Truth and Censorship

March 15, 2009 § Leave a comment

splc-09-general-hate-3aOnce again, this blog has made the inefficient list of “hate group web sites” in the annual “Year in Hate” edition of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s disgracefully deceptive rag, The Intelligence Report. Just the word “Intelligence” used in the same context as this group of self hating white guilt ridden morons is deceptive. I say the inefficient list because once again, these douche bags have listed a deleted URL for my blog here. I suspect they continue to use the bad address so if anyone should try to access it, the message will show it was shut down due to Terms Of Service violations. Makes them appear to be effective perhaps. See what I mean about deceptive?

splc-09-general-hate-1a1The fact is with these incompetent morons, their only means of support for their worn out arguments for diversity and equality is to seek to silence the truth. They cannot argue point by point the statistics that prove them wrong. They cannot support their love affair with the nigger because there is no logic to it. Simple common sense and a clear vision of facts defeats them in every way, so they must shut us up. We don’t try to have their words censored. We welcome them to present an argument that isn’t filled with presumptuous bullshit and violent disgusting threats. All I ever get from them here in any of the comments they leave is their assumption that I must be living in a trailer, uneducated and always from the south. Or West Virginia. In all of their anger they neglect to see their own prejudice and stereotyping when trying to call me all the names they call me. And with each pathetic attempt to teach me a lesson about tolerance and love, they toss in accusations of incestuous relationships and other disgusting comments regarding their genitalia. And the violence they wish to come to me is incredible! I never promote any violence against niggers (or those who seek to protect them) yet these idiots can’t wish enough on me. Is that an argument? Does that display any relevant truth to support their positions? I’d love to hear it, but I know it doesn’t exist. I know their only option is to silence us. To have our words deleted. Our tolerance of their stupidity is why we are constantly deleted and forced to relocate so often, but I can sleep at night knowing I don’t have to resort to such devious low and deceptive measures to prove my point. All I have to do is tell you to turn on your TV news or read your newspaper. La’Queesha and Le’Thomas are probably not white thugs. Detroit didn’t destroy itself. Poverty isn’t responsible for multi millionaire nigger celebrities that end up in prison. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows the truth. And those who feel guilty have no other choice but to demand we just shut up or call us names.

The fact that niggers are incapable of even having the ambition to defend themselves is indicitive of their lack of any good arguments. If not for the struggling white excusists, niggers would be still living in mud huts. If not for Affirmative Action, our First Lady (how a primate can be referred to as a lady is beyond me, but in the spirit of presenting a feasible example, I’ll let it go.) would never have had her Master Thesis given more than a B- in a sixth grade English class. If not for teleprompters, our President could never sound like anything but a bumbling fool Uhhh and Ummming his way through difficult answers to questions he is unprepared for. Niggers are incapable of survival and advancement without human intervention. But I should be squelched. If I would just shut up, niggers would finally have the opportunity to shine! If all alleged “hate” groups would just disappear, niggers could finally prosper! And the argument would be settled, right? There is nothing more ridiculous than any white person trying to defend the behavior of this species. And what is most embarrassing for them is their ONLY avenue of support is cansorship. pathetic.


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