Running the course

April 11, 2009 § 2 Comments

done2g1Sometimes, things have to run their course and ultimately be abandoned. Fun while it lasted sort of thing. When the evolution becomes stagnant and certain elements become points of contention between participants, it’s time to move on. When effectiveness is no longer a goal, and humor has gone flying far above the heads of those who once “got it”, not to mention those who never will; time to go. I feel I am reaching this pinnacle and am now searching for another outlet for my intolerance. I will not abandon this blog because for the past three and a half years, my regulars have never failed to understand the humor here. If nothing else, my decisions will only make this place better and more actively updated. I am speaking of humorless overly self indulgent endeavors that have leveled off and provide more angst than pleasure to me lately. When my sense of humor is lost on my peers, I have no reason to want to continue. When one or two people can influence the direction of a large(r) group, I find frustration. I mean no animosity, just outgrowth. When I am told to grow up, I take the advice. I have been driven to such frustration only to be stopped and told, “it’s the fucking internet!” How true that is. It IS only the internet, and nothing more. Entertainment, but still…just the imaginary world of the internet. It leads nowhere. It sits and festers as you exchange sermons with the choir. I have to find a more productive way to spend my time on the insignificant internet. Fighting over stupid people makes me lose focus. I will soon bid farewell to the old and prepare for the next level. Still I will sit here pounding keys on “just the fucking internet”, but hopefully the purpose and my contribution will add to it rather than make stupid people cry. More to follow…..

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