbeciles.  I look at the TV in a dead stare watching as white people fawn all over niggers and I think, who am I talking to?  Who even listens when the warnings blast out of newspapers and local news how dangerous niggers are?  They listen to other national news stories about Vietnamese mass murderers and trailer dwellers who murder their children because quite frankly, nigger murder isn’t really news anymore.  And God Forbid the mainstream media portray a nigger in its natural “pursuit of happiness”,  violent crime.  But beyond that are the fucking dumb asses who actually do understand niggers.  They can grasp the concept of the common denominator, but it seems to stop there for many too.

Their stupidity picks back up after they say their peace and they return to try to interact with others.  So again, not even nigger haters are immune from the rampant stupidity taking over the population of the human race.  Hypocracy?   Another evil spreading among humans like the HIV in the projects.   I’m having a more difficult time dealing with human fucking morons lately than niggers.  I can spot a nigger and take an alternate route.  I end up face to face (or monitor to monitor in most cases) with human fucking morons.  Sometimes I’m in too deep before I realize, “What the fuck am I doing?  Who IS this douche bag?”  The wake up call comes quick with liberals and nigger lovers, but it sometimes takes TOO long when we see eye to eye on niggers.  Then the disappointment sets in.  I feel alone again.  My sense of humor can’t even save me because as is the case with the lower life form, it sails freely over their heads.  I always say that when you wake up and you feel like you are surrounded by nothing but assholes and retards, you need to ask yourself, “who is the REAL asshole or retard here?”  But I refuse to give in to that principle anymore.  I see a nigger president, 8 years after 9/11 named Obama.  Probably a Muslim.  I see Fascism gleefully voted in to Washington.  I watch as America worships niggers.  It isn’t me this time.  It isn’t even just the nigger loving liberals either.  It’s virtually everyone, except (most likely) those reading this.   Our country is almost completely filled with fucking brain dead useless zombies who are registered to vote!  As a teeny tiny minority, we are sentenced to endure the likes of “Idiocracy” in our future.  I have no children to worry about.  If I can get through this life without going mad, it will end eventually.  But for those leaving children behind, man, I pity you.  Unless you are too fucking stupid to even see the road ahead!

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