The Self Proclaimed Educated Nigger**updated**

January 13, 2009 § 7 Comments


What exactly is an educated nigger? One that has made it through it’s sentence and been paroled? One who been through the United Negro College and maybe even graduated? One that mastered third grade maff? Which ones actually take the time to roll out of bed and comment here on Fed Up before their bus ride to the undeployment office? Well my friends, I just got the most comprehensive example of the typical educated nigger yet. A real nigger who went through a real college will most likely write me off as some “ignorant” racist filled with hate and defiance who isn’t worthy of his opinions or “suggestions”. A real educated nigger from a real college will likely not even ever find this blog, because quite frankly, and charitably, I give it credit for at least taking the same path as myself to not seek out such places to waste time with. Just as a nigger who assumes his comments are significant on my blog, I would consider my comments on some educated nigger’s blog insignificant as well…so I don’t bother visiting them. Not all “educated” niggers are that educated however. The one I intend to highlight here today is a perfect example of the “Self Proclaimed Educated Nigger”. A nigger who obviously fancies himself smarter than the average nigger and that much more advanced from the ignorant whitey racist hater. This nigger provides line after line examples of why niggers suffer the ridicule they suffer. I don’t post this to provide it answers to its many queries but rather to give my real friends and readers of Fed Up yet another lesson in Niggerology 101. The answers he seeks are distributed among the three years worth of posts contained here in my archives. I don’t have time for niggers who are too lazy to read them and comprehend them. Most importantly however. I don’t expect any niggers whether really college educated, correctionally college educated, or otherwise able to maneuver around a computer keyboard to agree with any of my opinions. It would contradict everything I say if they did! So read this nigger’s comments undisturbed and notice his attempts to appear smarter than me and you. Notice his grammar and spelling and his laziness where the shift key is concerned. Notice his attempts to comprehend my references to DOJ statistics! That is funniest of all! If he could read and understand content, I would suggest he read Freakonomics to answer his questions about crime rates dropping during the years he has listed! I believe there is an old post here concerning that as well…but I won’t reference it for the nigger…he is way too smart to be looking at more of my blog, or even returning after spanking me so hard with this comment! Read on and enjoy!

In theory you sympathize with the “subhuman” race as you so elegantly put it (pun intended), but yet for some strange reason in my subconscious, i can only conceive the fact that all you plan on doing is bash another race on the premise that they on average commit more crimes than any other races. but if you look at historically, no more than 200 years ago, your race held Africans forcefully against their freewill and in some situations brutally beat and sometimes even to the point of death, now, that’s not only restraining someone, assault but also possible murder, i ask you, are these not crimes? And you might make a valid point and say, well that was slavery and that was a long time ago or those people are dead or some excusable reason. but does it change the fact that it did happen, and the perpetrators were that of your race since when are making convenient generalizations about different races?

next point i would like to express, if you keep talking about problems with black people, what have you done to change it, why address a problem and not offer a solution, isn’t that blatantly stupid. have you tried making a positive change in a black person life? or are you content with continuisly saying “Hey, niggers are ______” or “Niggers do ______”, of course you have your first constitutional right, but there will come a point, sooner than you think that just saying there’s a problem won’t suffice.

And your only support of the doj statistics and this is what i’ve found

# The violent crime rate increased 1.0% from 2005 to 2006. From 1997 to 2006 the rate fell 22.5%.

# The property crime rate decreased 2.8% from 2005 to 2006. From 1997 to 2006, the rate fell 22.7%.

personally, that looks like crime is decreasing

Finally, i would like to bring up social learning, so this theory presents an idea that people learn from one another, so lets say one person steals something from another person, that person would be more willing to steal, or would know what it means to steal, the same goes if you kill someone.

Lets make a realistic situation if you would allow me; A slave master kills one of his slaves in front of a congregation of other slaves for no apparent needs and without incitement and walked off as if that was normal. Now let’s say he did this on a regular consistent basis, now years later, the remaining slaves are freed, do you think it would be acceptable in this new society for these former slaves to kill each other? as you can tell all it would take is one situation like that too change the mindset of a group of persons.

i would state a counter-argument to my example but i am far too intrigued to hear yours.

As if that wasn’t enough to scare you into understanding the level of shit we are in now that our retarded citizens elected a nigger president… thus making a statement interpreted by these smart niggers to mean America now welcomes more niggers on their TVs and Internet…I give you yet another comment from a brilliant nigger from another blog I have dedicated to Urban Poetry. This one has a different type of education I suspect. One not yet discovered. One that will surely be made more popular however, now that it is clear America loves niggers. I give you “katrina” the nigger:

Well I see their is still ignorant people in the world you know it does not make any since how people treat each other what would you do if God came to earth with his course kinky hair that us niggas have would you be bold enough to do these same things and it really amaze my how you niggers act cause the more you talk about us the more successful we become and you just can’t handle it. Ask Obama LOL dumb asses next we will really take over the world that’s why right know your children what to be the next 50 cent not the next Elvis they want to be so much like us that it is killing you. Your child is probly walking around right now with corn roles trying their hardest to rap and be us you guys tain to be our color so basically what I’m saying is DON’T HATE ME CAUSE YOU AINT ME AND YOUR BABIES AND WIFES WHAT TO BE JUST LIKE ME,……….

So how’s that for nigger babble? Get used to it!

But wait…there’s MORE! As these dumb niggers read on, they can’t help but try to prove me wrong by proving me even more right! It’s incredible how stupid they can be, then out of nowhere along comes one, even more stupid than the last one. Babbling away with run on sentences and ridiculous tirades obviously drawn from frustration at their inability to present an argument beyond…whitey do it too! Let me explain something to you retarded apes and PLEASE, try to read it slowly and perhaps even go back and read it again…I am not excusing worthless whites and other humans for their crimes against the world. I have every bit as much disgust for a white killer as I do a nigger, even though the level of depravity and brutality in the way niggers kill is much higher than any sick human killer, but the point is…a killer is a killer and killing is not good…can you niggers understand that reasoning? OK then, try now to understand that a higher percentage of your population is out there brutally murdering people and other niggers than the percentage of whitey. Can you grasp the meaning of that statement? I know…rhetorical question, but I had to ask. More niggers, among other niggers are likely to be killers than white people among white people. And since I pretty much dedicate this blog to my frustration and intolerance of nigger stupidity, I focus on the niggers. That does not mean I condone white people for their crimes. It just means I am not speaking of them here. Is that understood? This next educated nigger has a different angle however. He thinks that white people make the laws, so they think they can go out and murder people, then simply declare it illegal afterward , and when niggers do it they unjustly incarcerate niggers for the same crimes! How’s that for nigger logic? I swear, the more I get these comments in my approval box, the more I just sit here shaking my head. How on earth can there ever be any kind of equality among the races when we are dealing with this type of fucked up logic? It’s very simple: it can never happen because niggers will never be able to achieve the status they seek as long as they have imbeciles like this one typing away on their computers. If a nigger could at least bang out a sensible comment there might be hope, but up to now, these are the most brilliant nigger comments I’ve received! Please read the following one, my latest. I will continue posting future words of African wisdom here as they roll in. Letting them waste away in the comment sections of the posts for which they were written seems a waste of a good example of typical nigger idiocy…read on:

wow, how about actually making a valid point instead of telling me where i should post comments, last time i check Intolerant talks so much about freedom of speech, well i am an AMERICAN first before any race, so with that being said, why should i care about crime, when white people set laws down for crimes after they committed the same of offenses for thousands of years before then, sounds a bit cowardly if you ask me to go and kill and conquer and just pretty much fuck every continent on the globe, then tell the people you have fucked over that if you do it, you’ll go to jail, a bit hypocritical to in my eyes, but im just saying.

What Could Possibly Be Worse Than Niggers You Axe?

January 9, 2009 § 7 Comments


Why Wiggers, of course. Self righteous nigger loving guilt ridden white boy queers who feel the poor intimidated weak cowardly nigger can’t stand up for his self and needs the big strong powerful wigger to come to his rescue! Pathetic! Don’t these losers know that niggers hate them more than they hate me? At least I give niggers the credit to be able to defend themselves and know enough that there is no use in wasting time trying to change my mind. The key to making a valid point anywhere is to try not to be a hypocrite and what ever you do, don’t prove your adversary right by exposing how stupid you really are through your own words. Wiggers can’t help themselves when it comes to this. Niggers do it by instinct. Niggers threaten violence against me and my family, call me ignorant, tell me I am jealous of their mamouth genitals, describe my living conditions to include a mobile home, claim I wouldn’t “say it to muh face”, then proceed to threaten more violence if I did. Niggers are expected to be stupid and self destructive. Wiggers take it to a whole other level. Wiggers are supposed to be human and possess an ability to at least reason, but when they open their mouths, nothing but stupid shit pours out. When we call them on it, they get defensive and begin to attack. Instead of just ignoring me and considering I have the same constitutional rights as they do, they instead want to move to censor me. They offer no valid argument except the same old tired crap like the niggers all say. No links to back up their ridiculous accusations. Just lies and fantasy. They spew what they know best; child molestation and homosexuality, but nothing to dispute the Department of Justice Crime Statistics that prove every point we can make concerning nigger crime. They offer nothing but name calling and deceptice hogwash. So what is following the lowly nigger in the food chain one might axe? Why it’s the piece of shit low life wigger. The only foul worthless loser who would stuff their guilty little pink noses square up the ass of a brutally violent nigger. It’s truly a disgrace the level these wastes of skin stoop.

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