What Could Possibly Be Worse Than Niggers You Axe?

January 9, 2009 § 7 Comments


Why Wiggers, of course. Self righteous nigger loving guilt ridden white boy queers who feel the poor intimidated weak cowardly nigger can’t stand up for his self and needs the big strong powerful wigger to come to his rescue! Pathetic! Don’t these losers know that niggers hate them more than they hate me? At least I give niggers the credit to be able to defend themselves and know enough that there is no use in wasting time trying to change my mind. The key to making a valid point anywhere is to try not to be a hypocrite and what ever you do, don’t prove your adversary right by exposing how stupid you really are through your own words. Wiggers can’t help themselves when it comes to this. Niggers do it by instinct. Niggers threaten violence against me and my family, call me ignorant, tell me I am jealous of their mamouth genitals, describe my living conditions to include a mobile home, claim I wouldn’t “say it to muh face”, then proceed to threaten more violence if I did. Niggers are expected to be stupid and self destructive. Wiggers take it to a whole other level. Wiggers are supposed to be human and possess an ability to at least reason, but when they open their mouths, nothing but stupid shit pours out. When we call them on it, they get defensive and begin to attack. Instead of just ignoring me and considering I have the same constitutional rights as they do, they instead want to move to censor me. They offer no valid argument except the same old tired crap like the niggers all say. No links to back up their ridiculous accusations. Just lies and fantasy. They spew what they know best; child molestation and homosexuality, but nothing to dispute the Department of Justice Crime Statistics that prove every point we can make concerning nigger crime. They offer nothing but name calling and deceptice hogwash. So what is following the lowly nigger in the food chain one might axe? Why it’s the piece of shit low life wigger. The only foul worthless loser who would stuff their guilty little pink noses square up the ass of a brutally violent nigger. It’s truly a disgrace the level these wastes of skin stoop.

§ 7 Responses to What Could Possibly Be Worse Than Niggers You Axe?

  • rebeccalovesthenet says:

    Wait, allow me to get this straight – you insult a person because they have more pigment – that’s it! Yet, they’re the ignorant ones? And these “wiggers” you speak of are those who see injustice in the world, and won’t stand by and watch others get attacked by those who are just lacking a life and bagging on others.

    Oh, by the way, I’m not black OR white; I’m Persian. Hate me for that, too? I’m sure you think it’s all Persians who want to bomb your sorry ass; all people who dislike injustice do.

    http: //www. umich.edu/~paulball/webpage%20papers/Fighting_the_stereotypes.htm
    http: //www. topix.com/forum/afam/TEVPR396EJA1MVQ5K

    If you would like to know something even more entertaining, it is that you claim to support free speech, and yet you delete comments that show proof that you’re wrong. You use a racial term over and over again, as if that changes the fact of the matter; do you even know where the term “nigger” derived? It comes from the Latin root word “negro” which translates to “black”. It was actually white people who were so poorly educated that they mispronounced the word “negro” that created the word “nigger”. Pretty smart now, huh?

    All along in history, black people have made a difference in our society; a black man saved my white friend’s life from another white attacker on the streets. It was a black man who put another white man in jail for trying to kill myself and my mother.

    All of humanity shaped from black people; the very first traces of humans are found in Africa. It takes thousands of years to create a race. All other races have been created from one pre-existent race; the African race. Don’t be ignorant, and hate people, remember that they are exactly that; people. And I’m sure that you’re going to delete this comment. Who likes it when a person proclaims to use freedom of speech when they really just like being abusive and immature? Would love to hear what you say in response to this, so if you’re in for more proof of the fact that you’re blatantly wrong, email me at rbj1994@yahoo.ca 😉

  • Hekate says:

    An excellent post, Intolerant.

    I challenge these nigger-loving wankers to spend a year living in an inner city niggerfuxated shithole and see what they think of their monkey buddies after that – if they manage to stick it that long!

    Oh and to Rebecca – its not just about skin colour, luv. Read up on our nigger facts before you defend the apes.

  • Intolerant says:

    Why do you think your comment is going to change a lifetime of experience? I only allowed it to prove that I only disapprove other comments I find pointless, I don’t delete them. I keep them. And not one single comment has offered “Proof” of anything except that I am absolutely correct in my assessments of you idiots. But that is not to say yours has a point. You define a word. How does that minimize the DOJ statistics that show your personal experience is the exception and not the rule? And where is simple skin pigment attributed to my disgust for the subhuman race? If that were the case I would hate you and every other dark skinned human. I don’t even hate niggers…I sympathize with them. You who think you are doing them a service by pretending to protect them are the ones who I really despise. You are the ones who threaten violence and disruption only because you disagree with the opinions of others and do not have the capacity to understand that yours is not the only viable one. Freedom of speech does not mean you can come to MY web space and call ME names. Make your own blog and spew your OWN opinions there. I won’t come and bother YOU! Because I think you are an asshole and associating with assholes is not something I like to waste my time doing. You on the other hand are not smart enough to just leave when you are not wanted. If you think you can change me, or the world by destroying MY right to free speech and THOUGHT, you may be correct…but be careful what you wish for, dumb ass…it WILL come back to bite your little Persian ass at some point along the way. Go away. You have nothing of any value to offer here.

  • Intolerant says:

    And if you “sympathize” with black people, then why do you have an image of a black person burning?

    Because it’s a funny image. Get a fucking sense of humor.

  • Intolerant says:

    Becky has informed me that her ass is not “little” as I may have alluded to in my earlier comment. So excuse me for my assumption or at least my attempt to be kind to this poorly educated misfit. She has a fat ass…her insistence that I cease expressing my opinions “will come back to bite her FAT ass at some point along the way.” I stand corrected.

  • myhouse says:

    Those comments always start the same, “I’m not black, but….”. Funny how they said, “you insult a person because they have more pigment”. What a ridiculous comment, it is a proven fact that niggers are different and not equal, they always have to pull the same liberal bullshit, “we are all human beings, and we all bleed red”.

    Intolerant, you said, and I say it ALL the time, NO ONE has the right to call us out until they live with these savage beings.

    If you don’t like the truth, don’t visit these sites, and especially don’t comment on them. Instead, go to Google and search for ‘black on white crime’ and then keep your mouth shut.

    Niggers made me hate niggers.

  • Morrisminor says:

    Niggers can’t help being niggers. Whiggers, or in this case piggers, choose to de-evolve.

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